Time for Fed to quit?

Is Swiss legend in danger of tarnishing his legacy?

Last updated: 12th September 2010  

Time for Fed to quit?

Federer: US Open exit

Roger Federer is undoubtedly the greatest tennis player in history and his record 16 Grand Slam titles are unlikely to be equalled.

But the Swiss star is fading. He has failed to reach the final of the last three Grand Slams and at 29 he is entering late middle age in tennis terms.

On Saturday he lost at Flushing Meadows to Novak Djokovic, a man he has demolished in straight sets in their previous three US Open meetings.

Federer is determined to battle on, but should he?

His best days are clearly behind him and if he continues, is he in danger of tarnishing his golden legacy?

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Philip Todd says...

Of course Federer should keep playing, Firstly, I doubt that ever in the history of the sport has the world no 2 who reached the QF in Wimbledon and the French, Won Cini, Semis in US, Won Basel and another title I can't remember which, final in Shanghai, Madrid and Semis in Paris, been talked about as being at the right to retire. Secondly the greatness of tennis player is not all about how much they win, its about what they gave to the sport as well, for me I have a more favourable attitude towards Agassi who battled till it was causing damage to his body than of Borg who quit when it became clear he wasn't the best. Fed could have retired in July 08, I know people then who said he was finished and would never win another Slam or be No 1 again. Isn't it good he didn't listen then? Now while his coming back to No 1 and winning another 4 slams is unlikely I think there's a good bit of tennis titles left in him if not slams. If Roger loves tennis then Roger should play tennis, tennis and all its fans owe him so much, lets not turn on him because he dosen't win everything like he used to. The day Roger Federer hangs up his racket will be a momentous loss for the game - Roger doesn't need tennis, but tennis still needs him.

Posted 19:01 25th November 2010

Jose luis Gonzlez says...

We must compare Rafa and Roger at the end of their careers,not now.We must go on enjoying both of them,and we must not forget the other players-Del Potro,Murray etc..Rafa has improved many aspects of his game and in good physical condition will be very difficult to beat from now, but more important now and in the next two or three years, continue to enjoy both of them

Posted 20:19 6th October 2010

Nitesh Gupta says...

Fed is here to stay! he still has years left in him! so he didnt make it to the final of the last three grand slams, so what! he just got beat on the day. he didnt make the most of the crucial chances he had in those matches. he swithced off and got punished by his opponents and paid the price. he''s doing fine. when he gets to the final and wins the austrailan all his doubters will jump back on to the other side and say he''s back. you watch

Posted 20:27 25th September 2010

Federer Fan says...

I remember in the build up to the US Open 2008 seeing a number of tennis commentators making the same kind of remarks - ''I can''t see where Federer is gonna win another another slam'' etc. - Roger had had a bad year (worse than 2010) and talk had turned to retirement - but 18 months later he''d won another 4 grand slams. On the other hand - look back 12 months to where Rafa was. I''m only going off my own statistics but I believe he never beat a top 5 player for over a year until finally beating Federer on clay in the final in Madrid. He was struggling to get through quarters and semis in the american hard court season. This period should serve as a tale of caution for Rafa fans because clearly he is prone to effectively losing a year of usefulness - when he isn''t 100% he was getting battered - particularly by del Potro and surprisingly Davydenko who now has a better head to head record against Nadal. Retiring to protect your legacy is tantamount to cowardice (McEnroe accused Borg of this in his autobiography, perhaps he was right) - Agassi gained a lot of respect in my eyes when his ranking dropped way down in the 90''s but he fought back to win the French.

Posted 00:14 23rd September 2010

Lerry Domina says...

Fed still good in his condition and no one can say that he need to retire becayse he can still bit a lot of player.He can still win a GS but not when he play with RAFA.

Posted 01:27 20th September 2010

Brandon Casenas says...

No federer do not quite , he definatly the best Tennis player in history absolute legend

Posted 13:00 17th September 2010

''jibola Adeoye-adeyemi says...

Roger is undoubtedly the greatest player in history and one of his greatest strength is that he keeps coming back. I''m sure the defeats are quite painful but i know for sure, he does not wallow in self pity. I remember Roland Garros final of 2008 where he cried after he lost to Nadal. But he came back hotter the next year and won it for the first time. I don''t think he should quit now. Even though age is gradually setting in, if he stays free of injuries, he will still last a few more years. I can''t imagine tennis without Fed.

Posted 22:15 14th September 2010

Michael Conteh says...

i''ll keep this short and sweet MOVE OVER FEDERER THE NEW KING OF TENNIS IS HERE !!!!! it makes no difference if fed retires or not NO1 can stop RAFAEL NADAL he''ll soon become the greatest player in the history of the sport, he''s already the best player the sport has ever produced !!!

Posted 17:45 14th September 2010

Rahul Bowry says...

You do realise he has been ill recently and has been struggling with injuires. Once he has rest and is back to full fitness he will be back to his old self. Now he still makes the semi finals , that is even when is struggling with injuries and fitness. Whoever is calling for him to quit , that is lunacy in my view. Nadal will never beat Federer''s record , and Federer is the greatest of all time , show him a little respect.

Posted 16:28 14th September 2010

Duncan Horne says...

Roger Federer should most definitely not quit tennis! I think some people are jumping the gun here. He had 2 match points against Djokovic and on another day Novak would have hit a forehand long, not on the line, and it would have been yet another Grand Slam final for Fed. I don''t believe he is finished at all. He just needs to maintain full concentration in matches, and instead of relaxing after winning a set, he needs to up the intensity as he is always capable of doing. His legacy is untouchable. The moment he won the 15th in that historic Wimbledon final of 2009, really cemented his epic legacy as the greatest of all time. No-one, including himself can do anything to change that. He''s the man and whatever happens from here will only be an added bonus to his mesmerising achievements. The Australian Open 2011 would be a great place for Fed to get back to finals and winning ways!

Posted 11:36 14th September 2010

Ohbee Akubue says...

No No No No WAY! Fed is a true champion of d game. He brings some magic to the court that most "so called fitter" players only wished to have. He is still top ranked, maybe others ranked below should retire before him. Beat Fed in a second round contest but it would NEVER for me tarnish his Legendary image.

Posted 11:06 14th September 2010

Michael Knight says...

Dont think Federer will retire now nor should he. Reasons for not retiring are two fold. Try and add to his own slam tally, whilst at the same time trying to prevent Nadal from adding to his. Think Federer, though clearly past his best, has at least one more slam to his name, possibly two. Long live the Federer-nadal rivalry...the best since Bjorg-McCenroe

Posted 09:20 14th September 2010

Keith Morfett says...

Federer is still a great player but he has hit his peak. Nadal, Murray and Djokovic among others have caught him up. He may go on to win a few more grand slam titles but his best days are behind him.

Posted 00:44 14th September 2010

Iftikhar Sheikh says...

Roger Federer should not quit yet. He is very much there, playing good games and beating players in the top 10. I dont understand why everybody wants him to win every match. No body can do it , no body has done that. Hypothetically it is likely that Rafa can win 9/10 GS titles in the next 4/5 years, but it is not possible. Reger Federer in his peak years did not do that, why should we expect this super human achievement from Rafa. Besides there is question mark of his fitness. New players are emerging, and they will have their own share of GS wins. We should not forget that it took Rafa aalmost five years to reach his first US open final. . He has not yet won it. Undue pressur put on Andy Murray have cost him too much. If such kind of pressure is put on Rafa he is likely to melt down. Lets watch patiently how the future unfolds the result of GS finals in the next 4/5 years.

Posted 21:19 13th September 2010

Paul Collins says...

if fed should quit just because of a few bad results then andy murray may aswell retire now

Posted 20:22 13th September 2010

Vatchara S says...

Hey, be careful with the question. Even he was beaten, it is not necessary to leave the way. He is still the greatest champion of the tennis history. Look at the number of his cups!!!

Posted 20:08 13th September 2010

Zane Osborne says...

Federer has had a distinguished career, but chasing 20 grand slams might be a tall order with the other top 10 players reaching their prime and will on accasion especially in the grand slams pull out a performance like Djockovic, Soderling and Berdych did this season. They are using an aging Federer to take their game to the next level and are getting successful at it. Personally I think Nadal will beat his grand slam record and become the greatest ever. I think Federer had his reign and should seriously consider slowing down. After this defeat, he is not the threat he once was.

Posted 16:22 13th September 2010

Cj Cj says...

Federer loses in the semis of a grand slam which is a great achievement and people start questioning if he will retire - you don''t retire when you get to semis and win grand slams! this is ridiculous! he hasn''t been lower than number 2 since 2003 and people are like ''ohhh he''s number 3, he might as well not bother with anything!'' riduclous! i guess when you are as good as he is people expect you to be good in every event and when you slip ever so slightly they think you are losing your edge rather than having a slightly less perfect season. He is so awesome, to quit now is unnecessary and would be a waste!

Posted 15:04 13th September 2010

Fareed Mahomed says...

I just don''t see the point of this article!!!! The man lost a close match to Djokovic who''s one of the best hard court players on tour, his record speaks for itself, he''s even won a slam on the surface. Bernard Ogwal assumption that Nadal will 9 of the next 20 slams is exactly that an assumption!!!! Bernard forgets that Nadal has injury problems especially when he plays on hard courts where the surface is not very forgiving to players who push their bodies to the limits. Did you know that Boris Becker at the age of 21 had won more slams than both Pistol Pete & Federer at the same age but guess who ended up rewriting the Slams records????

Posted 11:59 13th September 2010

Rachel Palin says...

roger is right to battle on, he will come back and win more grand slams you watch. COME ON ROGER

Posted 11:05 13th September 2010

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