Capello calls time on Beckham

Midfielder too old for Capello

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Capello calls time on Beckham

Beckham: End of an era

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Fabio Capello has called time on David Beckham's England career, admitting the 35-year-old is too old to be in his squad.

Beckham, who missed the World Cup through injury, has indicated he would like to continue playing for England and be available for the Euro 2012 qualifying campaign.

However, Capello has revealed the LA Galaxy midfielder is probably surplus to requirements for his country as the Italian looks to blood new young players for the future.

"I say thank you very much for helping me at the World Cup but probably he is a little bit old," Capello said ahead of Wednesday's friendly with Hungary at Wembley.

Beckham's agent has dismissed the prospect of the 35-year-old announcing his retirement in the wake of Capello's frank admission.

A statement read: "For your info, there has been no discussion of retirement.

"He will always be available for his country, when fit and if needed he will be there."

Beckham has won 115 caps for England since making his debut in 1996 against Moldova.

Beckham is the country's most capped outfield player, but Capello's decision means he will miss out on breaking Peter Shilton's appearance record.

His final international appearance was against Belarus at Wembley last October. He scored 17 goals for England.

The former Manchester United star has also played at three World Cup finals for England, but it seems from Capello's admission that the ex-Three Lions skipper has played his last game for his country.

Comments (126)

Solomon Atsihemba (Manchester United fan) says...

I have not stopped being Becks fan even after he left Man U. He is definitely the greatest the game of football has ever had. He is an asset to the three lions game. Capello re-think Ua decision

Posted 07:23 12th August 2010

Luke B (Liverpool fan) says...

for me,, this is a disgrace!! i can not name another english player who will play with more passion and will for their country. Beckham has been such a inspiring figure in english football by a long shout! Capello has got this wrong! Beckham is someone who would of actually done a job for us if he was fit! No Matter his age, he would of done 10 times the work any of our current players would do! Plus bringin Carra and asking for Scholes to come back into the squad is highly hypocritical!

Posted 05:33 12th August 2010

Eddie Tong (Manchester United fan) says...

Let''s see who is retiring first in English Football, Capello! His social skills is so inadequate, why should he make such comment when it is necessary. This is just going to make him more unpopular despite the fact he quoted about Beckham is right or not! Poor Capello and we as english team supporters!

Posted 04:24 12th August 2010

Tim Joh (Manchester United fan) says...

Is Capello not too old to be managing England? The FA should sack him. He is not up to the job. His appointment is simply a mistake.

Posted 03:25 12th August 2010

Marc Craney (Celtic fan) says...

Used to have respect for Capello but no more. Beckham was a great servant to english football and deserved much better treatment than this shambles !

Posted 02:28 12th August 2010

Matt Spo (Liverpool fan) says...

Beckham is 35! At the very most he could potentially be on the bench for Euro 2012, so Capello was right to end any hope David might of had. Im sure he plans to talk to David personally, and i wouldn''t be surprised to see David involved with the national team in some sort of more clear coaching role eventually. Get behind your team for once people! That includes supporting the players and the manager! Couldn''t believe that some people had the nerve to go to a game and boo their team... if you don''t like it, don''t watch the games. Simple as.

Posted 02:10 12th August 2010

Brock Jones (Chelsea fan) says...

I think Fabio Capello should remember who won the 2006 World Cup Golden Ball. It was the 34 year old Zinedine Zidane. My point is that no matter how old you are, you can always play for your International side. I hope Fabio Capello is fired from being England''s manager.

Posted 01:54 12th August 2010

Eddie Lo (Manchester United fan) says...

Beckham inspires.Capello needs to look at "his style/ system" of coaching. A national team is so much different from a club team. The players reflect what the manager wants them to do. England was lethargic and uninspired in South Africa. That''s not how the English players perform week in week out for their clubs in the Premiership. I hope he gets fired. England needs a coach from the UK who understands the playes and the fast-paced game they are used to.

Posted 01:37 12th August 2010

Andy Gyle says...

What is all the fuss about? Beckham is past it and we need to look to the future. I thought Adam Johnson was excellent on the right tonight it was refreshing to see two out and out two footed wingers playing in the second half (young anf johnson) and gerrard playing in the middle where he should have been for all his international caps. I think one player who should retire and do us all a favour is frank lampard another inept performance but yet he gets played in his fave position more than gerrard hmmm.... But yea back to the beckham thing he is past it as is James, no matter how iconic becks is and was will he feature in the euro''s in 2012? doubt it! so lets move. But lets thanks becks for being a great servant and player

Posted 01:27 12th August 2010

Peter Lowe (West Ham United fan) says...

Once again we have picked yet again another stupid foreign manager with a big ego to managed England,surly we must have are own English manager somewhere for this job.this guys English is so bad that i sometimes haven''t a clue in what he is saying,and after tonight''s game which i think was again poor,he showed not one bit of passion for the goals we scored,what a sad man,it would off been nice to see him get of his arss just for one off the goals.As for Beckham i would put him in the same league as Bobby Moore and we still need him,he brings out the best in other players,or is it that Beckham is to internationally famous and will take all the glory from Mr Moron Capello.

Posted 01:00 12th August 2010

Jeff Alli (Chelsea fan) says...

Capello is making a rash decision how can you say Becks is to old when you are pulling on David James, Heskey et al. That is the difference between Sir Alex Ferguson of master pedigree and Capello (found wanting. Paul Scholes knows he is not going to play every game, Sir Alex knows this and will use him at the right time that is the admiration i have for Sir Alex he knows that is why he is so successful. So Mr Capello you have broken the English already at team selection at the World Cup with a team with no direction. AT least give Becks a chance to recover from injury get fit and use him where necessary but tell him so. All you have done is break his heart by telling him publicly and you did it when the man was down and cried many tears because he could not contribute on the field, you didnt like when JT cirticised you publicly, so why did you do this to Becks, his service alone demands some respect. We can see now Mr Capello you do not have the same class as we thought you had coming in.

Posted 00:59 12th August 2010

Bryan Bryan (Celtic fan) says...

Thank Goodness Capello is an idiot. Won''t have to worry about england winning anything soon.

Posted 00:55 12th August 2010

Marc Convery (Liverpool fan) says...

Typical England fans at their best. After the world cup it was "lets bring in fresh new YOUNG talent and let that do the job" Capello does what you want and now everyone is jumping on the bandwagon that Beckham at 35 should be kept in? Make up your mind. Capello is a great manager and the fault is in no team ethic, a group of individuals rather than a team. Beckham is past it and if AC milan won''t take him on loan why should Capello pick him for the England team with the likes of milner, walcott, wphillips, young and lennon waiting in the wings? Expereince clearly got you far in the world cup with the so called golden age so don''t kidd yourself on that Beckham would make any difference to that team. get young talent in to be successful. Can''t beleive this has generated such controversay

Posted 00:52 12th August 2010

Dave Irvine (Manchester United fan) says...

What has the guy actually done in football terms since he left manchester united...pretty much nothing....lets be honest here..he is a seriously overrated player in world class terms..good guy but the hype created over the years from the media far outweighs the talent..great right foot for crossing and free kicks..pretty much nothing pace, cant beat a right decision for me...

Posted 00:47 12th August 2010

Philip Barber (Arsenal fan) says...

If you''re good enough you''re young enough! Beckham has a football brain that thinks twice as fast as a younger player who has more pace. Capello needs to keep a hold of the strongest vines as well as bring on the newer fledglings. Peace all.

Posted 00:42 12th August 2010

Vinny Mason (Manchester United fan) says...

Beckham was a great player but England need t plan for the 2012 World Cup. Gerrad, Lampard and Joe Cole need to be dropped as well. Need to invest in the future - Hart, Shawcross , Cahill , Milner, A Johnson, Walcott, Wiltshire and Rooney need to form the spine of the team. Lots of ability, pace and passsion. Cappello needs to be brave and adventurous. No team likes to play against severe pace which this team will possess

Posted 00:41 12th August 2010

D Wright (Liverpool fan) says...

So Beckham is too old? You''re having a laugh Mr Capello. He doesn''t have to run to be able to cross a ball better than Theo Walcott. Being able to run fast doesn''t mean u should be able to get into an international team...Usain Bolt doesn''t play footy for Jamaica!!! A true leader on and off the pitch. A proper Captain...not like Terry...who can''t play and Ferdinand thats too crocked to play. An inspiration to 1000''s of kids around the world and a decent guy to boot. You have no idea how to deal with people Mr Capello and u should be ashamed by the way u have ended Beckham''s international career. Just know this...when you''re long gone with millions of pounds stashed away, it will be Beckham whose name will continue to be shouted around Wembley...not yours.

Posted 00:30 12th August 2010

Elin Sasanti (Manchester United fan) says...

Beckham is one of the best England players with 110%dedication to his country. I wish he will be pick up again in the next Euro and World Cup. Paolo Maldini is a good example on how player is not chosen by age. Beckham is still fit as it used to be and always do the best for his country. Beckham is my legend! VIva Beckham

Posted 00:10 12th August 2010

Jj Flynn says...

Capello''s really going to go through this whole saga again? Beckhams already made him look stupid and made him eat his words at Real Madrid, wouldnt suprise me if it happened again as from tonights performance i still havent seen a better right sided player then Beckham.

Posted 00:05 12th August 2010

Maureen Craig (Sunderland fan) says...

Cappello has made a big big mistake by dropping David Beckham( probably the most iconic player wearing an English shirt with PRIDE!!) for years!! and the greatest influence to young footballers across the world let alone England!!!!Maybe Cappello should have got the sack after South Africa!!!! Hey Becks you will always be an English player!!

Posted 00:01 12th August 2010

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