FA condemn fan violence

FA backs strong punishment for trouble-making fans

By Richard Bailey.   Last Updated: 26/01/09 12:09pm

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The FA: Backs tough punishment

The FA: Backs tough punishment

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The FA has called for strong measures to be taken against the fans responsible for crowd trouble during Hull City's 2-0 FA Cup win over Millwall.

City are seeking financial compensation after seats in the away end, where the Millwall fans were seated, were ripped out and thrown into the home section.

Trouble occurred before, during and after the match with riot police needed to calm the situation, while 12 people were arrested by police.

As well as over 50 seats, toilets were destroyed and missiles were thrown during the fourth-round match.


"These are the sorts of things we never want to see in a football stadium," an FA statement said.

"We are working with the clubs and the police to investigate what happened.

"The priority is to identify the individuals who were responsible and we would like to see anyone found guilty of football-related violence given the strongest possible sanctions, including banning orders from attending matches in this country."

The Tigers had earlier released a statement declaring that Millwall fans "arrived with the single intention of causing maximum disruption."

Millwall were quick to highlight that they were determined to "rid the club of the element that caused problems" in a statement of their own.

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