England's one-day woes

What can be done after yet another defeat?

Last updated: 28th June 2008  

England's one-day woes

Kevin Pietersen: Beaten on his debut as skipper

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England have been beaten by New Zealand in back-to-back one-day series and continue to struggle at the shorter form of the game.

We are ranked third in the world in Test cricket but a humiliating seventh in 50-over cricket.

What goes wrong with England when they pull on the coloured clothing? And what can be done to improve the situation?

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Tim Carrington says...

England are woeful, they have been letting us down for a number of years, just like football they are scared of dropping the big names..... My team. 1. Phil Mustard 2. Michael Vaughan (C) 3. Kevin Pietersen 4. Owais Shah 5. Graham Napier 6. Paul Collingwood 7. Andy Flintoff 8. Dimi Mascherenas 9. Stuart Broad 10. Ryan Sidebottom 11. James Anderson. I would select Vaughan for his captaincy alone and Mascheranes who is criminally under used at this level.

Posted 11:53 30th June 2008

Martin Hicks says...

Well done the Kiwis your win was thoroughly deserved. We can only do what we always do - wring our hands, produce a new one day strip and pick the same players. I don't understand what is happening - we hear talk of consistency and continuety but I see little evidence of it. We try Cook and Mustard - Bell and Wright - Cook and Bell. Are we using a pinch hitter or not? If we want an orthodox opener and Cook is injured why not pick an in form Strauss or are we now saying Wright and Cook are interchangeable? We've had 6 wicket keepers in 18 months - Prior is the best batsman but his wicket keeping isn't as good as others. That applied to numerous other keepers. Rod Marsh, Adam Gilchrist and Alec Stewart weren't great keepers when they started and made the team on their batting ability but worked hard to make themselves classy all rounders. Unless England are either laying the blame for defeats at Prior's door, they are saying Prior is incapable of improvement as a keeper or they think other keepers are capable of improving to Prior's level as a batsman why didn't we persist with a prospective all rounder? We are continually told our current crop are England's finest but at county level the commentators repeatedly refer to players who should be considered for England, had a raw deal or slipped through the net. England have some talented individuals but don't have a team. New Zealand have a team that play for each other, as did the Gloucetershire team of the Harvey/ Russell era and the Sussex side developed under Adams, They weren't the best but they were fighters and maybe England needs more players with the guts to make ugly 50s rather than pretty 20s.

Posted 21:31 29th June 2008

Paul Smith says...

England going nowhere again in the one day game - think we have to start picking horses for courses - how do the selectors think that Bell and Cook are one day players - neither get close to Mark Butcher and he never played one day international cricket!!!! - start again - bring back some players who were discarded too quickly and a bit of new blood. 1. Solanki 2. Prior 3. Pietersen 4. Shah 5. Bopara 6. Flintoff 7. Foster W/K 8. Bresnan 9. Swann 10. Broad 11. Sidebottom 4 man pace attack (5 with Bopara), a spinner and a side that bats down to number 10 - What have they got to lose!!!!

Posted 10:39 29th June 2008

Charles K says...

Looking at the England team that played today and the series, man for man you would probably say 80% of the England players would get in ahead of the current NZ 11. So it must be down to the mental side of the game, as my Australian friend keeps reminding me, we are soft. I can't dissagree, look how we constantly crumble in pressure situations. We should get someone like Nasser in to the dressing room and tell the players what they really are. No one looks hungry to win, my blame lies with the England managment as the team selection looks like a closed shop! So no one feels like they are playing for their place it seems. Don't like singling anyone out but look at Ambrose, completely out of his depth but as he is in the "gang" he is ok, Mustard must feel sick looking at the player that has kept him out!. To coin another Aussie phrase, England it's time to open a can of tuff 'n' up fast!!!

Posted 20:40 28th June 2008

Charlie Hill says...

I have appeared a number of times on these pages recently and had lots to say about the England team, and sadly I am here again with nothing positive to say. I am afraid we witnessed another weak England display, NZ may be ranked 3rd in the world but I think we can all agree the team we played today is not the team that got them there! This is no discredit to NZ as they were better then us and showed us why England are ranked 7th! I am afraid its simple in my mind what needs to happen, players that need to go are Cook, Wright, Ambrose, Sidebottom. Players who need to prove they are worthy of the England shirt and are on the verge of going are Bell and Anderson. Bell is the most frustrating player, he looks pure class when he gets going but something is wrong with his concentration, get him in a room with Boycott, Atherton and Hussain. Pietersen - hard to have a go at him but he is very important to the team, one hundred yes but no other score of note. Flintoff and Mustard to come back in. Only good thing to come out of this series was Shah, Broad and Swann. England management, you were hard in the Test arena with Harmison and Hoggard, now time to be hard with the one day players... otherwise we will continue to be soft and easy to beat.

Posted 20:18 28th June 2008

Ryan Bachoo says...

It's happened again, in fact back to back games, England has put on a disappointing result with the bat again. Surely captaincy may come under the spotlight but England's batting woes goes far beyond captaincy. Why am typing things we already know? The fact remains that there has to be a big problem for the Test match players such as Andrew Strauss and Alastair Cook to transform their cricket into the shorter form of the game. For me, England's bowling is quite good, obviously there would be times and pitches where opponents may enjoy and score 250 plus but as a top cricketing nation, one would agree with me, England should very well be capable of chasing down the target sucessfully. Is it a lack of application, an improper assesment of the situation, lack of communication or just plain good bowling by the opposition? With the standard of batsmen England are producing in the Test Arena, very difficult to point out the last one, so it must be a problem within the camp. As every team would look to do, try making good use of the powerplay overs, which for me has been the major fault of England. Over the last couple of games, within the first 15 overs of powerplay, they've lost a stunning three wickets so that needs not to be looked at but the openers and due-in batsmen must begin making something work. I'll reiterate as I wrote in an article, chasing big scores, small scores, medium scores, insummountable scores will all depend on the foundation which your openers lay, if they lay a strong one then the innings would progress strongly but if the openers continue to fail then England may very well continue to rank at #7 in the world rankings. A proper opening pair must be looked at by the English Cricket Board as well as players who can make a difference in the one day game. It's a problem which can be fixed but would only take a collective effort from the ECB and the players representing England.

Posted 19:36 28th June 2008

Tony Newman says...

To be beaten by New Zealand at home is disgraceful - every England player now seems keener to make money than play for his country. Perhaps we should reduce wages a lot more if they lose and their central contracts. Anderson can be a match-winner but more often than not he is a match-loser- full tosses to a chap hitting 6's - we were tought at first school not to do that. Bring on a new manager who wants to win.

Posted 19:29 28th June 2008

Aaron Mcintosh says...

The major problem which I have mentioned many times before is we do not have enough players who can switch gears when batting, especially against spinners, we get bogged down and then get out because we are trying to force the issue when it is too late. Ian Bell for me always looks classy at the top of the order but then gets out when he looks set and ready. We rely too much on KP and I think Alastair Cook is a waste of time at the top of the order, need to give Luke Wright a long run to see if he can cut the mustard. The innings that New Zealand played today should be a lesson to England, they managed to post a good score then it looked beyond them because they have players who can suddenly switch through the gears and add major runs at the end of the innings instead of crumbling and not posting big scores.

Posted 18:40 28th June 2008

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