Jose wants Rooney at Real

But Mourinho expects striker to stay at Old Trafford

Last updated: 20th October 2010  


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Manchester City and Real Madrid are amongst the favourites to sign Wayne Rooney in the January transfer window. Do you think he will stay or go? Bet now.

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Jose Mourinho admits he would love to bring Wayne Rooney to Real Madrid, but expects the unsettled forward to stay at Manchester United.

Rooney looks set to leave United after Sir Alex Ferguson confirmed that the England international wants to quit Old Trafford after refusing to sign a new deal at the club.

The news has sent shockwaves across European football and fuelled speculation where Rooney might end up going.

Real are thought to be one of the frontrunners for Rooney's signature if he does end up quitting Old Trafford.

Former Chelsea boss Mourinho admits every top club will be chasing Rooney, but he still fully expects the 24-year-old to remain at Old Trafford.

"My thoughts are he will stay," Mourinho told Sky Sports.


"He probably wants to leave for some reasons, but I believe he belongs to Man Utd, he belongs to Man Utd fans, he belongs to Old Trafford.

"I believe he is going to stay

"But if at the end of day Man Utd decides that he is to leave, give me a call."

Asked if he would be interesting in taking Rooney to the Spanish capital, a laughing Mourinho said: "Everybody would be interested, but again I don't think so.

"I think and I wish because I like him, I like Sir Alex, I like Man Utd I believe the best thing for him is to stay there for life.

Asked if he was excited at the prospect of teaming Rooney up with Cristiano Ronaldo again, Mourinho remarked: "Yes, but he will stay at Old Trafford for sure."

Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp also indicated his interest in signing the former Everton player.

"I'm going to speak to my chairman and see if we can get Rooney to Tottenham," Redknapp half-joked ahead of his side's Champions League clash with Inter Milan.

Ferguson, while claiming "the door is still open" to a new deal for Rooney at Old Trafford, has driven his argument home quite forcibly, accusing the England star of failing to respect United.

"I was in the office on August 14 and (chief executive) David (Gill) phoned me," outlined Ferguson.

"He had got a phone call from his agent saying that he (Rooney) wasn't signing a contract.

"I couldn't believe it. I just was dumbfounded. I could not understand it because only months before he was saying he was at the greatest club in the world and he wanted to stay for life.

"We just don't know what's changed the boy's mind.

"The next step was going to be important, decisive for us how we deal with the situation.

"I then asked to have a meeting with the boy and he reiterated what his agent had said - he wanted to go.

"The one thing I said was, 'Just remember one thing: respect this club. I don't want any nonsense from you. Respect the club'.

"I don't know if he's done that. I have got doubts on that because we're reading things about falling out with me and all that nonsense. It's disappointing because we have done everything we possibly can to help Wayne Rooney from the minute he's come to the club."

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Lloyd Gittens (Leeds United fan) says...

man united keep dreaming....mourinho will never manage man united.......he can see man u are finished. its all about affording to buy the best players... and chelsea and man city have got all the money....and lets face u cant afford to pay rooney 300k a week so he get 150k nett in his pocket....rooney will be a man city player in january ...because players like yaya toure are earning 200k per week at man city...after rooney ..players like vidic and ferdinand will leave..also...just as they left their former clubs... leeds etc. face reality man united fans... your glory days are over...rooney should really go home to everton...!

Posted 04:39 21st October 2010

Rob Cooper (Chelsea fan) says...

We would welcome you at the Bridge Rooney! Come and join the most attacking team in the Premiership.

Posted 20:56 20th October 2010

Alex Tham (Leeds United fan) says...

Rooney will not be as successful as he is playing for Man Utd because once he isn''''t in Man Utd, there is no more referee to protect him any more! He will get more red cards than anybody else once he moves to Real Madrid.

Posted 19:14 20th October 2010

Ed Baines (Crystal Palace fan) says...

This is a ridiculous article. Mourinho never said ''''he would love to bring Wayne Rooney to Real Madrid''''. He said it as if ''''who wouldn''''t want to bring Rooney to their team''''. Then to say Harry Redknapp ''''also indicated his interest in signing the former Everton player.'''' "I''''m going to speak to my chairman and see if we can get Rooney to Tottenham," Redknapp half-joked ahead of his side''''s Champions League clash with Inter Milan. The article even says Redknapp said it in a HALF JOKING manner. Talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill

Posted 08:55 20th October 2010

Tally Singh (Manchester United fan) says...

Rooney is such a great talent, he needs to be in the premier league, and there is no better club to play for then Man Utd, Jose basically saying, stay and Man Utd lad cus il be there soon LOL.........Cant wait for Mourinho to manage us....

Posted 08:51 20th October 2010

Lee Scott (Manchester United fan) says...

sounded to me like mourinho hopes Rooney stays at United because he knows he will be the future manager???? lets face it we know he will return to England at some point. who else can handle the job

Posted 08:41 20th October 2010

Kris Henderson (Chelsea fan) says...

Rooney is going to chelsea for a fee of around 26 million plus mega wages . " ONCE A BLUE , ALWAYS A BLUE "

Posted 08:41 20th October 2010

Bill Hoxworth (Manchester United fan) says...

Well, looks like Jose has just passed the interview for the next United manager, classic stuff. Also, the is a lot of time between now and January, and even more until the summer. Lets wait and see. One thing is for sure, something has happened between May when he wanted to stay for life and August 14th, we may never know what is is or was.

Posted 08:22 20th October 2010

Pyeman Dougal (Everton fan) says...

Why is everyone so shocked and going on about loyalty and respect and he owes you. The lad left his boyhood club who made him the player he is even if he wasnt the finished player when he left. he was with us for 12 years and whole family support us, kind of says it all he has no loyalty sadly like a lot of players these days hes only into $$$$$ !!

Posted 08:21 20th October 2010

David Weeks (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

suprising how all man utd fans think that jose will be manager has anybody though that at present he is in charge of one of the best football teams in the world also nobodys really got to the fact why rooney wants to go i tell you why man utd have lost there drive there quite seariously in debt thanks the the glaziers and your manager sir alex has just upset one of the best players in the premiship say it all really lets just hope man utd dont go down the same route as liverpool

Posted 08:21 20th October 2010

Ruari Cannon (Manchester United fan) says...

Name one player that has left United in the Fergie era and gone onto bigger things...No1 Beckham played 4 years in spain winning one trophy, van nistelrooy the same, ronaldo yet to win anything,Tevez makes a lot of noise but have city done anything yet? louis saha, alan smith gabriel heinze the list goes on and on and on you will never replicate the success you have had at united. its the biggest mistake of his life a petulant idiot who has lost his love for the game over a summer to regret for his country and in his personal life. he needs to take a look at himself and see if he really has it in him to leave the best club in the world and when he does he will never match it. Boys we''''''''''''''''ve come back from darker stuff than this no body is bigger than manchester united. The flowers of manchester are looking down on him now shaking their heads, off you go wayne run along to your pay day whilst signing your soul away too. United till i die.

Posted 08:12 20th October 2010

Jon Golovey (Manchester United fan) says...

I really wish Rooney would re-consider his decision. He is playing for one of the most successful clubs in the world!!! If it is a really personal decision then fine he must go, but if this is motivated by money then it is just going to anger the club and fans. He has been offered the best deal in the world to stay and if he leaves he is only going to decline. Man Utd are known for developing players and keeping them in top form. His best decision was to sign for Utd so just stay there!!!! I will be COMPLETELY DEVISTATED if he leaves!!!!! Do it for the fans Rooney!!!!! Stay and Man Utd, you belong there!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 08:02 20th October 2010

Jonny "spider" doyle (Manchester United fan) says...

Rooney to stay and The Special One to arrive at Old Trafford within next two years, that will be the outcome. Reds go marching on on on

Posted 07:15 20th October 2010

Michael Lee (Manchester United fan) says...

Bottom line is ROONEY has DISRESPECTED all the UNITED fans plus Fergie and his team mates plus all the past United legends. Oh, and his wife and family. At least be a man and say it is all about the money for him and his greedy agent and about the Glazers. For me, he is a BRILLIANT talented footballer but I can never regain my respect for him. He has let us down big time merely by being dishonest

Posted 06:43 20th October 2010

Sam Hassan (Chelsea fan) says...

I felt very sorry for rooney. He is one of the best footballer and to see him so trouble is not nice .Sir alex should have give him a littlebit chance to play than leaving him on the bench,it was too frustrating for him. Thinking of all he has just went through. I hope he do what is right.

Posted 05:33 20th October 2010

Sean Winter (Manchester United fan) says...

Mourinho said it all, Wayne rooney belongs at old trafford and i think it would destroy his career slowly if he left as it has for previous players who left the english game, sir alex has messed up with a few players who have been known as legends at old trafford like ruud van nistlerooy in the past, and as argueably the worlds greatest manager its his duty to make rooney realise that leaving manchester would not benefit him in any way FACT! secretly i think mourhino wants rooney to stay because he wants the job at united in the near future!!

Posted 04:06 20th October 2010

Hatem Atie (Manchester United fan) says...

mourinho one day will replace sir ferguson for sure, and want rooney to stay at man utd, mourinho will give rooney call to stay at the best club in the world. trust me rooney will make big mistake if he leave man utd,

Posted 02:52 20th October 2010

William Magill (Manchester United fan) says...

Anyone else thibking this is more proof that mourinho wants the man u job next? Why take rooney to madrid when he''''ll be leaving there in 1-2 years, if rooney stays where he is then mourinho will have him for life at united. On the rooney subject I think he has handled this very poorly, 6 months ago he was united for life and unless he''''s had a good reason to change then he''''s showed his only loyalty, like most footballers these days is to money. If there are reasons then let him speak out and say his piece, but if/when he goes united will continue, the same way they always have and always will, and sniping torres from liverpool would be nice!

Posted 02:38 20th October 2010

Richard Boyd (Manchester United fan) says...

If roo wants to go then bye,bye. No one is bigger than the club they play for.

Posted 02:26 20th October 2010

Chris Johnson (Manchester United fan) says...

I''''d swap Rooney for Mourinho any day. What a wonderful guy!

Posted 02:25 20th October 2010

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