Froch all set for Kessler

Date confirmed for much-anticipated showdown

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Froch all set for Kessler

Froch: New challenge

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WBC super-middleweight champion Carl Froch has lost home advantage for his Super Six World Challenge showdown with Mikkel Kessler.

Froch will travel to Denmark on April 17 next year to face Kessler, who lost his WBA title to Andre Ward in the first round of bouts in the series.

Froch, who opened up his campaign with a scrappy points victory over Andre Dirrell, has previously had to travel abroad before - with the Cobra knocking out Jermain Taylor in the 12th round in the American's home town.

And Froch's promoter Mick Hennessy is expecting a mouth-watering clash against Kessler

He said: "We've confirmed a date of April 17th for the Kessler fight. It will take place in Denmark and will be on at around 10pm in the evening UK time which is great news for British fight fans.

"It's going to be an absolutely massive event and it should attract a huge audience.

"It's an incredible fight between two of the world's best and most exciting fighters.

"Carl proved with that sensational KO over Jermain Taylor that he can go into the lion's den and beat the very best in the world and I've no doubt he'll prove that again against Kessler."

Froch beat Taylor and Dirrell in 2009 after winning the WBC belt from Jean Pascal 12 months ago.

And the unbeaten 32-year-old is confident he can build on these successes in 2010.

He said: "Last year was great, this year's been fantastic and next year's going to be even better."

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James Frowde says...

Froch will walk through Kessler and then knock out Abraham. After a stagnant performance against Andre Dirrell the Cobra will come out blazing. Calzaghe is undoubtedly one of the best British fighters of all time but come on Joe put away the sparkly dancing shoe's and get back in the ring, Calzaghe V Froch, Millennium stadium, what a fight!

Posted 09:47 23rd December 2009

Darren Barratt says...

carl froch is the most overated boxer ive seen in a british ring for a long time hes got no movement in the ring and in his last two fights as been very lucky,it made me laugh when he called out joe calzague who is in a differewnt league to froch and joes speed in the ring would destoy froch in 4 rds like kessler found out stick to what yr good at carl and thats talking a good fight

Posted 18:44 12th December 2009

Steve Jones says...

Little note to Ian Lumsden, fair play, support the nations best, but in the same respect, I've read a fair few articles this week with Froch slating some of our home grown fighters, namely Khan, who is a World Champion with all the skills you could hope for. Whereas Froch, as he proved against Taylor, is a fairly unskilled boxer, with a hell of a punch, and a hell of a chin, nothing more, fair play to him cause that's one tough dude, but you get back the respect you show to others in this life.

Posted 13:06 12th December 2009

Fish and Chips says...

To Paul Nuttall "I don't know why every one is talking about Froch or Kessler, theres only one winner of this tourniment, and thats Abrahams" Because this artile is about Froch and Kessler, simple really.

Posted 11:29 11th December 2009

Ian Lumsden says...

as a nottingham lad, i,m proud to say froch is one of our own.i sure he can go out to denmark and do britain proud. and yes i said britain. carl is a proud brit ,so lets ALL get behind him and stop slagging him off. i love backing all british boxers. khan , haye ,degale , fury, etc and in the last couple of years hatton and or course joe.come on lets all get behind all our talented fighters

Posted 21:33 10th December 2009

Khan Khan says...

did ne1 watch d dirrell fyt?? froch lukd like he was walkin in cement! if derrell had any heart, and wasnt runnin around like a girl he couldv battred him. frochs gt no foot movemnt, he gna gt exposed aginst kessler.

Posted 20:49 10th December 2009

Mark Mohamed says...

Lay off Carl Froch, he has beated Pascal, now light heavyweight champ, a good Jermain Taylor (who he knocked out in his own back yard) and Dirrell (an unbeaten and talented American) his next fight is against Kessler: I think the quality of his opposition should be applauded. (compare these 4 to our other champions past or present and only Lennox Lewis would have this type of quality opponent back to back.

Posted 15:10 10th December 2009

Abc Xyz says...

Carl Froch talks too much, he was lucky to pick up a win over J.Taylor as Taylor out boxed him and only had 20seconds to hold on.He was extremely lucky to beat A.Direll after he was exposed,Froch claims you have to beat the champ...but you also have to beat the challenger and he didn't....Carl will lose to Kessler another overrated fighter and Carl needs to stop talking about Amir Khan, he is 22 and he is a world champion, they say he hasn't fought any big name fighters,Floyd Myaweather was world champion at 21 and no one knew the fighters he was fighting....Froch can't box, and he will be shown for being a fraud very soon.

Posted 13:42 10th December 2009

Dwain Clark says...

I've got a funny feeling that Kessler will come out all guns blazing, looking for that knockout that he needs and Froch will walk into a trademark bomb. Goodnight my friend. If not, If he fights Abraham, his power, Froch's chin = Canvas.

Posted 07:31 10th December 2009

Michael Parkes says...

Froch oll the way! Old granite chin will smash kessler into submission in round 4!

Posted 21:03 9th December 2009

Bonco The clown says...

Im sick of people bad mouthing Froch, "Hes gonna get knocked out" "Hes rubbish" "No defense" Well I got news for you all....Nobody has been able to knock him out and hes knocked them out. Until proved otherwise Froch is best in the world at super middleweight and will continue to be until he loses....which I done think will be in this tourney.

Posted 09:53 9th December 2009

Adam Whiteley says...

i agree with Steven Mxlean, froch is one of the very few fighters who repeatedly comes out and says he will fight anyone in the world, anywhere in the world, and actually goes through with it. when you hear of the likes of mayweather talking about making a fight, all he goes on about is the numbers and having the lions share. im sorry, but that is not how fans come to like a fighter, fans love to see the fights made, no moaning about how a fight is made, and a nice even pay pot, and a good bout of boxing. as for froch actually needing this fight, i dont think its froch who needs it, froch is undefeated, mr kessler needs this one, hes lost his titles remember and yet it seams hes still the fave for this one among the goons that post on hear and he lost his last fight, wierd how some ppls minds work, typical british mentality, "the guy from the other country will win", well im sorry, but froch has this one for me

Posted 07:35 9th December 2009

James Green says...

cant wait for the fight come on carl when you k.o kessler you might get the respect you deserve going to try and get over to denmark to see it.

Posted 21:37 8th December 2009

Sean Beatty says...

Andrew hold up now for a minute,you are kinda dramatising things by saying things like ward beat kessler controversially and won via a headbut..if you watch the fight in full you will see kessler was totally outboxed by ward,the headbutt was neither boxers fault but ward was way ahead on the cards at that time..saying that,kessler wont have any trouble finding froch.

Posted 19:48 8th December 2009

Chris Mooney says...

"cannot wait for this fight and cannot wait for froch to get battered. how a bad fighter like him can grab a world title is beyond me, froch is an extremely bad boxer defensively and in denmark where the go craxy for kessler who is an icon over there he will get so overwelmed it bring a smile to me thinking of froch being finally exposed as average at best" Bearing in mind, if he beats Kessler, he'll probably already have better wins than Calzaghe, what doe sthat say about Joe? JC only got where he got by cherry picking nice opponents. And even then he nearly got beaten by at least 3 of them. A lot of the hate is just JC fans who can't handle the fact that someone is facing the best. Kessler, Lacy. Come on. Those are your best wins. 2 fighters that are plainly average at best.

Posted 18:47 8th December 2009

Russell Thomas says...

I think this is the fight that will show just how good he is and hopefully stop people criticising him. Yes he lacks the fast feet/hands of people like Dirrell and Ward, but he has a great jaw, power in both hands, stamina in abundance and can really pick and place his shots. Good luck Carl!!!!!

Posted 16:43 8th December 2009

Nick Sinclair says...

lol @ Darren Lewis dropping in he went to prizefighter when it had no relevance! you don't see me mentioning i flew out to vegas for Pacquiao vs Cotto. oops i just did! I'm as bad as you!

Posted 16:23 8th December 2009

Nick Sinclair says...

lol @ Raj Amin saying... "I think Kessler will will K/O in round 2 " obviously haven't seen much of carl froch if you think kessler can get him out of there in the 2nd round! Froch is a machine! an iron chin and incredible stamina! going to be a good fight!

Posted 16:20 8th December 2009

Anthony Williams says...

This is going to be pretty close. Froch could be facing Kessler at the perfect time, he didn't look too great against Ward at all, very limited. But, Froch also looked very limited against Dirrell aswell, both having trouble with speed and elusiveness. Froch has a great chin, no doubt about it. But the amount of punches he takes is really going to effect his punch resistence. In his last three fights alone, he has taken some very heavy shots, and also been troubled and wobbled by them. He really needs to improve his defense and footwork as the tournament goes on if he's is to win this Super 6.

Posted 16:12 8th December 2009

Adam Whiteley says...

This is going to be a good fight this, the idiot above who says taylor is past it stinks by the way, tristan mansell, taylor is a very good boxer, his only problem is he tires too easy, but that dont take away the fact the guy can throw good combos and jabs and hard hits, he dethroned mr hopkins, whos had been top of the tree for years, granted he has lost his way a little in loosing to a then unknown pavlik twice, who then got blasted away by hopkins himself by the way, then froch, when he was miles ahead on the score cards, but failed to keep his guard in the last, still dont mean hes past it, froch can win this one, im sorry but froch seems to find a way of beating everyone somehow, ill agree techinically maybe kessler is better, but froch has a great chin, i think he can win this one

Posted 15:06 8th December 2009

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