McCloskey - Khan is beatable

Irishman ready to shock WBA champion

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McCloskey - Khan is beatable

Khan in action against Maidana

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Paul McCloskey insists he has seen flaws in Amir Khan and labelled the WBA champion "beatable" ahead of their light-welterweight clash later in the year.

Undefeated European champion McCloskey, 31, has been confirmed as Khan's opponent for the homecoming defence of his light-welterweight crown at Manchester's MEN Arena on 16 April.

The Northern Irish southpaw will head into the contest as a clear underdog, but McCloskey has taken confidence from Khan's last fight against Marcos Maidana in November.

The brutal bout in Las Vegas - which won the Boxing Writers Association of America's fight of the year award - saw Khan survive a torrid tenth round before claiming a points win.

Despite the victory, McCloskey feels that display also highlighted a number of weaknesses in Khan and claims he will be ready to take advantage when they meet.

"Maidana took serious punches from Khan but, except for the one body punch at the start when he went down, he wasn't rocked. Khan's not a big puncher," McCloskey stated.

"Khan is seen as a superstar but he's certainly beatable. Yes, he's improved dramatically under Freddie Roach but in his last fight Maidana had him rocked.

"The referee could have stepped in and stopped the fight when Maidana caught Khan in the 10th round but it was Khan's conditioning which stood by him - he ran like a mad man trying to stay out of the way."

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Edward Denyer says...

How can anyone say that McCloskey is a better fighter then Maidana?? This is a routine defence for Khan which he will stroll through and pick up an easy win, probably a mid to late round KO. Fair play to Khan, after the Maidana fight he deserves a quick defence, then he needs to step up and fight Bradley preferably, or Alexander. If those two are not up for it, Juan Manuel Marquez, Andre Berto, Joshua Clotley, maybe even a Shane Moseley or Saul Avarez. He should be knocking on the doors of the best Lightweight and Welters, and then he can start thinking about chasing Pacqiauo and Mayweather. My opinion of Khan has improved greatly, but I still need convincing he can beat the classier opponents of the divisions.

Posted 09:12 8th February 2011

Aidan O'connor says...

Khan has the advantages of training under freddie roach and sparring with pac-man. It is PR bull to even suggest however that the spars go 50/50 cos we all know pac-man would leave khan for dead in a fight. Where are they going to get a sparring partner for amir with paul's style though? NOWHERE!!!!! Freddie only has to ask Stevie Collins about an Irishmans pride and passion.... Wave bye-bye to that belt amir!!!

Posted 06:28 8th February 2011

Steven Byrne says...

I actually fought Paul Mc Closkey twice as an amatuer and believe me, he is a hard man to lay a glove on. He was then and is now. He should not be underestimated. Lightning fast hand and reflexes to match. Slips and slides punches like you wouldnt believe. I wish him the best of luck in this fight. I think he has more than earned his shot at the big time and i along with the rest of Ireland will be shouting loud and proud for him on April 16th.

Posted 00:12 8th February 2011

James Blackmore says...

Khan should win this fight pretty easily if he wants to fight bradley next, Maidana hits harder than mccloskey so khan will take his punches and out box him, mccloskey is banging on about not being a big puncher well in the ring that doesnt mean anything as it doesnt matter who's stronger it matters who's smarter. im an ameuter and have won more fights by being smarter and using my boxing skills than trying to KO with every punchi throw. anyway Khan has the sub to power which is acuracy and i think he will TKO Mccloskey, he's a good fighter but khan is the better boxer by a mile, also mccloskey says maidana didnt get hurt apart from the body shot, well maidana has never been stopped and would take Mccloskey's punches all day.

Posted 23:55 7th February 2011

Chris Packet says...

@Jamshed Ali Are you having a laugh or is your judgement being clouded by blatant favouritism? McCloskey is ranked #5 in the world by the WBA and Khan is ranked #2

Posted 21:48 7th February 2011

Mo Khan says...

I think anyone thinks this European Champ can beat Khan then they need to get checked out by a doctor!! Maidana is by far the hardest puncher in the division and he did catch Khan but what did that do for him?? nothing did he win?? no he didnt. The main point that seperates Khan from any fighter in the light - Welterweight division is his speed and tactics. Let me remind all of you that Khan has the best coach and team in the world. This McCloskey chap isnt even good enough to be Khans sparring partner! Pacman is the best pound for pound fighter and he is Khans sparring partner ahead of fights. Khan has fought the best fighters out there and one of them being Barrera who beat Nasim Hammed! This fight is in the bag for Khan and will be a quick and easy night.

Posted 21:06 7th February 2011

John Findlay says...

i have bought every Amir Khan ppv and am a huge fan of his, but this is a step backwards and i will not be buying this fight. I hope sky have not promised too much cash as i dont think i will be the only one not paying for this

Posted 20:22 7th February 2011

Saf Carlos says...

i dont understand why khan is looking for a fight with mayweather?? Mayweather is another class also he is on the brink of retirement maybe within 2years.. Jus Like khan defeated Barrera does he wana do the same thing with floyd in a year or two time to fight him.. Why doesn't khan fight Timothy Bradley, junior witter, and kell brook?? And then he can say he has beaten the best and then can challenge mayweather or even pacquio... Maybe wen he is retiring too!! Amir khan us good and can get better but he has to fight these fighters to claim to be the king!

Posted 19:09 7th February 2011

Mr Ali says...

I'm sorry but this fight is not really good on the progress report for Amir Khan he will not gain anything from this. It seems this fight is just to add another tick next to the WIN column and also to get a fight in the UK. The prescott fight would still have been worthy so he can iron out the lips of the critics who love to hate. Khan will deal with McCloskey in clinical fashion, McCloskey is a good fighter but not world class and not in the same league as Khan. Steven Boyle is either related to McCloskey or knows nothing about boxing. Khan needs to get on a flight to the US for the better fights. Witter needs to move into a old peoples home as he is looking for a cheque with his name on it...He can get a cheque but it will have to be from DWP. Khan will look back and think why did I take this fight....

Posted 19:09 7th February 2011

Leonard Harding says...

Can can't punch? Is he for real how about the fact that Maidana has a solid chin to go with his big punch. And as far as I can recall from the fights I've seen McCloskey isn't exactly a banger. He is a good boxer that can be tricky and awkward but Khan is way faster, he is extremely accurate and his conditioning and boxing under Roach has seen him put behind him the prescott defeat. Instead of being congratulated for getting through a difficult 10th round against Maidana and staying upright people still want to diss Khan. How many fighters in that division would have stayed upright under that barrage from Maidana? McCloskey certainly wouldn't have and I would like to see if he would have stood and traded with Maidana at times like Khan did or run like he accused Khan of in that 10th round. For me a convincing Khan victory. It may be tricky for a few rounds but he hasn't mixed in world class and hasn't met anyone of Khan's calibre and that's not being disrespectful to his past opponents.

Posted 19:01 7th February 2011

Billy Killen says...

Jamshed Ali are you the one having a laugh ? what nonsense are u talking about saying the Paul is only in it for the money, he simply negotiated a deal that was right for him, Shah Khan made an offer that was desribed as "derisory" by Barry Hearn, Khan thought that he was just going to come over a buy a fight for half nothing, i genuinely feel they have underestimated Paul McCloskey and also have disrespected him, you also state that he is "only" european champ, this isnt anything to do with his boxing ability but merely to do with his marketability, world champs dont wana fight him because he doesnt bring any pay perview credentials and america doesnt know him so they wont take a chance in risking everything on him, Mccloskey will be different to anything Khan has fought before hes southpaw, really unorthadox, great reflexes and can bang aswell, im sure roach will have Khan well schooled about going to war with mcloskey because if he does he will lose his title, Khan will box on the backfoot all night, use his effective jab and win on points however i would love nothing more that to see pauls arm raised at the end and little feather fists khan standing in disbelief, a few years back frank warren promoted a show and khan was the main event with mccloskey on the undercard, john breen said to frank warren lets get Khan and McCloskey in the ring together and Warren said no chance, maybe in a few years, breen asked why and warren said because McCloskey wins. Never write off paul mccloskey and there will be some hairy moments for team Khan come april 16th, if he sticks to the gameplan khan will win easily and if he doesnt. .....Well, we shall just have to wait and see.

Posted 18:51 7th February 2011

Paul Hill says...

lol i dont know what paul mccloskey thinks , but paul himself has not faced a world class opponent. he simply has not a chance in this fight , really because of his boxing style , he might be able to see khans first punch comin but he wont see the 2nd , 3rd 4th and 5th following , mcloskeys defense is terrible any fighter with have decent speed will get past his low hands and land at will , what i find interestin is his comments about miadana , miadana is one if not the hardest hitter in boxing today , and there is no1 and i mean no1 champin at the bit to get into the ring with miadana , i couldnt see mccloskey takin on that fight in his lifetime , khan came through it better than anyone who fought miadana hand , how many clean punches and still could not knock amir down , mcloskey sees this as his payday and thats it , if he so confident he should put the european belt on the line aswell, not to say for amir to keep it but to relinguish it straight away. khan to win by ko in the 5th EASY PEASY. mccloskey will fall like bernard dunne

Posted 17:14 7th February 2011

Mike Aspden says...

I'm no fan of khans and mccloskey is right to say he is beatable, but for steven boyle to say that mccloskey is a better boxer than Maidina is madness. Maidinas is ranked number five in the world at this weight, he's beaten the likes of victor ordiz and hes a heavy hitter,I'm not trying to put Mccloskey down but hes not in the same league as khan, its a tune up fight for a unification bout with Bradley, nothing more. He's got nothing to worry khan, if it last more than three rounds I would be shocked. And as for not by passing him because he's European champ? When did that mean you got a shot at a world title, he's not ranked in the top ten, there is far better candidates for the title shot.

Posted 17:05 7th February 2011

Matty Hill says...

What a waste of time this fight will be...khan will floor this guy in 2-3 rounds or maybe 1 if he opens up. (which i don't think he will after prescott). Just man up n fight the best amir, after mayweather and pacman and fight the cotto's, marquez, judah, margarito's of the world. Then maybe, just maybe, mayweather might give you a boxing lesson....

Posted 16:36 7th February 2011

John F says...

Jamshed course he knows who he is...and off course khan is beatable. We'll see whos the girl on the 16th of April. I can safely say he's in it for more than the money...nothing an Irishman can be more proud of than saying they beat the head of an Englishman!

Posted 16:14 7th February 2011

Steven Boyle says...

Should be a good fight, especially for the fans, come on Paul, McCloskey's a better boxer than Maidana is and a lot faster and more tricky, if he can use his southpaw style to good effect he could pull it off, he's certainly right, Khan's beatable, he's been iced in 60 seconds and wobbled big time in his last fight allbeit by a quality puncher

Posted 14:26 7th February 2011

Jamshed Ali says...

is this guy having a laugh. does he even know who amir khan is. you're only european champion stop acting like a girl and step into the world champion arena like a man. he's only in it for the money but it's gonna cost you an arm and a leg to sort your face out after the fight

Posted 12:13 7th February 2011

Adrian Mcgurk says...

at last Khans camp have come to their sences and made the 3rd and acceptable offer to make this fight happen...after all McCloskey is European champ so Khan couldnt by pass McCloskey so its fantastic for all the fans in britain and Ireland that this thriller of a fight is going to happen...Khan is very good and has come along way since moving to the wild card gym under the expertise of Freddy Roache but lets see how he will cope with the style of McCloskey....cant wait.... Aidy McGurk ....kildress

Posted 11:31 7th February 2011

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