Strauss rejects Butt claims

ECB threaten legal action as Strauss rejects Butt accusations

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We have strong misgivings about continuing to play the last two games of the current series and urge the Pakistani team and management to distance themselves from Mr Butt's allegations.

Andrew Strauss
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The ECB say the current ODI series with Pakistan will go ahead, but England captain Andrew Strauss expressed his 'surprise, dismay and outrage' at accusations made by PCB chairman Ijaz Butt.

As the betting scandal in cricket continues to rumble on, Butt said that England players should be investigated after claiming they were also involved in betting irregularities.

The ECB have reacted angrily to Butt's accusations, which they have called 'wholly irresponsible and completely without foundation' and have also promised to take legal action against Butt.

"The ECB expresses its gratitude for the outstanding conduct of the England team this summer and will take all legal and disciplinary action which may result from Mr Butt's comments," read the statement.

England skipper Strauss admitted to having misgivings about continuing to play Pakistan, and he also reacted angrily to Butt's comments as the ECB released a statement on behalf of the team.


"The England Cricket team has this morning issued a statement in conjunction with the Professional Cricketers Association (PCA), following allegations made yesterday by the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board," read the statement.

"The team deplores and rejects unreservedly the suggestion that any England cricketer was involved in manipulating the outcome, or any individual element, of the third NatWest Series ODI at the Brit Insurance Oval between England and Pakistan last week.

"The players fully understand their responsibilities as representatives of their country, and would not countenance giving less than 100% in any match they play."

Strauss, speaking on behalf of the team, said: "We would like to express our surprise, dismay and outrage at the comments made by Mr Butt yesterday.

"We are deeply concerned and disappointed that our integrity as cricketers has been brought into question. We refute these allegations completely and will be working closely with the ECB to explore all legal options open to us.


"Under the circumstances, we have strong misgivings about continuing to play the last two games of the current series and urge the Pakistani team and management to distance themselves from Mr Butt's allegations.

"We do, however, recognise our responsibilities to the game of cricket, and in particular to the cricket-loving public in this country, and will therefore endeavour to fulfil these fixtures to the best of our ability."

Angus Porter, chief executive of the PCA, added: "The players appreciate the difficult position the ECB finds itself in, and is fully supportive of the actions taken by the board, along with the ICC, to ensure all allegations of wrong-doing are properly investigated and acted upon.

"We will continue to cooperate closely with the ECB, with the aim of ensuring that the work to root out corruption is not derailed by mischievous attempts to detract attention from the real issues."

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Chris Power says...

As an Australian living in the UK, I am amazed how tolerant the ECB and the British cricket loving public have been throughout the late summer shenanigans of the Pakistan Team and PCB. If this had happened back home the ACB would have cancelled the remaining games and refused to play them again. End of.

Posted 20:19 20th September 2010

Hakeem Jan says...

Wht''s so fussy about it ..if The Sun can allege baselessly why cant Mr.Butt ? for record correction about earlier episode of allegations it was PCB that dropped the players till outcome of enquiry. I mean English players are not sacred cows why cant they be investigated against.

Posted 18:07 20th September 2010

John Lison says...

this latest outrage by Butt should be the end of pakistan cricket. We accomadated them in our country because they cannot play in there own country, now what do they do try and accuse us of fixing matches ban them from cricket full stop.

Posted 16:56 20th September 2010

David Calvert says...

This is turning into a joke! I can''t disagree with Martin - when it became difficult to play cricket in Pakistan we gave them a home. Thanks lads - you really know how to make us feel appreciated. This sorry episode has tainted the sport for years to come - the series must end now. It''s pointless to continue! This really does hurt''s Cricket! You know? Fair play and sportsmanship! Pathetic!

Posted 15:18 20th September 2010

Nick Brett says...

So instead of congratulating his side in a one-day international victory he just pretty much just stated that they dd not earn it but they were given it by England?! How must Umar Gul feel after that match winning display for his head of board to say England lost it not him winning it. It''s beyond ridiculous and some serious action should be done by the ICC to sort out the mess that Pakistan has put on the game of international cricket.

Posted 15:12 20th September 2010

Asif Malik says...

i tink it would be unfair 2 ban pakistan cricket.i enjoy the series between the country. i do however tink mr butts coment seriously harm pakistan as a nation,as his comments could result in the loss of any future games. he should be sacked and straus is right 2 say wot he said. please dont let individuals ruin this beautiful game. it would be boring if pakistan lost its cricket in the world. i support both teams and love the banter between the two teams.. lets kickout cheats and hope pakistan can get it self into order.. i hope the talent of amir is not lost, due 2 the irresponsible pakistan cricket board.

Posted 15:07 20th September 2010

Hassan Farooq says...

im of pakistani descent and this behavior is so offence to the game that all cricketing nations should boycott the pcb until some professionalism and a public apology is in order. taking the English for granted is NOT ON

Posted 14:51 20th September 2010

Tom Penn says...

How is Butt still allowed to do his job after firstly trying to deny Pakistan players werent taking money when it is on camera and now making wild accusations to distract peoples attention away from his own countries wrong doings. Butt needs to be sacked and Pakistan banned, this sort of behaviour is ruining the sport

Posted 14:20 20th September 2010

John Leigh says...

I beleive that had the PCB been doing their job then much of this could have been avoided. I feel sorry that a promising young talent may have been lost to the game due to the PCB not taking a firmer stance on the sort of people who should be allowed to associate with their players. I am surprised that, following the suspension of three players under his care, Ijaz Butt has not offered to resign his position as chairman of the PCB.

Posted 13:47 20th September 2010

Paul Norman says...

Tit for Tat. Butt couldn''t be more transparent if he said it was his ball and he''s taking it home!

Posted 13:32 20th September 2010

Ted Lettuce says...

Absolutely outrageous from Mr Butt. Knowing that certain players from the Pakistan side were involved in Bungs based on video evidence followed by a raid where large amounts of monies were found. He now tries to deflect any blame by point fingers in other directions. I can honestly say that it won''t be long now until the Pakistan national sport will slowly disappear as nobody now will want to play against them. He is outcasting his country and team members and more importantly fans from their national sport. I wouldn''t be surprised if this was the last time England and Pakistan played each other for many years to come. Cricket is just one of the sports that brings nations together, and this has done nothing but ruin relationships. He must be answerable to his actions and explain his comments, then banned himself and it is purely his and his boards fault that their game is now under threat. Is he related to Blatter by any chance?

Posted 13:29 20th September 2010

Martin Cox says...

Having watched the start of the cricket please do not push under the carpet that Pakistan have been found to cheat noy once but again and again. we gave this team a home to play their games and they have kicked us in the teeth. ban them now.

Posted 13:16 20th September 2010

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