Mourinho agrees Ozil deal

Ferguson misses out on Germany's rising star

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Mourinho agrees Ozil deal

Ozil: Makes move to Spain


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Real Madrid have announced that they have agreed a deal with Werder Bremen for rising star Mesut Ozil subject to a medical.

The 21-year-old shot to fame with Germany at this summer's World Cup and Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson admitted his interest in the playmaker, whose contract in his homeland was due to expire in 12 months.

However, Ferguson has been beaten to the signature by old rival Jose Mourinho, who is now in charge at Real, after an undisclosed fee was agreed.

Bremen rejected an initial bid of under £10million from Real, much to the disappointment of Ozil, but it was then reported in Spain on Monday that an £11.5m fee was all but agreed.

Real have now confirmed the deal, with a short statement on their website reading: "Real Madrid and Werder Bremen have reached an agreement for the transfer of Mesut Ozil."

Bremen had forced Real to rush due to the intent of the Bundesliga club's manager, Klaus Allofs, to play Ozil in Wednesday's UEFA Champions League qualifier against Sampdoria.

The youngster would therefore have been cup-tied for Real and Mourinho understandably wanted to avoid that scenario.

Ozil joins fellow Germany international Sami Khedira at the Bernabeu as Mourinho continues to reshape his inherited squad after arriving from European champions Inter Milan at the end of last season.

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Comments (21)

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Jeremy Goss (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Totally agree with the majority of people here. Joining Real will make or break him, the latter being the most likely! They are very bad at nurturing young talent, something that Ferguson is fantastic at. Why on earth haven''t united, or anyone else in the PL not inquired about Ozil is unbelievable, unless he''s stated that he doesn''t want a move to England. It would be great to see more young international talent joing the PL (as well as ALOT more homegrown), but they seem to be attracted to La Liga (weather, lifestyle must be big factors). Different kind of football in Spain, so perhaps they are attracted to the more technical, skillful, slower paced football played there. It''s alot more like the international game.

Posted 09:38 18th August 2010

Christian Meijer (Real Madrid fan) says...

Mesut Ízil is a potential starter for Madrid, Mourinho will now use Cristiano as a forward leaving Madrid with three strikers; Ronaldo, Benzema and Higuain. Drenthe and one Diarra will leave which gives Real a 25 man squad, like Mourinho likes it. They will play with Alonso-Khedira as a central connection to clean up the mess that Ronaldo-Higuain-Ízil-Kaka-Canales-Di Maria and Pedro Leon Leaves behind. Mourinhos teams have always been solid defensively and Real Madrid have always been world class offensively. Can''t see how this equation could fail...

Posted 09:23 18th August 2010

Harry Prime (Stoke City fan) says...

Great bit of business for Real but a bad move for Ozil as I cannot see him featuring when Real have the full squad back fit. Very similar player to Kaka, Van der Vaart, Canales! If Wesley Sniejder couldn''t make it at Real I dought that Ozil will. That''s 2 players in which Real have bought which to me they''re buying for the future which could harm the careers of Di Maria, Ozil and perhaps Khedra aswel as I think he is the least talented out of the players I''ve mention!!!!

Posted 09:07 18th August 2010

Jaideep Gandhi (Bayern Munich fan) says...

I couldn''t agree more with Sean Mcguinn. SAF has lost a great opportunity in bringing in a play maker in the mould of Scholes. He splashed out 7.4 M pounds on Bebe with the likes of Rooney, Berbatov, hernandez, Machedo, Owen already available. Just spending a couple of millions more he would have got an accomplished & a proven player. Man U''s loss is Reals gain. Reals most likely formation in MF could be of Xavi, Khedira, Ronaldo, Oezil, Di maria (Kaka) Higuain Quite a formidable team with the likes of Van der vaart, canales, Benzema, GaGo, Diarra & Pedro leon on the bench.

Posted 07:06 18th August 2010

Ahmed Ibrahi (Manchester City fan) says...

Graveyard of football??? Thts shocking to hear... Especially Madrid is the greatest club in the world... Get the facts 1st....ozil wil prove u guys wrong....

Posted 23:33 17th August 2010

Funkmaster P (Manchester United fan) says...

Real Madrid are legends mn, the players they buy, they got Kaka, Ronaldo, Higuain, Benzema, Di maria, Ozil, all attacking players ITS OVVA Holmes!!

Posted 22:30 17th August 2010

David Still (Real Madrid fan) says...

I have to say I''m chuffed with this signing, Ozil will be a good addition to the Galacticos. True enough he may have to spend a fair bit of time on the bench but he will get chances and I hope he takes them. Suggestions that Real is a graveyard for talented young players is absolutely ridiculous, Real are the most successful club in European Club football history and for that matter the reigning CLUB OF THE CENTURY, another club can may earn that honour in another hundred years!!! Like it or not there is no bigger club in the world than Real I understand the disappointment of a lot of the Man United fans on missing out but find it staggering that some of them seem to have lost faith in Sir Alex, Sir Alex''s reign will NEVER be matched let alone beaten, nobody will even come close to the length or success that United have enjoyed under Sir Alex. What right do muppets that couldn''t manage a Sunday League team have to judge one of the best managers of all time??? March of the prawn sandwich brigade I think, just appreciate the fact that you have arguably the best club manager of all time in your hot-seat and accept that a bigger club got their man!!!

Posted 22:26 17th August 2010

Craig Crow (Manchester United fan) says...

Talented player that got away. i saw him play agaist Argentina in world cup and he is very good.He is skillful with good vision of reading the game.

Posted 22:15 17th August 2010

Sean Hannon (Manchester United fan) says...

Will sit on the bench for most of the season. Should have gone to Barca if he wanted to go to spain cos he cu d fit in on the left wing or played off david villa.Wish Fergie made a bid for him cos he''s a serious player and will probably end up like sneijder

Posted 21:29 17th August 2010

James Caldwell (Real Madrid fan) says...

I think Ozil will flourish under Mourinho. Mourinho''s too smart to waste such potential by sitting him on a bench. Young or not -- the World Cup has proven that Ozil has as much right to play as anybody else on Madrid. After playing Bayern, Mourinho realized he was in desperate need of a play maker. Play makers can''t do much from the bench.

Posted 20:44 17th August 2010

John Smith (Sunderland fan) says...

Perfect move, especially when Kaka''s going to be out for a few months. It will however open the doors for Canales to go back out on loan.

Posted 15:53 17th August 2010

K Davies says...

Real Madrid the Grave Yard for Talented Youngsters. OZIL is not the finished artical yet and is in more danger of going backwards at Real Madrid

Posted 15:53 17th August 2010

Will E (Birmingham City fan) says...

What a bargain! Compared to Milner and Balotelli, this is great business!

Posted 15:51 17th August 2010

Sean Mcguinn (Manchester United fan) says...

Can''t believe ferguson didn''t buy him. He is exactly what United needed especially at that price AFTER the world cup. I know Scholes is still playing excellent, but sooner or later he will be too old to play and fitness will take its tole as with giggs. Carrick doesn''t seem like the player he was 2 seasons ago and nani with many chances to prove himself has failed to do so thus far, apart from a good second half to last season its still too inconsistent for united. Why did united not sign Ozil should be the question.. Everybody i''ve read on internet to people ive talked with in regards to Ozil says he would have been a great signing, is it because he is German? The 80mil we got for Ronaldo should have made the decision a hell of alot easier giving how cheap ozil went for.. shocking stuff!

Posted 15:42 17th August 2010

Paul Mc grath (Liverpool fan) says...

a young player with potential but sitting on the bench for a while trying to adapt to a different league,will knock his confidence back.he should have hung on with his club for another year,cannot see him forcing his way onto the team unless somebody is injured the way didnt he say that barcelona was his favourite team,suppose 2nd choice is better than nothing

Posted 15:39 17th August 2010

Mike Smith (Manchester United fan) says...

What a great move for him !!! Off to Real Madrid to sit on the bench all season. Karin Benezman mark 2.

Posted 15:39 17th August 2010

Adam Belivino (Manchester United fan) says...

man utd will spend 7million on a unheard of homeless cup star, that we dont need!! an not a extra 3million for a proven world cup star like ozil... fergie''s loosing it!!

Posted 15:36 17th August 2010

Daniel Taylor says...

I must admit as a United fan i am totally gutted and bemused at the fact we have let this rising youngster through our net. Yes we have some great players, yes we have just signed BEBE, but he is totally unproven. Ozil is an absolute bargain at ú11.5m, and i just don''t understand the decision to not bid. We clearly have the money as we have spent ú25mil plus on 3 other players. Totally lost by this decision!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 15:35 17th August 2010

Enamul Ahmed (Manchester United fan) says...

sad day for footballing fan another young talent joining the grave yard of football

Posted 15:32 17th August 2010

Tobias Haakonson (Everton fan) says...

Coup of the year! Cheap young player that has proven that he can play at high level. Too bad Real got him, how many midfielders do they have now?

Posted 15:30 17th August 2010

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