Hatton set for ring return

Reports link Hitman to summer showdown with Marquez

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Hatton set for ring return

Hatton: Linked to a return

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Ricky Hatton looks set to make his long-awaited return to the action in 2010 to fight Juan Manuel Marquez, according to reports.

There have been question marks over Hatton's future plans after he was brutally knocked out in two rounds by Manny Pacquiao.

Hatton, who was also stopped in 10 rounds by Floyd Mayweather Jnr, had seriously been considering hanging up his gloves and focusing on his promotional work.

However the former two-weight champion could now make his ring return against Marquez at light-welterweight at the City of Manchester Stadium.

Hatton Promotions chief executive Gareth Williams told the Daily Express: "If Ricky does carry on it would be an ideal fight for him to take on Marquez.

"He is an elite fighter, just like Ricky, who will want to challenge the best.

"It makes far more sense to fight Marquez than some of the other names that have been bandied about."

The 36-year Marquez has won 50 of his 56 bouts, including world titles at featherweight, super-featherweight and lightweight.

However his last fight saw him convincingly outclassed and knocked down in the second round by Mayweather before losing on points.

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Heath Paige says...

hatton is the man because he will never duck a challenge. yes he did get visciously beaten by the two worlds best fighters at the moment but that wont stop him. he will beat marquez and line up another super fight with either mayweather or the pac man. As for fighting khan that is a no brainer as hatton has way too much in his armoury to deal with him. Hatton is a different breed of fighter as he constantly attacks apponents. Hatton is the best british boxer of this generation. He was ill prepared for his two fights against floyd mayweather and the pac man. Ricky should have at least a year to get himself in super shape and show the world and all his doubters that the hitman is back and send a statement of intent to mayweather and pacman that im comming for you and if khan should start barking up the wrong tree then put him in his place as well

Posted 09:27 14th December 2009

Francis Reilly says...

All I can say is don't do it Ricky and not against Marquez he is still a very good and dangerous fighter I know Maymeather gave him a bit of a boxing lesson the last time out but he is still a top fighter who took the great Pacquaio all the way and probably beat him in at least one of those 2 fights and I must say having seen Ricky as recently as his brothers fight last week he looks well over weight and out of condition. I think it is time to retire for good and leave us with the many good memories of your previous success's in the ring.

Posted 12:01 18th November 2009

James Lambe says...

To be honest i can't see ricky beating Marquez! I think he needs to have probably two fights at light-welterweight, one for a light-welterweight title. Then maybe think about a super fight with Marquez for a big pay day.

Posted 11:10 18th November 2009

Colm Kelly says...

What is the point in Ricky coming back? To Marquez this is just an easy payday, same as it was for Pacman and Mayweather. He's gonne do himself some serious and permenent damage if he keeps fighting guys out of his depth.

Posted 10:24 18th November 2009

Brian M says...

For the record I'm a big Ricky fan, but as with Marquez, its time to hang up the gloves, both have nothing left to prove and their peak is behind them. Neither are in the class of Flloyd or Manny, and on that Mayweather will destroy Pacman if it happens!

Posted 10:24 18th November 2009

Joe Mac says...

Seriously... Marquez went the distance with Pacquiao TWICE, Hatton got put on his backside inside 2 rounds by Pacquiao TWICE. Ricky, you have got nothing more to prove. You've got the heart of a lion but that will only get you so far. Marquez has the heart of a lion and a much better chin. I have no idea what you hope to achieve from this but you're only going to tarnish that record some more.

Posted 10:07 18th November 2009

Steven Mclean says...

I know alot of people never wanted ricky to never box again, i wasnt one of them. i love ricky hattons fights, great events. Im a huge fan and if ricky wants to box, im there. If he dosent want to box then i'll support him and be thankfull for all the great nights he has gave us in the past. i think this is a great matchup, would be a cracking fight, ricky fighting the best of the best as per usual!

Posted 09:42 18th November 2009

Grant Dickinson says...

I don't know why he is bothering to come back!! This man is delusional. He talks about how he was winning the second round against Pacman before the KO. But he has also admitted to not watching the fight. Anyone that did will know that apart from landing 2 punches in round 2 he was getting hit all over! I hope Marquez knocks him out, and puts away this greedy and overrated fighter for good. I'm just waiting for the next load of excuses when he loses.

Posted 09:25 18th November 2009

Ryan Fardon says...

This may look a good match up on paper but i have to be honest and say my money is on Marquez for this one, he's only moving up a small bit in weight, i fancy he will out box Hatton and make him look average and possibly stop him towards the end. Marquez went the distance with Pacquaio twice and i think he deserved to have won both, he was outclassed against Mayweather but in all honesty the weight and size difference was to great for him to have a real chance of victory. Marquez is a excellent counter puncher and can bang, i really feel this will be the Hitman's last fight!

Posted 09:19 18th November 2009

Jono E says...

I do not think jumping into a mega fight is the best way forward for The Hitman. If he is to come back he needs to be busy, maybe 2 fights before taking on a proven world class boxer. Hatton needs to make sure he keeps himself in shape all year round only then we will see the Hatton of old.

Posted 08:48 18th November 2009

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