Uefa Cup final

Join the Sky Sports debate ahead of Rangers' clash with Zenit

Last updated: 13th May 2008  

Uefa Cup final

Rangers are preparing for their first European final in a generation and we would like your thoughts ahead of the City of Manchester showpiece?

Do the Light Blues have what it takes to lift the Uefa Cup?

Who will be the key men on both sides? Will Dick Advocaat's knowledge of Rangers prove crucial?

What do you know about Zenit St Petersburg? Who are their men to watch out for?

Will Rangers' fixture congestion prove a factor?

Can the Gers go on and win in Manchester and complete the quadruple?

Let us have your thoughts using the form below.

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Paul Melvin (Celtic fan) says...

Yes, I know I'm a Celtic fan, I'm not going to sit here and say I'd really love it if Rangers win tonight. Let's face it, If AC Milan were in the Champions League final, do you really think Inter would be cheering them on? I think not. That said, I truly hope the winner tonight is football.....If Rangers play proper football and not the boring stuff we've seen recently and go on to win, fair play to them. I just sincerely hope they don't just shut up shop and play for penalties from the start. Good luck football!

Posted 13:07 14th May 2008

Ken Milward (Manchester City fan) says...

Good luck to Rangers tonight, its great to see a British club in the final at the city of Manchester stadium, and they deserve to be there on merit well done the Gers.

Posted 11:39 14th May 2008

Tommy Kerr (Rangers fan) says...

This is the time for this Rangers team to become legends. Let's do this for Rangers fans everywhere in the world. It will be a proud, proud moment for myself and my family as we are all true blues. We're going into this game as the underdogs. Just like every other game we have played in the UEFA cup this year. We have prevailed over some great teams and I don't see why we can't do it tonight. Come on the teddy bears!!!

Posted 11:20 14th May 2008

Rob Smith (Arsenal fan) says...

I hope Rangers do it...will always support a British team against foreign opposition. It will be hard for them and maybe not a football feast but all the best for the final!

Posted 14:37 13th May 2008

Chris Smyth (Rangers fan) says...

Heading to Manchester tonight! fly out at 8:25. This will be the mother of all parties!

Posted 10:58 13th May 2008

Sonny Lalli (Rangers fan) says...

We must watch out for Arshavin as everything goes through him for Zenit. We'll need to man mark him to take out their threat, similar to the way we kept Diego quiet in the Werder Bremen match. They have class throughout their team so we'll have be cautious and not let any early goals in but we have faith in Walter because he's made us believe. Our tremendous support can carry the boys and they will be our 12th man. If we win then obviously every Ger' is going to be ecstatic but if we lose i'll still be proud of what Walter and the team has achieved this year, considering where we were last season. Come on Rangers we can do it!

Posted 10:53 13th May 2008

Andrew Bryce (Liverpool fan) says...

I really hope Walter Smith actually tries to win the game. I am getting sick of this negative ultra-defensive football. Zenit will try and win the game so Rangers should do the same. We wanna see an exciting final. Not one where one team just defends for 90mins.

Posted 10:52 13th May 2008

Liam Bolton says...

I'm a Newcastle fan so i've got a fairly neutral opinions of the two teams. Id love to see Rangers win it but on the side of caution, ths Zenit side are a quality side, they're better than the CSKA side that won he cup a few years back and they're very well organised. The one positive for Rangers which could be a HUGE matter is the fact that their top scorer is out and hes been fantastic this season. If Rangers win it, it'll be a fantastic achievement but i've got my worries. Anyway good luck to Rangers!

Posted 10:44 13th May 2008

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