Becks trusts voting system

2018 bid ambassador confident Fifa will act fairly

By Chris Burton   Last updated: 1st December 2010   Subscribe to RSS Feed

I think we can trust every one of the members.

David Beckham
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England to host 2018 World Cup. Bet now

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Bid ambassador David Beckham is convinced there will be no backlash against England in the voting for 2018 World Cup hosting rights.

Fifa committee members are due to decide on Thursday which nation will be granted the tournament, with England vying with Russia, Spain/Portugal and Holland/Belgium to get the nod.

The England bid team have been working hard to put their case forward over recent weeks and have drafted in big-hitters such as Beckham, Prince William and prime minister David Cameron to help aid their cause.

Their presence is expected to weigh heavy in their favour, but there are still fears that Fifa will turn against England in the wake of allegations made in a Panorama documentary.

The timing of that programme has already been called into question, but it remains to be seen what the fall-out from it will be.

Numerous Fifa members have claimed that their decision has not been swayed, and Beckham is confident that will prove to be the case.

"I think we can trust every one of the members," he said.

"They are football people and they will want a World Cup in the best country they think can host the biggest sporting event in the world. Without a doubt we trust them."


Beckham has already held court with a few of the Fifa members and he believes they are honourable people who will make their decision based purely on football factors.

He added: "I have met a few members. I would rather keep who I have met private, but I have met a few of the members, working with the prime minister until late last night. I know Prince William was up at 7.30 this morning as well having breakfast with one of the members.

"We have met them and everything has been positive so far. We have listened to the feedback and the ideas they think we need to be pushing in the next few days and we are working on it."

England believe there is still room for them to sway undecided voters, with the next few days all about promoting their bid in the best possible way.

Beckham said: "We have got time to do that, that's one of the reasons why we have Prince William and the prime minister here, to have that weight behind the bid is a huge thing for us.

"I saw that in Singapore (during the 2012 Olympic bid) when Tony Blair was behind the whole bid process and we saw how important that was.

"We have been listening to the feedback and have spoken about the legacy part, which is a big thing for us. It's not just about being a lasting legacy for our country, it's the whole world and the benefits which can be generated for everybody."


One of the men England may need to get on board if they are to be successful is Fifa vice-president Jack Warner, and Beckham hopes his support of the English game will see his vote swing in their favour.

He said: "I think Jack is one of those men who believes the World Cup will be special wherever it is held. He loves the Premiership and everything about our game.

"Every vote is important, but I have spent time with Jack in Trinidad & Tobago and that was good, but it's important now that we get votes from everybody."

Beckham believes England have a presentation capable of wowing the voting panel and insists every ounce of effort is being put in to making sure their efforts bring about a positive result.

"We have put ourselves in a great position," added the former England captain.

"We have done everything possible to put ourselves in the best position. It's about putting the icing on the cake. We are just focusing on our side of the bid, anything else that goes on is of no interest to us. We are doing all we can to get this World Cup to us.

"We are confident because we feel we have got a great argument and a great bid. We believe we can get the votes we need.

"I don't think we have to be worried about anybody. I don't think we can afford to be worried. We know that we have got a great bid and are happy with what we have done. We are confident in what we have done."

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Aaron Poolton (Manchester City fan) says...

half of you lot are absolute numptys beckhams a proud english man and loves his country u should try it some time he doesnt need any money you are just looking for some one to take your sad lifes out on back the bid in 8 years were have a new squad and have one of the best leagues in the country to develop are squad on have some faith come on ENGLAND

Posted 18:43 1st December 2010

Gavin Rodriguez (Arsenal fan) says...

Does Beckham really believe him saying " I truth Fifa" will make a different what world does he live in. Many people have worked on get this bid ready to have it almost blown away by 1 TV program. The bid need to stand on it own feet. Do we have a good transport system, do we have the stadium, security, facilities, Can we afford to run the thing. What do we bring to hosting the world cup etc Football is the number sport in the Uk even if the england team is rubbish. @Qamar Afxal hosting the world cup has nothing to do with the players in the league or the players that play for that country or the world cup would had been played in Brazil 90% it about what the country can bring to the world cup.

Posted 18:11 1st December 2010

Brian Carr says...

aint beckham got anything else in his life to get on with, why is he wasting his time with this world cup bid. everyone knows russia is gonna win it .please stop wasting money on the about spending money for old rope...

Posted 17:51 1st December 2010

Andy B says...

What's this bid all about ?? One word - PRIDE ! Pride in showing the world that England is still the home of football Pride in showing that as a multi-cultural society we can unite to enjoy the spectacle of a global event Pride that this generation will have something to speak of with genuine satisfaction The delegates on the bid team, especially Beckham, have all shown their pride in being asked to represent England, if only the whinging, scrouging, bandwagon jumping students would show a little pride too

Posted 16:33 1st December 2010

Chris Baker (Manchester United fan) says...

Rather churlish remarks about Beckham from some of our "fairest fans in football" from the Mersey. Stop worrying about Beckham, I'm more concerned about Cameron being present. This is heaven for him ... first the royal wedding, now the world cup bid....anything to deflect what he's doing to the country

Posted 14:52 1st December 2010

Broc Emmanuel (Liverpool fan) says...

James Buxton says... England is by far the best bid. We already have the best stadiums What else ? and who cares ? For Olympics 2012, it was very well know that Paris had a better bid than London and can you tell me who won ???? ;-) I don't remember BBC moaning like that when London won the Olympics. Nore say that blaccash had been given. Is it what we call in France the English Fair Play ?

Posted 14:17 1st December 2010

Mark White (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

I think England would host a very good world cup, but it seems that media institutions like the BBC and daily papers used for fish and chips have put the mockers on our bid! As for bashing David Beckham, he doesn't need the money, fame or exposure! so why does he do it? Because he is a proud English man who is happy serve his country, unlike the soap dodgers, scroungers and some of the student protestors who seem to think that they are owed a living at every turn they take! Stop the Becks bashing, get behind the bid and hope we get the world cup, "I still's coming home, footballs coming home"!!!!

Posted 13:58 1st December 2010

Mark White (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

I think Englan would host a very good world cup, but it seems that media institutions like the BBC and daily papers used for fish and chips have put the mockers on our bid! As for bashing David Beckham, he doesn't need the money, fame or exposure! so why does he do it? Because he is a proud English man who is happy serve his country, unlike the soap dodgers, scroungers and some of the student protestors who seem to think that they are owed a living at every turn they take! Stop the Becks bashing, get behind the bid and hope we get the world cup, "I still's coming home, footballs coming home"!!!!

Posted 13:56 1st December 2010

Silas Thompson says...

Becks and others are happy to bury their heads in the sand and ignore the corruption because they have ulterior motives that feed their hunger for the spotlight and their greedy craving for money like the fifa officials. It will come back and bite them where it hurts

Posted 13:56 1st December 2010

Adam Whiteley says...

what kind of a football fan/complete plonker says "who cares if we get it"? if you ask me these kinds of people are not fans of football, but are trappen in there own little club world and need to get out more for definate. the footballing world cup, along with the olympics would be just the most memorable moments in ones life, if your a football fan anyway, and not just your own club fan.

Posted 13:20 1st December 2010

Mark Lauer (Manchester United fan) says...

Ref Mike Hughes - Dont slate Bechham. The guy is an ambassodor for the whole country. He helped bring the Olympics in 2012, which we will benefit from econically. He also raises huge funds and puts in a lot of time for the army troops abroad.. Media Hungry ? You dont know what your talking about !

Posted 13:00 1st December 2010

Nash Ruth (Liverpool fan) says...

The bids are corrupt in such a way that one memeber votes for one country and then later in another bid ask for the favor in return that is vote for his. I do not believe it is fair at all.For Becks....must be hard to be out of the spotlight use every situation to try and grab the spot light ? haven't you got enough money man? Go out with grace..retire already

Posted 12:44 1st December 2010

Terry Hutton says...

It seems that HONESTY and INTEGRITY have no place in football. We know there are no such things in business, but football?. Stop pandering to these people called fifa. They had these accusations years ago and did nothing about them. Which makes it obvious there is blatent disregard for normal rules. And rather obvious they all have something to hide. I think it is great that the BBC have once again proved that ENGLAND EXPECTS.

Posted 12:42 1st December 2010

Simon Downing (Bournemouth fan) says...

It a shame to hear negative comments from spanish supporters . The premier league is watched all over the world , and generates a passion that cannot be rivaled . the bid is not about the best team or who will win , its about so much more than that .. England have demonstrated their ability in bringing major sporting events to this country , and i believe the more itelligent people of the world would like to see England host this fantastic tournement . Our coaches may not be the best in the world , but our people and attitude will make the world cup one to remember .. So come on Becks bring it home for England .....

Posted 12:19 1st December 2010

Marc Smith (Chelsea fan) says...

@MIKE HUGHES, your blinkered vision and poor spelling highlights you lack of knowledge on such a subject. Beckham and the bid team understand that hosting the World Cup will create more jobs and generate much needed income which in turn will help us avoid another economic slump like the one we have had to endure over past 2 years. The money that hosting the World Cup would generate would be invaluable and help set up an even stronger infrastructure for football in general. This would help those at right down to the very grassroots level. Money would be injected into helping spot and bring younger and better players all the way through to the national team, which is something you seem to be concerned about. No event of this size ever loses money and generates massive interest and helps bond the nation. Please put your time to better use than clutter up the web with your stupid comments.

Posted 12:13 1st December 2010

Bill Ferguson (Manchester United fan) says...

I don't think the corruption revelations matter at all.Most football fans believe FIFA is corrupt.It is no secret that Platini and Blatter are anti British.Those who believe England has a chance are only kidding themselves.It will go to Spain/Portugal.

Posted 12:04 1st December 2010

James Buxton says...

England is by far the best bid. We have the most passionate and loudest fans - Our fans were the only ones you could hear in SA due to the stupid atmosphere crushing Vuvuzela's. We already have the best stadiums - We still need to make some upgrades but the venues in our bid our all spread out over the whole country, apart from the major cities in Spain and Portugal there is nothing. I can't see how Russia can even be considered, it angers me that such a bid can even be looked at seriously. Russia is hardly passionate about football, the crime rate there is disgusting and security is very very low. Also you cannot base a huge competition in a country so big. Transport would be an absolute nightmare and you would have to catch a plane to reach the next match, the cost for one match would mean people wouldn't want to attend meaning empty stadiums. This brings me onto transport in England and Spain/Portugal. In England there are motorways everywhere linking every city perfectly. In Spain there is one motorway linking Barcelona to Madrid. The public transport system in England is also a lot better than it's Iberian rivals meaning supporters would find games much more accessible. I just hope Fifa base their votes on merit rather than money.

Posted 11:55 1st December 2010

Qamar Afxal (Barcelona fan) says...

I hope England don't get the world cup, its not like they will win it anyway. They ain't good enough, and let's face it, the best players in England are not even English.

Posted 11:20 1st December 2010

Mike Hughes (Everton fan) says...

Wh cares if we get it. We will just look awful like in the summer. English football is dead as we dont invest in the youth like spain, argintina, italy e.t.c. Just another publicity stunt for the media hungry beckham

Posted 11:06 1st December 2010

Tony Jones says...

Any negativity surely won't help England's bid. Spain's recent Euro 2008 and 2010 World Cup success is a strong factor to help promote their bid. If England are not successful it will be interesting to see where the finger points as to the causes of such a failure. The plus in our favour is that FIFA want a lucrative World Cup.

Posted 10:45 1st December 2010

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