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Last updated: 1st May 2008  

Moscow mission

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Chelsea have joined Manchester United in in the final of the UEFA Champions League in Moscow in what will be an all-English affair.

With the Red Devils through to face one of Chelsea, does this mean that the Premier League is the strongest top-flight in Europe?

Who will go on to lift Europe's most sought-after crown? Which squad is best equipped to cope come the end of a gruelling and fascinating 2007/08 campaign?

What effect will the final have on the action in the Premier League? Will it pay a significant role in the race for the title?

Is Chelsea and easier or harder task for Sir Alex Ferguson to overcome? Can Avram Grant do what Jose Mourinho couldn't and win the Champions League with Chelsea?

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Comments (31)

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Mark Howard (Chelsea fan) says...

In reference to Thomas Ashworth's comments, if you couldn't see Chelsea fans around 5 years ago you must have been walking around with your eyes closed, some of us are lifelong supporters. As for a lack of passion in the Chelsea team, you must have a very distorted view of the concept. Have you seen the way players like Terry, Carvalho, Essien, Lampard and Ballack have been playing in recent weeks? I can't remember such passion running through a Chelsea team for some time. Besides all this, passion alone does not win games, it helps but you can be passionate and still concede more than the other side, so let the football do the talking.

Posted 09:23 2nd May 2008

Pete Watkins (Liverpool fan) says...

Well done Chelsea. I'm a Liverpool fan and am gutted Liverpool are not in the final but can have no gripe with the result. Chelsea did enough without really having to break a sweat. Liverpool were done by their inability to defend with Riise the main culprit. Shame that he would rather stand and appeal for offside then follow Anelka's run in the build up to the third and decisive goal. I think this is Chelsea's year if I'm honest...they were very good against United in the league recently and have the ability to get results even when they don't play well.

Posted 17:17 1st May 2008

Lee Ford says...

I am a Chelsea fan so first off will say congratulations to not only the team but Avram Grant for his persistance in the face of those who questioned him (me included). My actual point though is if we are now supposed to live in a green environment and everyone must do their bit to save the planet when are UEFA going to join this club? Here we have two English clubs with possibly around 40,000 fans jetting off over 1,500 miles to Moscow then jetting back again! When there are at least two stadiums in the united Kingdom that will not only reduce the carbon emissions greatly but could also double the ticket allocation for the fans for this first ever all English clash. I hear the arguments about they have to select a stadium such a long time in advance so that they can make all the necessary arrangements; such as what? The last 4 clubs didnt have that much time to make the necessary arrangements for their semi finals and those games were (in crownd numbers) bigger! Come on UEFA get it sorted and get some common sense.

Posted 14:48 1st May 2008

Tom Blease says...

As a Chelsea fan i'm obviously ecstatic with our progression to the Champions League Final although i'm continuosly embarressed about the way the team conduct themselves on the pitch, verbally attacking and trying to change the mind of referee's and linesmen. In particular two, in John Terry and Didier Drogba. On watching Manchester United go through against Barcelona on Tuesday i don't recall any incidents of players confronting officials and also, fair play to Liverpool, again over two legs there are no incidents that spring to mind of any of their players getting on the officials backs (Well maybe Mascherano on occasion). You may recall Mascherano getting sent off against Manchester United for something similar a few weeks ago by keeping on at the ref in a not to aggresive manor. This sort of behaviour will get found out and could cost us in big games by reducing us to 10 and 9 men if these players keep on showing such agression to officials. If Avram is still in a job next year lets get rid of it its not attractive to watch.

Posted 14:42 1st May 2008

Ben Hulme says...

Chelsea didn't really play well last night, but did deserve to go through as Liverpool played poorly. Yes, we should have had a penalty, but so should Arsenal in there first leg with us and with nothing left to play for, I hope I can look forward to a good season next year. Manchester United to win both the Champions League and Premier League, this year after being a different class and maintaining this level for pretty much all of the season. Paul Scholes to score the winner against Cech. Maybe he'll have studied Babel's goal against the good, but overrated keeper.

Posted 12:46 1st May 2008

Red Devil (Manchester United fan) says...

Fair play to Frank Lampard. Under his circumstances he put in a terrific performance. You have to take your hat off to him. For once Liverpool didnt get a result from pure luck. The better team won fairly and deservedly for once. Were all fed up of watching Liverpool scrape through from dodgey decisons and crazy luck. At last two teams are in the final who deserve to be there. This is Uniteds year. Weve worked so hard over the years and got nothing for our efforts. At last were there again and our name is on the trophy. Chelsea beware. Roll on Moscow.

Posted 12:35 1st May 2008

Steve M says...

I cant believe some of the praise Avram Grant is getting all of a sudden, Yes Chelsea are putting up a good fight for the premiership and yes they are now in thechampions league final, but all this as been done with a team that Jose Mourinho built. Grant can not even be classed as a great motivator, he is managing a group of world class, very well paid professionals, players that should need no motivation to play in massive premier league games or champions league semi finals. We will only know how good (or bad) Grant is when he as to build his own side, At the moment he as proved nothing. Any half decent manager could do his job, pickiing a side from so many super stars cant really be hard. If he had first managed a struggling side he would surely get a lot more respect. Someone like Roy Keane who is doing things the right way by building and struggling to stay in the league will gain far more respect than Grant ever will.

Posted 12:24 1st May 2008

Will Randle says...

What did I say? Liverpool didn't make it just as I predicted! Another season without silverware for Rafa! If the board back him but he doesnt deliver maybe he's not the man for the job. El Nino (Torres) is a great player but Drogba proved his worth in goals last night. Man U V Chelsea thats a toughie! I think it will go right down to the wire! Will Randle

Posted 11:44 1st May 2008

Mick Cooper (Derby County fan) says...

I live in Moscow and theres no way they will move the final-tickets are been touted here at 350 pound already I would be interrested to see what the face value is-every time there is a big tournament here the scalpers get all the tickets. If theres a chance of tickets please let me know-we can put people up maybe in exchange-but yes the russkies ware Clealsea mad so the support will be two thirds for them-anyway for the neutral its brilliant

Posted 11:27 1st May 2008

Thomas Ashworth says...

Good game by both sides, But I honestly think that United are going to do the double this season. Plainly, because we have more passion about our football. 5 years ago, their were no Chelsea fans in sight, then all of a sudden, a billionaire buys the team and their all over the place. A team cant buy the Champions League, its all about passion and thats what Chelsea lack. Come on you United!!

Posted 11:24 1st May 2008

Ed Edith says...

Chelsea are a great side period. Stamford Bridge is a fortress and the Fort Knox of world football. Riise thanks a lot because if he did not equalise for Chelsea in the first leg a 1-0 victory would have been enough last night.Avram Gram should be the new Mayor Of London , because he is quiet and delivers. He has lost only 2 Prem games 20 Assnal and Manure and he has avenged both with 2-1 victories in the last month. He has also outwitted Rafa Benitez and ended liverfool's silverware hunt. I am so happy at least us chelsea fans still have hopes and expectations until May 21st while all the other fans except manure have booked their holidays already via Easy Jet because their footie seasoned ended months ago :)

Posted 11:18 1st May 2008

Kerry Almond (Liverpool fan) says...

Congratulations to Chelsea. We can whinge and moan all we want but the fact is, we paid for a poor first half performance. Starting Benayoun was a shock. Did we pay for that? Probably, but hindsight is a wonderful thing. I have a new respect for Frank Lampard. He showed tremendous courage doing what he did. So well done Frank. I don't really care who wins the final now but I guess deep down I want Paul Scholes to do well after missing 1999. Well done Liverpool. You never gave up. You made us proud.

Posted 10:49 1st May 2008

Mark Gordon (Liverpool fan) says...

Frustrated I think is how most Liverpool fans will look at last night, and last week aswell. Think we were the better team over the two legs, but fair play to Chelsea for taking their chances. It is a sad story when u have to bring on Jermaine Pennant to change a game. Babel and Crouch should ave came on earlier cause Carvalho cant handle the beanpole striker. Looks like Lady Luck has sided with Chelsea this season. For some reason I have said all along they would lift the trophy, I just hope it is a good game, and not like the FA Cup Final of last yr. One more thing. Sir Alex came out and said the final should have been Utd v Barca, but I think everyone can agree that the Liverpool v Chelsea match was much more exciting and dramatic. We need more investment from the board this summer again, two new full backs, and a world clas winger and our team will be ready to compete for the league.

Posted 08:55 1st May 2008

Daryl Rogerso (Wigan Athletic fan) says...

Thought Chelsea thoroughly deserved the win yesterday. Avram Grant has proven himself to be a very, very good manager. He learned a lot from the Cup Final defeat to Spurs. Since then he has beat Liverpool, Arsenal, Man Utd and Everton, and got his tactics spot on. My candidate for Manager Of The Season, alongside Steve Bruce. Well done Chelsea.

Posted 07:31 1st May 2008

Mark Rawlins (Chelsea fan) says...

The Liverpool jinx is over. Chelsea, over the 120 minutes fully deserved their win. Drogba with his 2 superb goals showed Benitez what a great striker he is, and what about Frank Lampard? What a great penalty, I can't praise him enough for having the courage to step up like he did. What courage indeed to play in the first place, I know what it's like to lose a parent, it's devastating. The whole Chelsea team were excellent, Essien covered so much turf it must have felt like he'd run a marathon. Now we go to Moscow where John Terry will lift the Champions League Trophy. We've waited years for this, after beating the Mancs on Saturday and this great result over Liverpool I'm beginning to think differently about Avram Grant, maybe the quiet man of football is really one of the great managers after all.

Posted 07:21 1st May 2008

Chris Liebelt (Liverpool fan) says...

What a fantastic semi between Chelsea and Liverpool. Chelsea deserved this. I just watched the post interview with J Terry being asked how Lamps coped with his mothers death. The total disrespect by Drogba shouting out during this interview shows the non solidarity at Chelsea.

Posted 06:29 1st May 2008

Dave Mcmillan says...

Where was Peter Crouch? On the bench again. Benitez is an idiot.

Posted 04:47 1st May 2008

Dominic Finnigan says...

That Hyppia penalty was a certainty.... Chelsea are very lucky and don't deserve to be in the final. As a Liverpool fan I'm happy to say that I hope Manu play their normal professional game and win the final against a diving Chelsea team.

Posted 22:18 30th April 2008

Scott Williams (Cardiff City fan) says...

I thought that Man Utd played the two legs perfectly, they made sure that their priority was to stop Barca from scoring and they were confident that they would nick one goal which would win them the tie. Scholes, Hargreaves, Carrick and especially Tevez were amazing yesterday.

Posted 14:45 30th April 2008

Paul Smith says...

Lovely to watch Barca but no end threat - bit like Arsenal - United dug in and got the result they needed - I would be more than happy for Liverpool to do the same tonight - pleased for Scholes as if it hadn't been for Mr Erikksson he would still be playing for England - and my do they miss his composusre and passing ability - hope the game is won fairly tonight and not by someone playing the referee - and not just Drogba - we have a couple in our side who hit the deck to easily (but I must say not as easility as Drogba - I would love to have seen him play against defenders who were allowed to tackle!!!)

Posted 10:35 30th April 2008

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