Blatter slams 'bad losers'

Fifa president denies corruption within organisation

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Blatter slams 'bad losers'

Blatter: Criticises English response

Now some of them are showing themselves to be bad losers

Sepp Blatter
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Fifa president Sepp Blatter has labelled England 'bad losers' following their failed 2018 World Cup bid.

Russia and Qatar were last week chosen by Fifa's executive committee to host the 2018 and 2022 World Cups respectively, with England's bid falling at the first hurdle after only receiving two votes from a possible 22.

The decision has sparked an expected negative reaction up and down the country, with bid chief Andy Anson claiming that the voting process needs to be reformed, saying England were promised votes that never came.

Suggestions have been made that Fifa were influenced by reports of corruption from within the British media, after the Sunday Times revealed that committee members Amos Adamu and Reynald Temarii accepted money in return for their votes.

Blatter admits he has been surprised by the response in England, and also criticised the reaction of all losing bidders.

"To be honest, I was surprised by all the English complaining after the defeat. England, of all people, the motherland of fairplay ideas," Blatter told Swiss magazine Weltwoche.

"Now some of them are showing themselves to be bad losers. You can't come afterwards and say so and so promised to vote for England.

"The results are known. The outcome came out clearly.

"I really sense in some reactions a bit of the arrogance of the western world of Christian background. Some simply can't bear it if others get a chance for a change.

"What can be wrong if we start football in regions where this sport demonstrates a potential which goes far beyond sport?"


Anson has suggested that Blatter influenced the executive committee before the vote by reminding them of the negative reports in the British media.

However, Blatter rejected such allegations and denied that there was corruption within the organisation. He added: "There is no systematic corruption in Fifa. That is nonsense. We are financially clean and clear."

He did concede, though, that Fifa would be trying to clean up its image in the light of recent bad press, claiming he wants to set up a taskforce to look into compliance issues.

"We need to improve our image. We also need to clarify some things within Fifa," he remarked.

"Football has become a monster which has to be tamed by Fifa. We do that and we do it well. In particular after the World Cup in Africa because nobody believed in it.

"The awarding of the World Cup has become a political issue. Heads of state pay court to me."

Asked if he would still be Fifa president to open the World Cup in 2022, Blatter said: "Definitely not. If god wills it, I will be invited to the opening party on crutches or in a wheelchair."

England sent Prime Minister David Cameron, Prince William and David Beckham to Zurich as part of a final delegation to secure late votes, but their presence was not enough to persuade the executive committee.

And when asked about calls by Cameron for a radical reform of Fifa, Blatter said: "Prime Minister Cameron is heartily invited to make his proposals."

Comments (157)

Emf Emf (Arsenal fan) says...

Russia one of the most corrupt nations on the planet and Qatar, the most corrupt in the 2022 line up got the votes...neither had strong technical bids, neither had high safety ratings and both have super rich individuals in government and in prominent positions in their country.... The only way these guys could win against such strong bids from the USA, UK, Australia and Japan is that they bought out the Fifa commitee (with all heir funding money).

Posted 09:18 9th December 2010

Kumar Reddy says...

I don't care where the world cup is held but I hate corruption. When you see all these fat men in FIFA you can see they have been overfed.

Posted 09:16 9th December 2010

Paul Tucker (Plymouth Argyle fan) says...

But how many of you will go out and buy FIFA 11 for your games consoles. Time to start A Pro Evo campaign

Posted 09:14 9th December 2010

Philip Craggs (Nottingham Forest fan) says...

Ok I'm in agreement other countries should have a chance to host the WC. Russia for the first time and then Qatar..hmm seems like some money's been put under the table. Let's be honest folks, Blatter had made his decision and I'm sure he has been handsomely rewarded with more money going towards his retirement fund. I don't think England are sore losers just the points illustrated by the Fifa president that new countries should have it should of been made clear from the start, we are in a recession and its cost our government alot of money to make the bid without so much as a look in. Shame on you Mr. Blatter for wasting tax payers money. Qatar I'm sorry to say hosting a world cup is a joke, a country that isn't big enough and I think this is why you can tell it was a fine pay day for everyone who was involved. Personally I would of like to see Australia land it. I also feel sorry for the other countries too who wasted money by putting a bid together - Japan and South Korea, Spain and Portugal. If you want new countries to host the WC please state it from the start rather than wasting thier money and time. Blatter should resign, he stinks of corruption....Congrats to Russia and Qatar but I do think the latter was a real bad choice! There will be 5 countries to have had the world cup twice after the next WC. Seems a shame that England the birth place of football have only been limited to hosting it once!

Posted 09:10 9th December 2010

Richard Bateman says...

How can any of the countries complaining be bad losers ? They weren't even in the competition. They have just been lead along wasting time and money whilst the fat cats got fatter. For fair play there has to be a level playing field.

Posted 09:06 9th December 2010

Nick Carnell (Manchester United fan) says...

Blatter has helped to make Football a political topic and now he is trying to make it a religious one too!. Time for him to go!

Posted 09:05 9th December 2010

Kevin Robins says...

I couldnt care less. I think they should give "players" a ball each to save them all chasing one. Its no longer a game, just big money and corruption. Id rather watch coronation street

Posted 08:57 9th December 2010

Jane Harrison says...

I think we should all ignore Fifa and start a new and fairer footbal regulatory body. One that is open, straight forward and open to worldwide scrutiny. Fifa started as a mole hill and now i think it has out grown its self, it needs pulling up like a weed and throwing on the compost heap to make way for something new. Keep calm, carry on and ignore the whole thing. Lets beginagain like Michael Finnigan.

Posted 08:42 9th December 2010

Jason Parry says...

The definition of a sore loser Mr Blatter, is someone who complains about losing in a 'fair' competion!

Posted 08:41 9th December 2010

John Taylor says...

I think Blatter needs to wake up and smell the roses, anyone with an ounce of intelligence can see something stinks here. Like all corruption though it will come out sometime in the future, you cant keep something as bent as this bid quiet. Blatter needs to retire hes an old man at the head of a young mans game, the fact that he was so opposed to goal line technology speaks volumes.

Posted 08:33 9th December 2010

Mark White (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

I think that FIFA have led England up the garden path! The bidding process from the start should be made clearer, especially to those countries who have previously held a World Cup! Had England known the whole situation they may well not have put a bid in, in the first place. Weak Bladder goes on about fair play and that England are a bunch of bad losers, but if you move the goal posts after the match has started what do you expect!!!Lets pull our socks up and move on from this experience be the better bigger person.

Posted 08:29 9th December 2010

David Lloyd says...

I was under the impression that the questionable nature of FIFA politics and the way votes can be 'encouraged' were both well known years ago. In bidding for the World Cup and in choosing to play FIFAs game, the FA must have believed they could play the FIFA game and win. They didn't win but it's difficult to complain about the (lack of) rules after the game finishes. The whole episode demonstrates three things: 1. The FA were willing to play FIFAs dirty vote-winning game thinking they could out-play the rest at it. 2. The tangible quality of the bid is irrelevant, i.e. stadia, infrastructure, work still to be done v already completed etc. 3. FIFA (unsurprisingly) will do and say anything to protect the current system - no governing body which enjoys privilege and power volunteers to give it all away. The final point I will make is that FIFA as a body is accountable to practically nobody, is undemocratic and has had enough accusations leveled at it (and in some cases proven) to suggest it cannot be trusted to make democratic decisions - yet still people spend millions then trust FIFA with the final decision. If you dance with the devil......

Posted 08:02 9th December 2010

Phillip Heath says...

Well said Ian Collins, my thoughts exactly! We lost the world cup and also lost our face.

Posted 07:49 9th December 2010

Stoke Forever says...

why are the majority of brits so sore about it, we put together a bid along with 4/5 other countries, people voted we lost out, we've had a euro in recent times, we've got the champions league final and the next olympics. Maybe we wouldn't have lost if we weren't viewed as moaning snobs by the rest of europe, we didn't want to be involved in fifa when it was set up in 1905 and avoided joining for as long as we could because we thought we were better than everyone else and over a century later the majority of us still think the same. Get a grip of the situation, we dont rule the world, we dont deserve it more than anyone else especially over countries who have never had such a thing and would benifit alot more. The bid was like a game of football, we turned up and lost like the world cup and every other tournament for the past 44 years.

Posted 07:46 9th December 2010

Tel Haj (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

We are the motherland of fairplay, this is the reason why we are all upset, it wasn't FAIRPLAY!!! Corruption!!!

Posted 07:36 9th December 2010

Riley Dunne says...

England are sore losers. Sepp is spot on. It is always complaints coming from England when they lose. Surely there has always been corruption in Fifa but the English only notice it when they are not the beneficiaries and thus complain and whine.

Posted 06:58 9th December 2010

Hill Li says...

is like everyone here is hating on BLATTER. pls dont , i think he is speaking the real truth. and i think he is sick and tired of England raising issues ans trying to change the system to suit their taste. first it was England's goal at the world goal which the lines man didnt see and the whole country started carrying for goal line technology. now is the 2018 world cup bid lose now the country is carrying for Blatter to change the system of bidding, all just to suit England someone was talking about fair play, now let me tell u wat mr Blatter means by that , every continent should have a feel of hosting something.. the 2012 Olympic is in England kool,. the world cup should go somewhere else , now thats fair play.

Posted 22:56 8th December 2010

Alex Johnson (Manchester United fan) says...

the world cup is boring anyway its just full of 0-0 draws i prefer the champions league anyway its actually exiting and stuff happens

Posted 22:54 8th December 2010

John Thomas says...

i am welsh but gutted england did not get world cup it would have been a huge boost to the uk economy the uk is treated as a pariah by fifa they should never set foot on these shores again they ar nothing but a bunch of merchant bankers i am spitting blood at the moment dam them all we ar not sore losers we just want a bit of fair play something we will never get with this lot grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Posted 22:51 8th December 2010

M I (Middlesbrough fan) says...


Posted 22:49 8th December 2010

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