Wladimir - Bro could step in

But younger Klitschko expects to be in top shape for Haye bout

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Wladimir - Bro could step in

Klitschko: Optimistic on fitness

If I can't perform then my brother will step in the ring because he's been in this division a very long time.

Wladimir Klitschko
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Wladimir Klitschko is optimistic of overcoming injury to be fit to face David Haye in the summer, but has confirmed elder brother Vitali would step into the ring in his absence.

Question marks have been raised over whether the IBF and WBO holder will shake off an abdominal complaint for the mid-summer fight with WBA champion Haye.

The Ukrainian has twice pulled out of a proposed fight with Dereck Chisora, and speculation is mounting Wladimir's elder brother Vitali will take his place for the June 25/July 2 blockbuster.

Haye has made it clear he will quit boxing when he turns 30 in October, meaning the pressure is on Wladimir to prove his fitness before May when a deadline has been set by the Londoner's camp.


But the 34-year-old claims he will start preparations for his fight against Haye in a couple of weeks.

He told BBC Radio: "I'm still recovering after my injury and in a couple of weeks I will be fit and ready for the preparations."

However, the back-up plan is still on the agenda as he added: "If I can't perform then my brother will step in the ring because he's been in this division a very long time.

"I'm very happy that David Haye eventually signed the contract, it will be the third time we've tried to fight each other.

"He says we have no skills and have fought basically no-one...I think he chose me as the younger brother because he does not think I'm so tough. But he will get knocked out."

Three German football stadiums are leading the race to host the big fight, but other European cities are also believed to be in the running, including Monte Carlo.

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Kevin Mcgeough says...

If this injury is so bad, how come Wlad was photographed playing golf in Florida just a few days after he pulled out of the scheduled first meeting with Chisora in December? He's chinny and is scared of being hit, that's why he likes fighting smaller, immobile opponents. Haye is too fast, too clever and hits way too hard.

Posted 09:48 24th March 2011

Keith Portland says...

David Haye I believe will beat both. Having seen the latest outing of a Klitschko, David will be too strong and too quick. He knows how to beat the "giant" of the ring. Bring it on, because David has not ducked anyone. Can that be said of the brothers?

Posted 09:13 24th March 2011

James Nicholls says...

Just saw the last sentence of that...NOOOOOO, please do not fight in Monte Carlo. It's far too expensive for us fight fans and I really want to go to this fight and watch David knock a Klitchsko out!

Posted 08:10 24th March 2011

Paul W says...

It will be no suprise if Wlad pulls out of the Haye fight. To me Wlad just hasn't got a fighter's mentality - whereas his big bruva has it in spades. Most non-Klitschko fans are convinced that Wlad will pull out from the Haye fight at some point as he knows Haye will be too much for him - however big bruva is a different kettle of fish.

Posted 19:31 23rd March 2011

Robert Ridgard says...

In fairness i dont think this is a big surprise, ever since this deal was made where Vitali could step in it was inevitable that Wlad would pull out leaving Vitali to Haye. Wlad knows Haye would beat hi but Vitali will beat Haye leaving the Klitschko's with all the belts. I think Wlad has ducked this one to be honest and Vitali will go and beat Haye leaving the heavyweight division DEAD!!

Posted 18:34 23rd March 2011

Andrew Meggers-lloyd says...

I think that Haye would beat Wladimir, personally, but wouldn't defeat Vitali. I also think the Klitschko brothers are aware of this and this is the reason why this issue is being debated. Vitali and David are both natural born fighters and in my honest opinion, I believe this would be the main fight of all. I am not particularly bothered if Haye even fights Wladimir as in my heart I know he'd win. Vitali, on the other hand, brings a lot more to the table. A natural desire to fight, masses of experience and a will to win at all costs.

Posted 18:03 23rd March 2011

Peter Harrison says...

It will be a great fight against either klitschko, however I question David haye's supposed retirement. He's young, in the prime of his life and he wants to retire? He'll change his mind come october, and it won't be the first time he's blown hot air. The klitschko's will be much harder than valuev, Barrett, Ruiz and A- Farce that's for sure.....

Posted 17:38 23rd March 2011

Calum Angus says...

what is gonna happen if Wladimir pulls out on this one, leaving Haye to fight his older brother. if Haye wins, surely this will cause more problems with the purse of the following fight. ideally Haye would want to beat Wladimir first so he can then get a bigger purse as well as a fight outside of Germany. If it goes the other way round i cannot see Wladimir backing down on any of his demands.

Posted 17:23 23rd March 2011

Stu Jones says...

all these anti klitschko people are shocking the fact is they have beaten a lot of people in or around the top ten for example ruslan changeav he was wba champ in recess when he and wlad fought and he was dominated despite being number 3 at the time so you cant say they havnet fought anyone wen they have and second wlad has faced stronger people than haye and beat them. lastly haye pulled out against them numerous times.end of the day its all part of the mind games wlad said he will be ready so trust him and if he dosent fight then we will all know he didnt want it, but if he does he will win its that simple. haye hasnt fought anyone any gd at heavyweight and that is a fact.

Posted 16:56 23rd March 2011

Bounced Out says...

Wlad will duck Haye and let Vitali take the fight. Wlad knows Haye will beat him but Vitali is like iron and is another prospect altogether. I fear for Haye if he fights Vitali.

Posted 16:47 23rd March 2011

Sean Ryan says...

David Haye is the most overrated heavyweight out there. All he does is tell us that he is going to knock out either brother, but the heavyweights he has fought - Valuev, Ruiz and Harrison - are nowhere near on the same level as the ones either brother has come up against. It looks like Haye will fight Vitali and that will end up with Haye being knocked out for sure. Chisora has more chance than Haye because he is a better boxer. Haye has no chin, cuts easy and has stamina problems.

Posted 15:50 23rd March 2011

Chris Hickey says...

Wlad will pull out!!! he doesnt want this fight. He knows his brother has a better chance. Haye would knock Wlad out in 7 rds.

Posted 15:37 23rd March 2011

Andy Booth says...

I have to agree, I think Wlad will let big bro fight Haye but I'm hoping he proves me wrong and gets over his stomach pull (the longest stomach muscle oull in history might I add, 2 fights with chisora cancelled already and now maybe this one). It would be a shame if Haye has to fight Vitali first as the ideal situation is to beat Wlad and then set up a fight against Vitali ...... that would be a massive grudge fight that I'm sure would even draw back in a few US fans!

Posted 15:24 23rd March 2011

Kevin Dillon says...

This is really bad news for Haye, he knows himself that Wladimir was his big chance of getting the other belts, but it looks like now that he will be facing Vitali. He will find it very difficult to get the better of Vitali, as he is far superior to Haye in a lot of departments. I still hope though that it will be Wlamidir vs Haye in the ring first, because I think Haye will knock him out.

Posted 15:02 23rd March 2011

Richard Hinchcliffe says...

is it me or is wladimir already making excuses, oh dear me

Posted 14:44 23rd March 2011

Alex Willis says...

If Wladimir pulls out of the Haye fight, I would have to assume he knows David Haye would beat him. He cannot publicly call Haye out and then allow his brother to take the fight. Furthermore his chin won't stand up to Haye's power. Vitali, on the other hand, has a chin of granite and Haye would have trouble knocking him out. If the Klitschkos want all the major belts, then Vitali is their best chance. However, I think David Haye is capable of beating either of them.

Posted 13:30 23rd March 2011

Gary Oak says...

sounds like wladimir's going to duck haye.

Posted 13:05 23rd March 2011

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