Harrison holds title hope

Harrison believes in world title glory after Prizefighter

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I've prepared for victory and when I prepare for victory there's only one outcome. I just walk through it, and Friday night I'll be doing exactly that.

Audley Harrison
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Prizefighter - The Heavyweights III
Friday, 9pm, Sky Sports 2 &HD2

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Audley Harrison has told Sky Sports News he can still become heavyweight champion of the world, and says winning Friday's Prizefighter will be the springboard for his success.

Harrison joins current British champion Danny Williams and six others in Friday's Prizefighter Heavyweights III, live on Sky Sports 2 & HD2 from 9pm.

The 37-year-old has endured a rocky road since turning professional after winning a gold medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Troubles over his decision to promote himself and questionable results against lowly-ranked opponents have not helped, but he believes he can still reach the pinnacle of boxing.

One thing Harrison has not been short of is criticism over the years, with four defeats in his last eight fights bringing scorn of him being more of an 'A-Farce' than an 'A-Force'.


However, as he appeared on Sky Sports News ahead of Friday's Prizefighter he still has the belief that he can become the world heavyweight champion.

"I've probably lost the chance of having a lasting legacy in terms of unifying the world title and having a long lasting legacy," Harrison said on Sky Sports News.

"But I'm 37 years of age, I didn't start boxing until I was 20, so I've got plenty of time to win a world title."

Harrison faces Scott Belshaw at the ExCel Arena in London on Friday, and is expected to come up against Williams in the Prizefighter final.

Williams was the first person to beat Harrison, but he responded with arguably his best performance to dominate the re-match with a third-round victory.


"Me and Danny are one and one, " Harrison added. "And Danny keeps saying we don't like each other. Danny should speak for himself, I've got nothing against Danny Williams.

"He beat me in the first fight with a split decision and in the second fight I turned up and I destroyed him. Danny is obviously not happy about that, he spends a lot of time thinking about me and probably dreaming about me."

Harrison is fully confident of beating Williams again if they do clash in the Prizefighter final, but regardless there is no doubt in his mind he will be claiming the title on Friday night.

"Danny needs to be thinking about how much punishment he's taken over his career," he said.

"He's taken a lot of punishment and if we do meet in the final he'll take more punishment because the guy he'll be facing is the Audley Harrison he faced in that second fight. I'm confident that if we do meet in the final I've got his number.

"There are no ifs.

"I've prepared for victory and when I prepare for victory there's only one outcome. I just walk through it, and Friday night I'll be doing exactly that."

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Andrew Latham says...

Seriously, how can this guy still be commanding article space. We have got some fabulous talent coming through the ranks and we still allow this mug to take some of our precious time to bang on about how he has plenty of time to win a world title and that he will champion one day blah blah. Either Klitschko would batter him FACT. Haye would batter him FACT. I dare say he will be leaving this tournament with his overhyped and overpaid tail between his legs having lost early doors and muttering some garbage about being undisputed in 2012 and blaming people of robbing him of his legacy.... The fact that someone as mediocre as him even has the audacity to talk about having a legacy in boxing is a slight on all great british boxers. Cooper, Buchanan, Calzaghe, Eubank, Lewis to name a few, are people who should deserve our plaudits as they have achieved things in this game and could back up any words they said, the only thing this fool backs up is himself in the ring when he is running away from yet another journeyman. Audley, do us a favour, get off the soap box, turn off the mic and go and do something worthwhile, because the boxing public is bored of it, take some of the cash you managed to blag out of folks and buy yourself a replica belt, because it's the only genuine way you will get your hands on one.

Posted 04:37 1st October 2009

Abdul-habib Durojaiye says...

If Audley Harrison was a product? Iżll ask for my money back. Fraudley still owes me a portion of my TV licence fee from the shady deal with the BBC at the start of his so called career. What a joke! I bet my 6 year old will throw a punch and heżll freeze.

Posted 04:33 1st October 2009

Robbie Herd says...

What a clown Harrison is. Prizefighter champion? So what if you beat a chump (unfortunately that is what Williams is now), the realism now is that he is a 37yr old washed wannbe who never had the tools to do it when he was younger yet alone now, slower, fatter and probably a weaker chin than in the past. Can you imagine Haye catching him right on the button (very very likely), he would be an even bigger embassment than he looks now. I'd like to say quit now while you have a little credibility but I can't even say that. Quit now to stop yourself looking even more of a clown than you already are !!!

Posted 22:41 30th September 2009

Neal Tin says...

I have never in life seen any boxer as scared of getting hit as this guy -its pathetic. He has the power,the physique and so many good attributes but Harrison's mental ineptability is just embarassing.Its a poor showing when he's still one of Britains best heavyweights and throw Danny Williams in too - they've both proven themselves useless on a National level let alone Globally. Haye all the way!

Posted 14:37 30th September 2009

Gari Jones says...

You know what Audley if you want the world title then go get it, win PrizeFighter convincingly, smash a few contenders up like you did with Danny Williams that one time and earn that Tilte Shot do it quick. That would make a great boxing story.

Posted 23:37 29th September 2009

Imran Khan says...

from the line up i see on the prize fighter contest i can see audley winning the contest the line up aint great and the contest is made for the guy. As for a world title i find it hard to see for the guy he aint no lennox lewis, size yeh but style no all the best doh it would be good for the lad to bring a world title back to the uk i hope you prove all the douters wrong m8 good luck.

Posted 23:17 29th September 2009

Dean Ashton says...

audley youve said it all before you talk the talk but you fall the fall you aint good enough danny williams is an ok fighter but he aint great he will batter you cause he got an heart

Posted 07:05 29th September 2009

Thomas Simpson says...

I know audley's been up and down during his career and made a lot of crackers statements but if i'm honest then well done to the bloke he's got a goal he wants to work towards and if he still thinks he can do it then good luck to him all the bets I say. If he believes he can win and i do believe he cna win this prizefighter, then all the best to him - and as for that world title shot he keeps going on about swell, stranger things have happened. all the bets either way i say

Posted 20:53 28th September 2009

Paul O says...

when is this bloke going to stop and realise he is a no hoper? he will never win a world title even with the division in the state it is in at the moment.

Posted 17:06 28th September 2009

Ryan Fardon says...

Oh Dear oh dear, oh dear! What more can be said about this guy? He was 17-0... Yeah you fought no-one!!!!!! To be honest Iżm looking forward to Friday night i think it will be interesting to see these guys go to war, but Audley has no heart he isn't hungry for it and he's so close in my opinion to being called a bum I don't have a problem with saying it!!! Nearly everyone who has won the prizefighters has huge heart and are willing to let it all hang out there to get the win. He's not exciting he's too slow and this competition is all wrong for him! In my opinion defeat will surely spell the end of Harrisonżs (laughable) career and not before time!!!

Posted 16:35 28th September 2009

David Edwards says...

Harrison has a bad case of Bruno-itis i.e spoonfed fodder for an easy rise to a title shot and then loses spectacularly to anyone half-decent.

Posted 16:27 28th September 2009

Chris Earle says...

harrisson is a joke! so is danny williams! i think my 70 year old gran could beat him! this prizefighter competition is a perfect example of just how poor the heavyweight division is these days! it must truly be the worst the division has been in the history of boxing! 4 defeats in 8 fights and any fighter should be considering retirement! i watched the first of his fights with williams and it was the most boring fight i have ever seen! people accuse mayweather of being boring but i can only suggest they watch that first williams/harrisson fight, it was shambolic! hopefully david haye can breathe some life into the division and i truly hope he wins but i just cant see him stopping valuev and in valuevs backyard i dont think he will win on points and i jsut cant see haye knocking valuev out! i really want audley to get beat, the man is an idiot!

Posted 15:11 28th September 2009

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