Sky Academy Sports Scholarships: Louis Persent praises MJP team of experts

By Sam Drury - Follow on Twitter.   Last Updated: 23/12/13 8:41am

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Louis Persent has praised the staff at the Michael Johnson Performance centre in Dallas after returning from his time training at the Dallas facility.

The 400m runner believes there is nowhere in the United Kingdom that compares to MJP, in large part due to its multi-sport nature and the coordination of the various experts at the the centre.

Louis Persent went to the Michael Johnson Performance Centre in Dallas as part of his preparation ahead of a massive 2014 for the Sky Scholar.

"It wasn't so much the equipment or the facilities but I think it was the fact that it was a multi-sport place and the team that worked there," Persent explained.

"There wasn't a big distinction between who was a coach and who was a physio; everyone was involved in every part of the athlete's programme. It was really easy to communicate with everyone and everyone knew who you were and what you were going through, what your goals were.

"It was just the positivity of the place, it was just a great place to train and I was treated in a great way. Everything was easy and it just made training your only focus."

The Sports Scholar was in Texas not only to train but undergo some tests and rehabilitation following an Achilles injury that has hampered him this past year.


"They were quite general so they looked at all the muscle groups in a functional way, so how you're moving through set movements. Things like overhead squats, lunges, your flexibility," he continued.

"It was really easy to communicate with everyone and everyone knew who you were and what you were going through, what your goals were"
Louis Persent on MJP

"There was that and there was also the physio assessment which kind of went side by side. So they looked at your injury history and they looked at where I had my operation."

The aim of such tests was to try to highlight any weaknesses, either technical or physical, and find ways to eradicate them. For Persent it was the latter that needed addressing.

"Technically wasn't really what I needed to worry about, the level I was at," he added. "It was more just really specific muscle groups, like I had a hip misalignment but they corrected that.

"That then has an impact on my glute strength and the way that I've been using that train of muscles. So that was one of the focuses, to strengthen them up. They went through a load of exercises I could do for that and I can now incorporate that into my rehab programme."

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