Vaughan again?

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Last updated: 9th September 2008  

Vaughan again?

Vaughan: Still in the minds of the selectors

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The England selectors have decided it's not yet out with the old, handing former captain Michael Vaughan a central contract.

While he may no longer be at the helm the Yorkshire batsman is still regarded highly in the national set-up, not least by his replacement Kevin Pietersen.

But does Vaughan deserve to still be in the reckoning when it comes to the Test team?

And what about the one-day squad - is it right to keep faith in the squad that did so well against South Africa for the Stanford Super Series?

The likes of Graham Napier, James Foster and Joe Denly, all stars in domestic Twenty20 this summer, have been overlooked.

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Comments (15)

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Josh Jack says...

What more can James Foster do to get selected or any sort of recognition from the selectors? Hes is the best wicketkeeper batsman in the country on current form, perhaps not the best batsman keeper but in test matches I would personally rather see someone catching Ponting on 0 in an ashes series, than adding a few lower order runs and dropping an important catch. They say he needed to score more hundreds to get selected and he scores two in quick succession, but Tim Ambrose is still apparently ahead of him in the pecking order!

Posted 21:46 12th September 2008

Nathan Brown says...

why is there all the hype surrounding napier. here's a journeyman who's had 1 great innings in 20/20 and 1 good season, he's never gonna be good enough to play any form of int. cricket but denly should be in ahead of cook as he's shown he's a class batter. vaughan's central contract is just a token gesture.

Posted 21:21 12th September 2008

Harun Yahya says...

Just what on earth is going on with the ECB? Awarding a contract to a player whos barely managed to score more than 50 runs in the last dozen games is preposterous. Owais Shah & Bopara have to fight for their places, yet Vaughan whos done nothing for the game or for himself has been awarded a central contract. Id love to know on what grounds did the ECB make this decision. Its an insult to the players who have played brilliantly under KP. Over the last 2 months theyve made positive strides, beaten quality opposition & for once looked as though finally theyre going to get somewhere. & then they make a backward decision. If vaughans fit to play, make him prove it the proper way DONT provide a safety cushion for him to fall back on & make some nice money along the way. If this is the case they should award Geoff Boycott, David Gower & Bob Willis a central contract to come back & 'give it a go' ......AND make a little bit of money on the side. Vaughan isnt young anymore, he hasnt got the freshness, hes had his time & hes worn the T-Shirt. The ECB should move on instead of going back to old times. I liked what Geoff Boycott said about Vaughan in the series against S.A. He said that Vaughns timing & footwork are nearly 2 secs slower than they should be & when that happens, you can kiss your cricket whites goodbye....

Posted 11:42 10th September 2008

Mark Reilly says...

Whilst the news that Vaughan has got a central contract is not a surprise, as most people in the media had been forecasting this, it strikes to me that it might be a nice 'reward' to Vaughan by the ECB for going quietly as England Captain. It was obvious Vaughan was never going to have the same relationship with Moores as he had with Fletcher and I think someone had to leave. With Moores only in the job, it was much easier for Vaughan to step aside but still get a nice contract for another year. Lets hope Michael can find his form again but the decision to give him one is strange at best.

Posted 08:19 10th September 2008

Mike Allen says...

I'm a little bit confused by this decision. I thought Vaughan wanted to spend time playing at County level, to enjoy his cricket again. He may well have a good record against Australia, but i'm guessing Matthew Hoggard, and Simon Jones both do as well. It's a slightly poor excuse for awarding him the contract. Is he even likely to make the squad? It would be a step backwards for English cricket, just like football has done by keeping Beckham's international career alive when there are better and younger players around. If they aren't given the opportunity, then they cannot develop into quality international players. Perhaps James Foster at Essex should have been considered. Not sure what he has done wrong this year to not warrant any kind of recognition.

Posted 23:48 9th September 2008

Colin Critch says...

Michael Vaughan is a fine cricketer who has been going through a bad patch for quite some time. It's a thing that can happen to lots of sportsmen, and the more you try the worse it seems to get. On present form you've got to say no, because to include him at the expense of other cricketers who have earned their chance would be wrong. Saying that I would like to see his luck change, and maybe next season we will see the real Michael Vaughan who has done so much for the English game.

Posted 21:48 9th September 2008

Dick Bunting says...

jobs for the boys. that's all it is. the central contract system has simply led to a closed shop. vaughan?? strauss?? what do they have to do to be left out? just look at rob key's record in test matches, then ask why he was dropped, but strauss hangs on? it's harder to get out of the team than into it!

Posted 21:15 9th September 2008

Sue Chadwick says...

Absolutely they have got it right. We need Michael Vaughan in the Test arena more than the one-day squad. We need an opening batter who can stay there and make a good number of runs and Michael is capable of that. Tough times don't last, people do. Class is permanent and it will show.

Posted 16:56 9th September 2008

David Mcintyre says...

Why oh Why is Graham Napier not in the squad, I am from Hampshire but regard him as the best player in the Twenty20 format with his bowling and explosive batting ideal for the Stanford games. Vaughan was a good captain but was not good enough to get in the side as a batter so why is he included as a contracted player? Of course its because of old mates together, if he had any decency he would withdraw.

Posted 16:20 9th September 2008

Martin Havercroft says...

Well I am gobsmacked ! How can a man who voluntarily gave up his position as England captain because he has been so out of form with the bat, walk back in with a central contract a month later ? He cannot even score runs against county bowlers let alone international bowlers and if honest be told, has not been on form since 2005. I feel very sorry for those good batsmen around the country whose deserve an opportunity who have been let down by yet another poor decision by Geoff Miller and the rest of the 'cosy room' selectors .

Posted 15:54 9th September 2008

James Bashford says...

some interesting choices. maybe michael vaughan should have been left out to play domestic cricket somewhere and gain form. no doubting his ability but he needs to find it however he has a good cricket brain and could be valuable in the field. where are our 2020 finalists players? where are denly, napier and foster,sales,white and joyce? on a good note for us from Northampton is that monty is in both squads, he is slowly developing his 1 day game but needs alot more games under his belt.

Posted 15:16 9th September 2008

Ryan Leggett says...

I'm pretty bemused by all this. Vaughan has been horribly out of form for England and he hasn't made any runs upon his return for Yorkshire. So we reward him with another lucrative 12 month contract? Doesn't add up. Selectors can harp on about his great record against Australia, but that was only one series. He was inconsistent with the bat in the Ashes winning effort. I'm all for him getting back into squads and the team on merit, but this probably means he'll now get on the winter tours instead of a youger, hungrier cricketer like Bopara or Key. As for Sidebottom being included in the ODI squad and being given a 12 month central contract, I'm not happy. He was clearly an interim option. He had a good year and fair play to him but his injury problems and his age are against him and I'm still not totally convinced he's any better than Matthew Hoggard, who has been a fantastic servant to English cricket.

Posted 15:14 9th September 2008

John Rowe says...

What a mistake! The man is useless, with his current form he wouldnt get into the England Ladies Team. He can't bat, can't bowl and can't run! What sort of message does this give to the young aspiring players desperate to play for their country. Their international careers are controlled by a gang of idiots. Why would Kevin Peterson want to have his previous skipper back working for him, it is a stressful enough job without imposing that on him. I hope the next time we see Vaughan's crocodile tears will be the last.

Posted 14:51 9th September 2008

Paul Smith says...

Why has Dimi Mascheranous been left out of the squad. He is one of our best ond day players in the game, for 20/20 is the best for hitting late runs and very economic when comes to bowling. Maybe, KP should remember which County hold his contract. It is not Nottinghamshire no more.

Posted 14:39 9th September 2008

David Mckeown says...

talk about jobs for the boys- what a closed shop!! How long did the Stanford selection meeting last i wonder? Lets keep the dosh on the inside lads! And I thought it was about winning some 20/20 games so the 20/20 stars would be in- how naive am I? Even Sidebottom who's been a crock for months is gonna get his cut- even the Sopranos couldn't have carved this up better!

Posted 14:28 9th September 2008

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