Khan could face Katsidis

Champion hopes to defend title back in Britain

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Khan could face Katsidis

Khan: Could fight back in Britain

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Amir Khan could face a British homecoming fight against Australian warrior Michael Katsidis this spring.

Khan's American promoters Golden Boy were lining-up Zab Judah for the WBA light welterweight champion following his thrilling victory over Argentine knockout specialist Marco Maidana last month in Las Vegas.

However, 'Super' Judah has taken himself out of the running to face Khan next after winning a purse bid to fight South African contender Kaizer Mabuza for the vacant IBF title in Newark, New Jersey.

Katsidis, who stopped Kevin Mitchell and Graham Earl on his two previous visits to England, suffered his third defeat in 30 fights when Juan Manuel Marquez climbed off the canvas to secure a ninth round stoppage in November.

"'I believe that Katsidis-Khan is a fight that would absolutely fill anywhere in England, and that's a fight that would be watched all over the world, and it makes a great fight," said the 30-year-old's trainer and manager Brendon Smith.

"Michael is two out of two in England, and whether Amir Khan takes that into consideration and whether he wants to try and square up for the Pommies... he may have his own agenda."

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Paul Dolan says...

I agree most of us would love to see a Prescott rematch,but I don't think the likes of HBO care too much for that fight as Khan wasn't a name in the States when it happened.This could be a good fight though and while I agree Amir has came on a ton under Freddie,PFP? If that happens then it'll only be because everyone in the top 15 now retires.Keep it real!

Posted 20:29 4th January 2011

Dave Budge says...

@ Adrian Ross, this fight will be sooo easy for Amir to win. Katsidis isn't anywhere near as big a puncher as Maidana, Maidana is a beast and the hardest puncher at 140lb by far. Katsidis has always lost when he steps up in class at lightweight, gets hit and cuts way too easy and he is not a threat to Amir Khan. All this hype about a Katsidis fight has come from Katsidis' trainer, Golden Boy aren't interested and neither is team Khan. And Mayweather was rocked badly clinging on for life in the 2nd round of his last fight with Mosley, Pacquiao has been stopped before by body shots. Khan is a tremendous talent and i can't wait to see him become the best British fighter in any generation, like it or not it is going to happen

Posted 16:44 4th January 2011

Marco K says...

@N Williams What are you talking about? Who would want to see Prescott fight Amir again? Amir excorcised his demons in the fight against Maidana is a vastly superior fighter and a bigger puncher than Prescott ( who is so overrated). There are no more doubts over Amir's chin. Amir proved he can take the massive punches. He showed he had an Iron chin in that fight.

Posted 16:33 4th January 2011

Dan Mcgowran says...

Katsidis is a step backwards from maidana personally and i dont think Kahn would make those same mistakes he made late on in the maidana fight. Katsidis would be blasted out of there, he cuts easily and would be a punch bag for kahns speed and style..fight the winner of the Bradley v Alexander fight at the end of the month..thats the fight i want to see.

Posted 16:06 4th January 2011

Kell Davis says...

Who said khan has no chin see how many power shots he took in round 10 against maidana 1 of the hard hitters in the division.

Posted 15:42 4th January 2011

Audrey havitson . says...

Khan will beat katsidis if this fight is ever made. Id prefer him to fight Devon Alexander.

Posted 12:53 4th January 2011

N Williams says...

Adrian Ross - how can you compare Khan with Pacman and Mayweather. He isn't in the same league as the the top 2 Pound for Pound fighters yet. Everyone knows Amir has a way to go yet before he is at their standard so why compare? Jamal Ali - I agree. If Prescott was No.1 contender for a title shot, a rematch would be a fight everybody wants to see. If Amir won, that would lay his doubters to rest. That would remind me of Lennox Lewis when he beat those in a rematch who beat him, which would mean - just as Lennox did - Amir will have beaten everyone he fought up to this point in his career.

Posted 12:26 4th January 2011

Adrian Ross says...

Really beleive this is a fight Amir should stay away from. After the Madaina fight look at the facts. Khan was rocked in the tenth badly and was clinging on for dear life. There were no marks on Madiana's face. Can you remember Mayweather or Pac man recently being that rocked, also look at Margarito's face after the Pac man fight. I dont want to dog Khan, but really pac man or mayweather would have smashed Madiana and they would not have been in deep water in the tenth. Katsidis has very heavy hands and will draw Khan into a tear up. Could be dodgy. He should fight someone he can outbox which is most boxers on the planet, but he should stay away from heavy hands

Posted 07:19 4th January 2011

Amir Khan says...

amir khan will kane him...i think december 2012 hel be p4p king

Posted 19:20 3rd January 2011

Stephen Smith says...

So how to you earn a world title shot these days? Get KO'd by Marques = world title shot!?!

Posted 18:33 3rd January 2011

Matty Hill says...

And once again an hand picked fight from team Khan, 2nd rate fighter. Khan as no chin, look at the way he nearly went down. Put Khan in with a welterweight bout with berto, cotto etc. Then we can all see this over hyped lads career end.

Posted 17:44 3rd January 2011

Dave Budge says...

This fight isn't going to happen, Amir Khan doesn't want or need this fight. Katsidis would get taken apart by Khan and is a division below. Looks like Zab Judah took the easy route back to a World title by avoiding Amir then. Khan vs the Bradley/Alexander winner is the only fight the division needs to happen to crown an undisputed Champion at 140lb. I think Khan vs Ortiz would be a good fight for Amir but i doubt Golden Boy will entertain that. The only way Katsidis is going to get the gig is if there is absolutely nobody available and if it does happen then Katsidis gets stopped early

Posted 17:21 3rd January 2011

Jamal Ali says...

kahn give us the fight that all boxing fans want to see, "the rematch with prescott" come on amir, dont you have that burning desire of doing to him what he done to you?????

Posted 15:41 3rd January 2011

Saif Nasir says...

i am not going to sit here and pretend to be a boxing expert like alot of people who dont know anything about boxing yet they bad mouth boxers first of all this will be a great fight if it goes through katsidis in his last fight against marquez was not the same fighter who blast through mitchell its obvious that marquez is a world champ who is on a different leve, katsidis punches were not as accurate and effective as it has beeen in his previous fights... katsidis is a great fighter with a great record he keeps taking the fight forward for me this will be a difficult fight for khan. khan has come a long way he showed in vegas that he aint a walk over he is truly talented and has good a future.. Katsidis has the speed and power if khan fights like a boxer he can outclass him with his lightning speed but if he chooses to brawl he will have a very difficult night!!!

Posted 13:38 3rd January 2011

Roo Bladville says...

Bad fight, why not fight Marquez, then if he destroys him like mayweather did he can have his "dream fight" of getting out classed and knocked about for 12 rounds by the 2nd best boxer of this generation. Katsidis is just an austrailian Maidana with a less impressive record, may as well fight oisin fagan again

Posted 12:38 3rd January 2011

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