Lampard - Europe is priority

Blues midfielder sets his sights on European glory

By Chris Burton   Last updated: 17th February 2011   Subscribe to RSS Feed

Lampard - Europe is priority

Lampard: Keen to conquer Europe

I hate putting one above the other but having won three Premier League titles, the Champions League is the one to win.

Frank Lampard.
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Frank Lampard admits UEFA Champions League glory is more important to Chelsea than domestic success.

The Blues are the reigning Premier League champions, but are in grave danger of allowing that crown to slip from their grasp.

A goalless draw with local rivals Fulham on Monday has left them fifth in the standings, 12 points adrift of leaders Manchester United.

While league glory appears unlikely, Carlo Ancelotti's side have made impressive progress in Europe this term.

They sailed through the group stage and will fancy their chances against Danish outfit FC Copenhagen in the last 16.

With a path to continental success opening up in front of them, midfield talisman Lampard claims conquering Europe has become a bigger priority for the Blues than maintaining their standing at the top of the English game.


Asked if he would be prepared to sacrifice the Premier League title for a Champions League winners' medal, he said: "It's a horrible question, but I would say I would.

"I hate putting one above the other but having won three Premier League titles, the Champions League is the one to win."

Lampard also believes that prolonged progress through the Champions League will help Chelsea to get a faltering domestic campaign back on track.

He added: "It depends on the squad but I think if you're going well in the Champions League it can help your league form.

"If you're winning in Europe that form can be carried into the league."

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James Mcloughlin (Manchester United fan) says...

Oh yeah frank would say that now that they're out of the running for the title this year! Still won't happen!

Posted 12:37 17th February 2011

I S (Chelsea fan) says...

If we play the way we currently are playing, lacking tactical edge, inspiration and work rate, Kopenhagen will have an easing task of ending our Champions League campaign. I don't want to seem negative, but I wish this could happen so tow things could happen: 1) Ancelotti would leave 2) The board would at least learn how let the fans know what's on their mind, and what is the future of the team. 3) Be more open to the press Roman, it's not Russia, you will not be arrested for speaking out.

Posted 12:30 17th February 2011

Kas m .. (Barcelona fan) says...

HAHA SURE frank... now that you're out of the premier league title race and face a fight with Tottenham for 4th place, you're obviously gonna choose Europe.. the pensioners cant cope with Sunderland, Fulham etc, let alone with the likes of Barca, Real, Milan, Inter ! so good luck

Posted 12:23 17th February 2011

Peter Bailey (Manchester United fan) says...

nearly wet myself reading these comments from lampard...."of course" europe is there main target.....theyve got no chance in any other competition and they will struggle even to make 4th in the premiership....he makes it sound as if its been no1 priority from day

Posted 12:10 17th February 2011

Mark Reed (Manchester United fan) says...

Franky! At the start of the season you said the Premiership was the priority. What has changed?

Posted 12:05 17th February 2011

Jake Hatt (Manchester United fan) says...

Its convenient that Lampard comes out and says this when they're 12 points behind United and effectively out of the title race! I'm sure it would be a different story if Chelsea were top of the table.

Posted 11:51 17th February 2011

Jonathan Golovey (Manchester United fan) says...

All of a sudden Europe is priority for Chelsea cause they suck in the premier league. I predict they will get knocked out of the champions league quarter final (if they make it that far). No silverware for Chelsea!!!!!!

Posted 11:15 17th February 2011

Chris G (Manchester United fan) says...

So which is it Frank, you'll be premier league champions or Uefa champions? I'm confused since not even a week ago you were on here stating how chelski were going to win all their remaining fixtures including pulling the double over my beloved Manchester United. Guess that went up in smoke when you could only manage a draw last Monday night. So now you'll be Champions League winners were all to believe, maybe you should of taken my advice and just focus on taking each game as it comes and doing what is needed to get some wins. You and your teammates are making for some comical reading though and I should thank you for that. I would suggest you stay out of the press and use your time a bit more constructively like practicing with your team and listening to your manager. These rash comments that yourself and some of your teammates are continuously making in the press do not only reek of over confidence and arrogance it shows the general lack of respect that your team in general have for the sport and your competitors. I have not seen one of my teams players speak of already winning something, in fact there quoted as saying it will take a team effort to reach their ultimate goal and need to only worry about their next match and not get caught up with worrying about who will win or lose.

Posted 11:15 17th February 2011

Charlie Routley (Chelsea fan) says...

This season is close to complete implosion in my eyes. We must maintain a top 4 finish BUT....finishing 5th and winning the CL would not be a disastrous season. LFC set the precedent in 2006 when they finished 5th, won the CL but still got into the qualifying rounds the next season. Given the choice I would always take the league title over the CL. But the league is beyond us for this season. CL the whole way!! COYB!!!

Posted 11:05 17th February 2011

Aaron Whitfield (Manchester United fan) says...

What a surprise! We can't win the league, so the league isn't important.

Posted 10:51 17th February 2011

Ricky Burton (Chelsea fan) says...

I think a more important target would be the finishing in the top 4 of the Premier League. I really cant see us winning the champions league this season but never say never i suppose. FA cup, 2nd/3rd in the league and Champions league would be a fantansic season at this stage.

Posted 10:29 17th February 2011

Bret Michaels (Manchester United fan) says...

Haha funny that when they were top they were saying Premiership was their number 1 goal. Now they have no chance of winning it theyre banging on about winning the Champions League. Well duh! Chelsea arent winning anything this season though, theyll be lucky to get a champ league spot for next season as well! Im hoping for a Utd treble but the quality of football this season is far too good to count anyone out of taking each of those away from us

Posted 10:23 17th February 2011

Darren White (Manchester United fan) says...

Hmmmm ok Frank. And let me guess. If you were out of Europe and top of the league then the Premiership would be the priority? You would be saying how winning the league is most important!

Posted 10:10 17th February 2011

Mike Tomkies (Liverpool fan) says...

I think we can say the premier title fight is over for chelsea more realistically they have got a fight to make it into the top 4 for next years champions league. I think if the champions league is a priority and you fail we might see chelsea not playing champions league next year.

Posted 10:07 17th February 2011

Ruben Frankish (Manchester United fan) says...

Sounds like the owner speaking to me, Lampard you can easily say this when you know your well and truly out of the race. Better pluck up you ideas or you wont even be in the CL next season.

Posted 10:06 17th February 2011

Zanana Kapela (Chelsea fan) says...

Yes we can

Posted 09:56 17th February 2011

Wayne Cook (Manchester United fan) says...

Haha well of course he is going to say that! Now that they have next to zero chance of retaining the premiership he has to give the fans some hope!! I wonder if he'd be saying the same thing if they were top of the premiership but out of the champions league??!!

Posted 09:50 17th February 2011

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