Uefa charge for Eduardo

Gunners striker faces rap for 'dive' against Hoops

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Uefa charge for Eduardo

Eduardo: Riled Celtic

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Eduardo has been charged with "deceiving the referee" in Arsenal's clash with Celtic on Wednesday.

The Croatia international has been widely lambasted for the manner in which he went about winning a penalty at Emirates Stadium in the UEFA Champions League qualifier.

The striker tumbled under a challenge from Hoops keeper Artur Boruc after bursting into the box.

The referee immediately pointed to the spot, but replays proved there had been minimal contact between goalkeeper and striker.

Uefa were immediately pressured into taking action against the Gunners ace, with 'simulation' regarded as an evil becoming all too common in modern football.

Having reviewed the incident, European football's governing body have decided that there is a case to be answered by Eduardo.

Video evidence

They said in a statement: "Having studied video evidence of the incident in question, the Uefa disciplinary inspector decided to charge the player concerned. The Uefa Control and Disciplinary Body will examine the case on 1st September."

The charge is sure to rile Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger, who insists his player did nothing wrong.

"Eduardo, I've spoken with him and he said he's been touched slightly by the player," Wenger said in remarks released on the club's official website.

"He is not a diver, this guy. He's an honest guy."

Should Uefa decide to take further action against Eduardo, it is expected that he will be banned for Arsenal's first two games in the group stages of the Champions League - against Standard Liege and Olympiakos.

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Steven Thomas (Arsenal fan) says...

Celtic fans, Mcgeady against Hibs enough said. lets hope they ban him because its just the same as it just the same as when ed did it but i will put my house on that uefa dont bother with Mcgeady and that is where uefa are not consistent.

Posted 11:17 31st August 2009

John Watson (Liverpool fan) says...

Eduardo's dive was terrible and so stupid why did he think he would get away with that he is so dumb and I hate him for that, after everyone sympathetic for him braking him leg he comes back and does that what an idiot

Posted 23:06 30th August 2009

Ashwin Carvalho (Manchester United fan) says...

Both Rooney and Eduardo played for a penalty. But Eduardo's technique was awful for such a dimunitive striker. His dive looked so obvious(///only on TV replays and not realtime. So, ban is a disgrace because UEFA used Tech to punish Eduardo after the game but dont use it during the game! Smart people. Arsenal through to grp stages. Celtic happy with a ban! Everyone is pleased.////). Whereas Rooney anticipated the tackle and collapsed under the hands of GK. Secondly Boruc's two fingertips touched Eduardo. Whereas Almunia's both palms were in contact with Rooney. Fact of the matter is that players have dived in the past and will continue to dive when the opportunity arises for a penalty. Only video tech like in Rugby is going to help. Until then, all those who have been at a disadvantage, KEEP SULKING!!

Posted 23:06 30th August 2009

Nihil Morjaria (Manchester United fan) says...

To all you Arsenal fans, you try sprinting on wet grass then stretching for a ball, i'm sure not one of you will keep your balance. Rooney was off balance because he stretched for the ball so obviously you're going to fall a bit. I doubt if he hadnt got clattered he would've gone down. Also, Arsenal fans seem to have selective memories. In that very same game Eboue blatantly dove, so how on earth can you critisize Rooney when Eboue wasn't even touched but Almunia got all of Rooney and no ball?

Posted 22:51 30th August 2009

Steven Mcallister (Celtic fan) says...

Come on Arsenal fans get a grip of your selfs, I bet you all cheered when Fletcher was sent off in the C/L semi , was that not a miscarrige of justice??? Eduardo dived , simple. Surely we all want this out of the game, uefa need to start somewhere dont they? I dont even think Boruc toucherd the man at all anyway!!!

Posted 12:31 30th August 2009

Jay Gee (Arsenal fan) says...

I know, let's hang Eduardo. After all, this is the crime of the century. Why is it that people are so bothered by Eduardo and not by Ronaldo, Jo Cole, Drogba Robben, Rooney, Gerrard etc. ALL of whom have dived on camera yet nothing is said. I want Eduard exicuted immediately! UEFA are idiots and so are all the people harping on about this. The ref saw it as a penalty, end of story.

Posted 11:29 30th August 2009

Svend Andersen (Arsenal fan) says...

The football authorities have so far refused to use technology in the game we all love. The referee's decisision is final yet the powers that be are now castegating Eduardo on video evidence and want him punished for allegedly cheating. So who is in charge now of a football match, the referee or the authorities. If they punish Eduardo on the video evidence then they must be consistent over every game that is played from now on, or why don't they have the fourth official tucked away somewhere with the technology to replay what maybe deemed as 'dodgy' decisions and correct the referee if he has got it wrong. All this would take would be the few seconds that are otherwise spent by the referee fending off irate players who believe he has got it wrong.

Posted 10:27 30th August 2009

Scott Gowers says...

Eduardo has been charged by UEFA for simulation, unfortunately the punishment will not reflect the crime as celtic (the victims) are still elimenated from the champions league.The only way to properly punish this is by awarding the match to the opposition with a 3-0 score (the same as the punishment for a team not turning up or having too many players sent off and getting a match abandoned. This should also have been the punishment to rangers for Kyle Lafferty's actions against aberdeen last season. We all know that this will never be implemented as the bigger teams have the players that can con the referees the best such as the Ronaldo's. Stop all cheating in football but this can only be done if the media catch everything and act against all teams in the same manner and not singling out certian clubs or incidents. S gowers (Rangers fan)

Posted 09:12 30th August 2009

Twigman 77 says...

I think Eduardo's dive was a disgrace! Blatant cheating.Although Celtic probably would have went out anyway the goal completely changed the game. But i think UEFA have to do this for everyone now as it means making a fuss of the Eduardo case will mean nothing. I hope they make an example of this cheating and give him the two match ban but follow it up with other bans for diving.

Posted 01:12 30th August 2009

Valentine Nwakacha (Chelsea fan) says...

Well, I know a lot has been said about the "eduardo" and the general diving problem but honestly I know it is sometimes very difficult to spot when a player is diving. Sometimes we need replays to spot this and this is where the game will probably not benefit from this problem because in as much as diving will try to be stamped out, legitimate cases will also be turned down which could turn the events of a game. I am not up for diving but I think it is just practically impossible to know when a player dives and when he does not. I think an extra official and more cameras need to be introduced into the game because even if it slows the game down but then more accurate decisions will be made. People talk about the goal line technology but I think diving is a more serious issue to deal with in football because I feel these issues will negatively affect the game.

Posted 22:10 29th August 2009

Amos Smeh (Aston Villa fan) says...

A lot of people are missing the point entirely here, UEFA will not ban a player in a league fixture if he dives, this game was a high profile match in a UEFA competition. Diving needs to be stopped anyway, you can cry about a 'clampdown' starting on your player but it has to happen or the game that we know and love will be a game of deception and cheating.

Posted 20:42 29th August 2009

Scott Pollard (Leeds United fan) says...

Wonder if Rooney will get a ban like Eduardo did after he dived today against arsenal? Just a thought....

Posted 20:35 29th August 2009

Danny Keyse (Liverpool fan) says...

They have left the door wide open now for further players to be punished. Will we now see rooney charged with deceiving the ref during the arsenal match? If so what kind of punishment can we expect? Or will the FA differ in its stance from UEFA? tense times ahead.

Posted 20:18 29th August 2009

Justus collins Mutabazi (Arsenal fan) says...

All along those guys have done agreat deal to bring Arsenal down,but its our football that defends us.otherwise we would be religated by now.Eduardo has made headlines as if he is the first one to ever dive.We all KNOW who the serial divers are and have never appeared any where in the news. why arsenal?THEY DONT WANT TO APPLY VIDEO TECH, YET ITS THE ONE THEY USED TO SEE EDUARDO.COMMON WAKE UP GUYS SUPPORT FOOTBALL . DONT BE SELECTIVE.

Posted 15:50 28th August 2009

Paul Newman (Leeds United fan) says...

with the price of failure so high in football its about time football took a leaf out of the rugby league and crickets book and looked at the instant replay on decisions such as penalties and goals and if a player was found to be guilty of diving or any other serious offence they could be then dealt with on the spot which would be seen to be more fairer and with harsher punishments giving to a more open game which would be enjoyed it would also stop the rush of players surrounding refferees every time a decision went against their team and the now infamous manager comment of "i didnt see it" would carry no weight

Posted 15:46 28th August 2009

Nathan Sharp (Arsenal fan) says...

This is not an incredible decision, but the circumstances certainly make it close to that. In the challenge from Boruc there was contact, but very very little. The fact is Eduardo felt something and went down, as almost any player would in the penalty box. If this is seen as cheating then fair enough, punish him, the rules of the game are there to be abided by. But what happens next time the world's most expensive player dives (and you know he will)...? Do they want to rattle his cage or keep him sweet for ambassadorial duties? Or a player from one of Platini's beloved Spanish, French or Italian leagues takes a fall? I can't see them getting charged in all honesty. I think this is trial by media, given the attention Celtic and the SFA ensured it received. Long live consistency; Give 'em hell Arsene.

Posted 15:43 28th August 2009

Peter Sibthorp (Arsenal fan) says...

Although there was contact between the keeper and Eduardo I do admit Eduardo made a right meal of it. But why on earth does Eduardo get punished? If anyone can name another time Eduardo has been caught cheating id like to hear it. Drogba has made a name for himself as the worst offender in falling like a sack of potatoes yet hes got away with it for years. Im trying to be as neutral sounding as possible here, I dont condone diving and I will be the first gooner to admit we have a diver in our team (eboue of course) but this is ridiculous! Did Eduardo throw himself to the ground without any contact from the opposition? NO! He exaggerated the amount of contact, naughty naughty Eduardo. A slap on the wrist would have surficed but Uefa have once again got this all wrong. Ban persistant divers? yes. ban a player who exaggarated a foul? get a grip uefa

Posted 15:40 28th August 2009

Graham Hardie (Rangers fan) says...

The Arsenal supporters on here obviously haven't gone to spec-savers recently! As a Rangers fan, it is hard for me to give anything Celtic's way (and even more so because almost everyone hates Artur Boruc) but it was and is a clear cut dive. He would have won the gold medal at the olympics with that effort. The people who defend it are what is wrong with football. However, regardless of the penalty, Arsenal were the far better team and would have gone through anyway. If UEFA make a stand and ban him heavily it would hopefully set an example that clear cheating is not what people want to see.

Posted 15:34 28th August 2009

Lee Osmond says...

How can Arsene Wenger defend an undefendable blatant dive. Especially after admitting at the start of this season to seeing one thing and saying another when defending his players. i.e Lying to the media and powers that be to get his players off the hook then blasting opposing players for their actions. Eduardo could of took the honest option and told the ref it was't a foul like his teammate Arshavin last season. However Eduardo took the dishonest route from the moment he deliberately chose not to keep his balance and is rightly punished. That the risk you take when you cheat get over it. Robert Pires made a career out of it in a Arsenal shirt and got away with it.

Posted 15:33 28th August 2009

The Merle (Manchester City fan) says...

Typical Myopic Wenger - when on earth is this guy going to stand up and be counted. I am not saying that he is different to any other manager but it was a clear dive and he needs to stand up and say that and do something about.

Posted 15:25 28th August 2009

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