Vaughan makes Trott claims

Former England captain saw Warwickshire ace celebrate with South Africans

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Vaughan makes Trott claims

Vaughan: Trott claims

I was going into the press conference and I saw him patting them on the back. It hit home what English cricket has become like.

Michael Vaughan
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Michael Vaughan has claimed Jonathan Trott was celebrating with South African players after they beat England at Edgbaston in 2008.

South African-born Trott was called up into the England squad for this summer's Ashes and made a dream debut with a century at the Oval.

However, former England captain Vaughan has questioned Trott's commitment to his adopted country after witnessing him celebrating with Proteas players.

Trott will be part of the England squad for the upcoming tour of South Africa, but Vaughan says that he was disappointed to see him involved with the opposition in 2008.

In what was his final Test, South Africa won the series by beating England at Edgbaston, and in his new autobiography Vaughan claims he spotted Trott celebrating with the tourists.

Sad day

"It was a sad day for English cricket that on my last day against South Africa I saw Jonathan Trott celebrating with South Africa, when the week before he had been our 12th man at Headingley," Vaughan wrote in Time to Declare.

"I was going into the press conference and I saw him patting them on the back. It hit home what English cricket has become like."

Although unhappy about Trott being yet another player born abroad but playing for England, Vaughan admitted that his selection was successful.

Vaughan praised the talent of the Warwickshire batsman, who he believes will go on to succeed at the highest level.

"The selection of Jonathan Trott after much fevered speculation proved an excellent decision," Vaughan added.


"He immediately had that look about him of being comfortable at the highest level, and could prove to be a more stubborn version of Kevin Pietersen.

"I suppose you might wish Trott was a bit more English, but after such a brilliant debut it appeared we had found another high-quality batsman."

Trott has responded by rejecting any speculation that he is not fully committed to the England cause, telling the Daily Mail: "My commitment to England is 100 per cent. I've spent seven years working hard to be able to wear the Three Lions and in that time my allegiance has never wavered."

Trott is one of a handful of South Africa-born players in the England Test set-up, after captain Andrew Strauss and Pietersen.

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Craig Ryan says...

Well said Sam. Nice to see a South africa admit that they regret in letting Trott & Pietersen slip through the net. kieswetter will be the next in line from south africa to slip through the net. I think the qoata system is stupid, players should be picked to play for the countries on merit not on race.

Posted 01:37 17th November 2009

Ken Shaw says...

All this talk about national allegiances is a bit naive in my view. They're all professional sportsman and for the most part , would be just as happy playing for the Iranian national side if they were part of a winning culture that enabled them to be competing amongst the worlds best.The top soccer stars are just as motivated , if not more so , playing for their foreign clubs than their home countries.

Posted 11:33 7th November 2009

Nick Washbourne says...

Who cares Mike? He patted them on the back. It would be different if he'd done a lap of honour with them or got on the tour bus drinking champers! What does he expect anyway? He's always going to have some affection for them as he is South African. But its like a West Ham youth player like Joe Cole playing against his old team. He's going to want Chelsea to win but he still will have some love for the Hammers. It's one of those contentious stories that sells autobigraphies but we don't actually give a monkeys. It's a result we've got Trotty. By the way Michael Wittingham above is the king of the overstatement.

Posted 20:18 5th November 2009

Roshan Ariyaratnam says...

Im not sure id get too worked about this. In 2005, I saw Michael Clarke and Shane Warne out with members of the england cricket team just after the odis. They socialise together. Doesnt mean they are celebrating together. It is always going to be sad that englands best players arent really english, but i guess thats price you have to pay for being no good at cricket.

Posted 00:27 30th October 2009

Michael Whittingham says...

Wake up........................................................................................... Trott produced one of the most stunning debuts in test match history. Regardless of him patting the Boks on the back last year, the guy probably won us the ashes (except for Freddie's run out of course - sporting moment of the centurary so far!) with his performance we should be embracing him. Vaughan was at best a reasonable skip and player, but I bet his controversy is all about generating book sales not telling the real story..............................ah!

Posted 18:40 29th October 2009

Sam Barton-bridges says...

From a South African point of view I think that England are lucky in that the domestic league attracts all the best players. Players like Trott and Pieterson are examples of players who were overlooked or dismissed by provincial teams in South Africa. Grant Elliot playing for New Zealand is another example. England cricket has only improved with these foreign players. Pieterson and Trott have only aided the team, if there is a problem, it doesn't lie with these players. England should be gratefull they are there, we as South Africans should be kicking ourselves for letting such talent slip away, the problem lies in the South African system not in the English one.

Posted 16:52 29th October 2009

George william Robinson says...

I think Vaughan has got it spot on. I truly believe that the only way the standard of English cricket is going to improve is if we get back that english never say die attitude and that comes from having true British players coming through from the younger age groups and being given the opportunity to improve. Just look at the Australians, they have such a wealth of good cricketers now and it all stems from the youth set-up, we shouldn't write-off our young cricketers because of a few bad performances, Bret Lee had a shocker in the one day series over here but did anyone question his ability as a bowler ??. I just think it takes some of the gloss off of the victory for me as a passionate Englishman when you have players from overseas representing our country. If they were good enough players they would be playing for there respective countries. I ask the question why should we settle for other countries "rejects" when we could give a young county player a go and i'm more than sure what he would potentially lack in ability he would make up for with the will to win and effort. Controversial I know but that is the way I feel about the whole situation.

Posted 16:05 29th October 2009

Al Preston says...

This seems to be a case of trying to make a headline out of a perfectly innocent gentlemanly gesture. Surely it's good sportsmanship to congratulate the opposition when they win. Even if it hurts to the core. Was Freddie saying to Brett Lee, 'I'm sorry you lost, mate. I was hoping we'ed lose it'? when one of the good sporting moments was captured on camera. Of course not, so please don't lower yourself to this level, Michael, it doesn't become you!

Posted 14:34 29th October 2009

Robbie Ryder says...

I would rather have a national team full of Englishmen. lets not fool ourselves Pieterson and Trott have no alliegence to England. get the pride back even if we are a weaker team for it and in the long run it will make us stronger, as passion cant be beaten

Posted 14:02 29th October 2009

Leigh French says...

Yes these players may have been born else where but they have been playing in the county set up for years, have british citexenship and therefore have as much right to play for England as anyother player. As long as they are playing the county championship I dont see how this could be detrimental to cricket in england. I think Vaughn was a great servant to English cricket, but I think he is speaking out of place and now he is not captain should not be trying to soil the reputation of another player. I am happy to let Trott do his talking with the bat and as long as he is performing for England and we are winning he can have a drink with who he wants!

Posted 12:04 29th October 2009

Gary Blake says...

Michael vaughans comments about Trott celebrating with the South Africans. Typical Yorkshire comment we remember the days when, to play for Yorkshire, you had to be born within the County. Maybe He has other issues with the South Africans??

Posted 11:08 29th October 2009

Peter Russell says...

I think that Michael was a bit touchy when he mentioned this about Jonathan. Nothing wrong with congratulating the opposition after any game and being friendly about it. Would he have preferred him to have been arguing with them. Maybe if England had given Trott the chance he clearly deserved much earlier that he may have been patting Vaughan on the back due to his victory instead of the SA players.

Posted 10:11 29th October 2009

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