Duo recalled for Ashes

Tremlett and Panesar part of 16-man squad

Last updated: 24th September 2010  

We feel that Chris Tremlett's inclusion will add a real threat of pace and bounce to our bowling attack given the conditions in Australia.

Geoff Miller
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Chris Tremlett and Monty Panesar have been included in England's 16-man squad for the Ashes tour.

Surrey fast bowler Tremlett played the most recent of his three Tests in 2007, while Sussex left-arm spinner Panesar - a veteran of 39 Tests - last featured 14 months ago.

Both have been rewarded for strong domestic campaigns after moving counties, Tremlett picked up 48 wickets in Division Two of the LV County Championship and Panesar 52.

The selectors have otherwise stuck with a tried and tested formula - Tim Bresnan has been preferred to Yorkshire colleague Ajmal Shahzad for the final seam-bowling spot.

Shahzad will nevertheless be in Australia as part of the Performance Programme.

Warwickshire batsman Ian Bell returns from injury, Middlesex's Eoin Morgan is retained as the seventh batsman in the party and Surrey wicketkeeper Steven Davies will be Matt Prior's back-up.


"We believe we've selected an outstanding Test squad for what will be a fiercely contested Ashes series in Australia," said national selector Geoff Miller.

"In order to retain the Ashes we will need to play to a very high level and we believe we've selected a squad to do just that.

"Clearly there are always difficult decisions to make when selecting an England squad and this Ashes squad was no different.

"We feel that Chris Tremlett's inclusion will add a real threat of pace and bounce to our bowling attack given the conditions in Australia.

"Chris will be vying for a place in the final team amongst a confident attack including James Anderson, Stuart Broad, Tim Bresnan and Steven Finn.

"We feel that following an excellent season with Sussex, Monty Panesar deserves his opportunity to assume the role as England's second spinner behind Graeme Swann.

"Monty has gone away and worked on his bowling since his last England appearance and he continues to be an attacking threat with the ball in his hand.

"In terms of the second wicketkeeper's role behind Matt Prior, Steven Davies has shown what he is capable of with Surrey and England this year, his glovework and batting have continued to reach new levels.

"There is real competition for places in terms of the batsmen with a number of excellent candidates vying for selection for the first Test. Each batsman brings something different to the squad but all posses the ability to significantly contribute to a winning England team."

England captain Andrew Strauss believes the squad is capable of defending the Ashes, which they won 2-1 on home soil last year.

"I am excited by the Test squad we have selected for the upcoming Ashes series as I firmly believe we have a number of match winners across all areas of the squad," said Strauss.

"It's exciting to have the Ashes as our sole focus from this point on and I know every member of this Ashes squad will be relishing the challenge of retaining the Ashes in Australia.

"To captain England in an Ashes series Down Under is a huge honour and something I am looking forward to with enormous anticipation.

"We realise the challenge ahead of us in Australia but it is a test we welcome and look forward to meeting head on."


Meanwhile, the England and Wales Cricket Board have awarded 11 central contracts for the coming year.

Jonathan Trott and Steven Finn are handed 12-month deals for the first time as reward for some strong recent performances.

Ravi Bopara, Bresnan, Morgan, Luke Wright and Michael Yardy have been given lesser incremental contracts.

Ashes squad: Andrew Strauss (capt, Middlesex), Alastair Cook (vice-capt) (Essex), James Anderson (Lancashire), Ian Bell (Warwickshire), Tim Bresnan (Yorkshire), Stuart Broad (Nottinghamshire), Paul Collingwood (Durham), Steven Davies (wkt) (Surrey), Steven Finn (Middlesex), Eoin Morgan (Middlesex), Monty Panesar (Sussex), Kevin Pietersen (Hampshire), Matt Prior (wkt) Sussex), Graeme Swann (Nottinghamshire), Chris Tremlett (Surrey), Jonathan Trott (Warwickshire)

Central contracts: Andrew Strauss (Middlesex), James Anderson (Lancashire), Ian Bell (Warwickshire), Stuart Broad (Nottinghamshire), Paul Collingwood (Durham), Alastair Cook (Essex), Steven Finn (Middlesex), Kevin Pietersen (Hampshire), Matt Prior (Sussex), Graeme Swann (Nottinghamshire), Jonathan Trott (Warwickshire)

Incremental contracts: Ravi Bopara (Essex), Tim Bresnan (Yorkshire), Eoin Morgan (Middlesex), Luke Wright (Sussex), Michael Yardy (Sussex)

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Daniel Stather says...

Overall i believe it''s a very strong squad, it''s well balanced and has the players to deliver down under. I''m quite hyappy Tremlett''s in the squad because he performed well at International level against India in the test series at home in 2007. Since then he has never played a test match and i think he was very unfortunate to not get a game against Sri Lanaka that same year because the injured players returned, the likes of Hoggard. Monty is the only question for me, i would have played Rashid or Tredwell, but Monty''s got good experience against the Aussies, so a good choice. Also i think Shahzad is quite unlucky because he''s got pace and he can swing it as he did against Bangladesh this summer. But overall very happy with the squad. "Come on England!!"

Posted 05:07 27th September 2010

Kai Everill says...

Callum John, you have missed my point.Yes Panesar did come in for Giles and was the best performer, but the important thing that has been missed is that we LOST to Australia 5-0!!Yes he saved a test match.He was dropped for the rest of the series mind. Has he ever won a test match against Australia when it really matters?NO..He is not a player that would in any way improve the present side,unlike Adil Rashid. Someone like Stuart Broad who can, with all aspects of his game,(bowling,fielding and batting) help to win games! Also i noticed Dave B saying Bell has had some bad series???? Its funny how quite a few of those bad series have been against the bigger and better teams. My point being is that one of his best series averages have been against Bangledesh!!which has boosted his average greatly. I guarantee he will be no where to be seen against Australia.A couple of fifties is not match winning by the way!!

Posted 20:49 25th September 2010

John Sinnett says...

"O ye of little faith". As an England supporter living in Australia, I''m happy to see a successful team given the opportunity to carry on where they left off. They are now an experienced squad, which is paramount down under. There is a good mix of young and not so old and it''s a team that is currently confident in its ability. You can take it from me that the Aussies know they have a challenge on their hands and will be wary of what is coming their way. I can assure you they will definitely not be taking this series lightly. I''ll enjoy my visits to the MCG and the SCG where a great series will resolve itself. Bring it on; I can''t wait.

Posted 16:28 25th September 2010

Aman Arora says...

CALLUM JOHN u dont have a clue!!panesar isnt the player everyone thought he would be! he hasnt erformed for 2 years! and england will probably lose as there is a bad habbit in england of floating there own boats when they win a series! it happens everytime where they think they are the best when they have a good series but hey never seem to be able to carry on from there! Aussies will win the earn again and it will be dissapointing for england again! u seriously need to be realistic! its almost as if newcastle should win the league now cause they beat chelsea in the league cup!

Posted 12:19 25th September 2010

Dave B says...

Henry Maclure - do you know much about cricket? The difference between T20/ODIs & Tests is massive; nor has Kieswetter shone, he''s done okay. And Bell hasnt failed time & again. He has had some bad series, as have most players in their careers but he has also had some great series. Averaging in the 40s, 11 centuries & over 20 fifties isnt too bad. Decent squad, some out of form players but tried & trusted ahead of a series which needs experience not new blood.

Posted 10:50 25th September 2010

Andy Gyle says...

Why is everyone surprised that keiswetter didnt make the squad yes hes very exciting but i think davies can change his game to suit test cricket where as kieswetter cant at the moment. I think tremlett is also a good choice as aussie pitches offer bounce and if he gets it right he could be a handful and shahzad yes he can swing the ball but we already have anderson who when the conditions are right can make the ball talk when he wants. I agree with bell over bopara i think bell is one of these players who is techniq wise is awesome its his concentration that lets him down

Posted 00:41 25th September 2010

Stuart Lampitt says...

A good solid squad. Starting XI; Strauss, Cook, Trott, Pieterson, Collingwood, Prior, Broad, Bresnan, Swann, Anderson, Finn We need to take 20 wickets to win! We need a genuine all rounder at 7. Prior is good enough at 6 therefore this gives Broad an opportunity to become that man at 7 - its time. The key bowler for me in this series is Anderson. Not many have mentioned him..........He is a must for the squad but the ball will not swing for him much, especially after the shine and hardness has gone off it. He is a class bowler in UK type conditions but, at present, i don''t think he has developed his bowling like Hoggard did in the past on flat wickets when it doesn''t swing (with cutters and pace variations) - i hope he is able to take wickets early on as once the shine & hardness goes off the ball he will need help. If we don''t get early wickets then Swann will be defending more than attacking (doesn''t suit his game to be defensive), Broad, Finn & Tremlett are all similar bowlers (high, bounce bowlers) who also have little experience bowling in Australia. This is why we need to play Bresnan and bat him at 8. He has the ability to swing the ball away naturally at good pace, reverse the ball and bowled well in Bangladesh on unresponsive sub-continent pitches. He also has the ability to score valuable runs at 8. He can offer alot and fields well too. The top 5 need to score hundreds and get runs on the board. If they don''t change it, bring in Bell or Morgan. The top 5''s job is to score runs (and in Test Matches hundreds) full stop. All of them have got hundreds in Australia before except Trott and we saw what he did at the Oval on an Aussie type wicket. They need to repeat this if we are to win. Come on England!!

Posted 21:36 24th September 2010

Hal Hainsworth says...

It''s that time of year again where everyone gets the knives out for poor old colly, what on earth does the guy have to do? He''s done enough by now to be considered a ruddy hero, the number of tests he''s saved is simply ridiculous and he is the only player in our lineup who is capable of such feats. Put it this way, in the middle of a batting collapse, the ashes decider hanging in the balance, there isn''t one batsman in england i''d rather have walking to the crease that Paul Collingwood. On the Panesar front, yes Rashid is the more promising player but young legspinners have a tendency to fall apart on the big stage - their action is less forgiving - and it''s clear that the selectors don''t want his first test to be an ashes cauldron of pressure, noise and drunk aussies, they want someone with international experience to come in and do the job straight away. Rashid will play tests, but only a fool would throw him straight into the most intense series in the world first up, he''ll have to grow into the role. It is however utterly ridiculous that he isn''t on the plane with the performance squad. Finally, Ian Bell is not the Ian Bell of two years ago; since his recall he has done everything right: churned out buckets of runs in all forms for Warwickshire and played beautifully for England, he was our best batsman in South Africa, hit a matchwinning hundred and, proving that he can also hunker down and fight, hit an epic 157 hour 80-odd to save the following test, no arguments there. Well done Geoff.

Posted 17:19 24th September 2010

Henry Maclure says...

Why Ian Bell...Time and again he is useless...Kieswetter is proven (yes at 20/20 & 1 day) for England and has the talent to take on the best bowlers in the world which Australia will deliver...A MASSIVE MISTAKE!

Posted 16:30 24th September 2010

Callum John says...

Kai Everill - i have only ready your comment, cant be bothered to read anyone elses. infact, i didnt even read all of your comment as it was such a bad argument. your saying" Bell, Panesar, Tremlett and Davies all good players in their own right but are they really up to playing Australia and performing?" but i remember Panesar coming in for Giles last time we played in australia and being our best player. He also only played 1 match in the last ashes and saves us a game. get your facts right!

Posted 16:28 24th September 2010

Kai Everill says...

Bell, Panesar, Tremlett and Davies all good players in their own right but are they really up to playing Australia and performing? I say this because not one of them has. Bell has had so many chances I''ve lost count. Bell has never perfomed when it really matters. For example, who was it that got a hundred in the one day series against Pakistan, when it mattered? Morgan.. Bell was no where to be seen. Fact... So all the doubters out there look at the facts, not what you prefer. Then there''s Davies .Davies over Kieswetter, What? Who performed in the World Cup Final against Australia and also who performed in the County Twenty 20 final? Fact.. Against Australia you need players who perform when it matters!!! Australia will win 3-1!!!

Posted 14:34 24th September 2010

Des Richards says...

If these are what the selectors deem to be the finest players in England then God help us. I bet the Aussies are lining up to send thankyou messages to the England selectors. With this set-up we stand no chance at all,let''s stop kidding ourselves otherwise.

Posted 12:43 24th September 2010

Mohammed Ibrahim says...

I am really disappointed that Ajmal Shahzad and Adil Rashid have not been chosen for the Ashes tour. I think the selectors have made a big mistake not to choose them. Adil Rashid can bat and very good fielder and bowl well so why choose him over Monty Panesar. Ajmal Shazad has also bowled well so I would prefer to have him over Tremlett.

Posted 12:09 24th September 2010

James Green says...

Pains me to say it but get your money on Australia, Tremlett , Panesar and Englands dodgy batting line up make them certainties. Much talked about experience but what good is that if you are not up to the mark. The selectors need to understand there is a substantila differnece between 2nd division and Ist division championship cricket. Also performance against poor Bangladesh and Pakistan teams do not amount to much.

Posted 11:49 24th September 2010

Richard Moore says...

Years back England travelled to defend the Ashes by boat well this time I think they have missed it.To not take Rashid, who can bowl, bat and field (take note Monty) and Shazhad,reverse swing in your face type who would get right up the Aussies noses beggars belief !The Aussies will be laughing their heads off what an opportunity missed.Rashid bowled brilliant all summer in Division 1 cannot even get picked with the also rans.

Posted 08:10 24th September 2010

Mitchell Putland says...

The only way the aussie are going to be worried about montys recall is if he has to block out the last ten overs of a match, why not throw in the leggy for something different, plus with the middle order struggerling for runs his extra batting might useful. I don''t want to sound cocky but it might be an easy summer for the aussies,

Posted 03:17 24th September 2010

Hashim Wadiwalla says...

i think selectors have done the selection well.it is well balanced side.i think this side is much balanced then the side which won 2-1 ashes series last time.I hope they beat them this time with bigger margin.

Posted 01:37 24th September 2010

Mark St clair says...

Almost perfect squad selection. Those who criticise Colly have short memories. Swann is the best we''ve ever had. Bresnan has got great potential as an all rounder and Monty can take wickets at any level. Just wish Tresco was in the mix as he makes Cook look like an amateur. Hope they give Bell a chance to shine, he is great to watch. Can''t wait for the first test now.

Posted 00:19 24th September 2010

Steve H says...

Selectors will never satisfy everyone and this time around is no different. Rashid and Shahzad are being widely touted as having better credentials than some of those chosen but they lack one thing.. experience at the highest level. Monty may play in Div 2 now, but thats not exactly his fault is it...he''s a proven test wicket taken and thats what England will need to come home with the Ashes still theirs. For my money I''d have taken the public hit by leaving Cook and Petersen behind as neither are in any sort of form and it would do the latters'' ego good to see he''s not the Gods gift to English cricket that he thinks he is. Equally, you can''t take Bopara for the same reason... too many failures when attempting to look cool... and he can''t catch to save his life. Ricky Pontings lads would have blown him out in bubbles. Collingwood will consider himself lucky to be going as he''s also on a lean spell at the moment, but he has the ability to drop anchor for weeks on end and if he and Trott are at the crease together they could well bore the Aussies into submission as they each grind out four hour fifties. Good luck to all the chosen and lets hope the Aussies can''t figure out how to play Swann.... if they do, the Ashes are gone.

Posted 23:34 23rd September 2010

David Dawes says...

lot of division 2 cricketers in there...a lot

Posted 23:23 23rd September 2010

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