Butt stands firm

PCB chief restates conspiracy theory, calls for England scrutiny

Last updated: 20th September 2010  

This is biased reporting, this is biased information, this is a conspiracy against Pakistan cricket.

Ijaz Butt
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Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Ijaz Butt has denied he has proof that England players were involved in match-fixing but maintained his stance that there is a conspiracy against his side.

Butt claimed in an interview with Pakistan television that there were rumours amongst bookmakers that England had "taken enormous amounts of money" to fix the third one-day international at The Oval.

The International Cricket Council are currently investigating a scoring pattern during the 50-over clash after receiving prior information from The Sun newspaper.

Speaking to Sky Sports News HD, Butt stated that he was not the originator of the most recent allegations but was relaying talk amongst bookmakers.

"Currently there is a lot of talk in the bookies' circles that some of the England players were involved in losing the match to Pakistan," he said.

"At one stage five wickets fell for 17 runs. This is what was said by me."

The focus of the ICC investigation is presumed to be focusing on Pakistan after the England and Wales Cricket Board stated that none of their players are linked to the probe.


However, Butt is doubtful that the ECB have received definitive proof their players are not involved and called for questions to be asked of the England side as well.

He added: "The allegations have come from the ICC and then the ECB have told the ICC, 'Look, England players are not involved'. What proof have they got?

"Has the ECB got any proof? They're saying that the England players are not involved but the Pakistani players are involved. Involved in what?

"This is biased reporting, this is biased information, this is a conspiracy against Pakistan cricket."

Butt then went on to criticise what he thinks is a biased stance from the ICC, although he also admits he has no proof of that claim.

He said: "The ICC is being very unfair. They may be involved in it, some of these people like (ICC chief executive) Haroon Lorgat, maybe they are also involved in it?

"I have no proof and I will not point a finger at them (but) once I have proof I will definitely point a finger at them."

When asked if he thought there was a conspiracy against Pakistan, he added: "Yes, and we will bring the people who are responsible for this, we will expose them (and) some of them we will also sue in a court of law."

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