ICC suspend Pakistan trio

Pakistan trio charged by ICC after betting scandal

Last updated: 3rd September 2010  

ICC suspend Pakistan trio

Suspended: Amir, Butt and Asif

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The International Cricket Council have charged and suspended Pakistan trio Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir with "various offences" under their anti-corruption code.

The trio, who insisted they had themselves pulled out of Pakistan's Twenty20 and ODI games with England to clear their names, have been provisionally suspended, according to the ICC, until they make a decision on the charges.

Charges have been brought under Article 2 of the ICC's Anti-Corruption Code relating to alleged irregular behaviour during, and in relation to, the fourth Test between England and Pakistan at Lord's last month.

The under-fire trio have been at the eye of a spot-fixing storm since claims in the News of The World on Sunday and withdrew from the Twenty20 and one-day series against England which is due to begin on Sunday.

A statement on the ICC website read: The three players, Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir, have been officially notified of the offences they are alleged to have committed and have been provisionally suspended pending a decision on those charges.


"In accordance with the provisions of the code, this means they are immediately barred from participating in all cricket and related activities until the case has been concluded.

"The players have a right to contest this provisional suspension and a further opportunity to defend these charges at a full hearing before an independent Anti-Corruption Tribunal in accordance with Article 5 of the code. The players have 14 days from their receipt of the charge sheet to indicate their desire for a hearing."

ICC Chief Executive Haroon Lorgat added: "We will not tolerate corruption in cricket - simple as that. We must be decisive with such matters and if proven, these offences carry serious penalties up to a life ban.

"The ICC will do everything possible to keep such conduct out of the game and we will stop at nothing to protect the sport's integrity. While we believe the problem is not widespread, we must always be vigilant.

"It is important, however, that we do not pre-judge the guilt of these three players. That is for the independent tribunal alone to decide."

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John Martyn says...

The moment is now. Let us ask the players involved one simple question publically in front of everybody: what is the truth? If, after this, they are found guilty of lying...then a life-time ban. If they admit...or provide a plausible answer...it may do cricket and the legal authorities more good by helping to remove the cancer...and a less severe punishment may be more appropriate.

Posted 00:25 4th September 2010

Ali Rizvi says...

Well i believe that if there is confirm form of evidence than these players shall be suspended and charged like the money they earn from there salaries and sponsers and all shall be checked along with the personal property''s revenue extra as a video is not just a form of evidence for the suspension. As for sachin tendulkar''s comments first of all this guy was an indian bookmaker and secondly everyone knows most of IPL 3 matches were fixed and lalit modi also got trapped into that issue so if he talks about the punishment then everyone being part of scandel issues in IPL 3 specially the Kings XI punjab players shall be baaned n punished and it should be made clear by ICC that its not only pakistani players who will be punished , but if anyone is involved then he will be punished and fined.

Posted 00:00 4th September 2010

Umer Ilyas says...

The reaction and emotions you guys are showing is not surprising because 80 percent of the people believe what they are shown on media, most of you ppl are being controlled by media who can not use their common sense that you should wait for the final verdict before you make your own conclusion. Where on earth happens that you suspend someone before its proven guilty. If they are involved in this then obv they''''ll be punished for this and should be banned for sometime because they were involved in throwing no balls intentionally(though its aslo pathetic from them), they were not involved in changing the result of the match which we have seen Gibbs, Cronje, Nicky Boje(s.africa),M.waugh, shane warne(australia) and Marlon samuels(west indies). They were never banned for life so why these players who have just threw 2 no balls. Again i am not defending them but still think about it. Be a man. Thanks

Posted 18:39 3rd September 2010

Umesh Moudgil says...

What should really happen here is for the ICC to set down some rules. It is fair to say that you can get life-time ban''s or 5 year ban''s for the players but it should affect the cricket organisations -- becuase they are bringing up kids through the grass roots levels in their countries. This is vitally important that the ICC look at the overall picture rather reacting to the outcry.

Posted 16:39 3rd September 2010

Stark Stark says...

What nonsense!!!! I mean why didn''t they ban jadeja when he was caught red handed?!?! International Crooked and Crupt board once again shows the double standards that exist in cricket. No matter because Pak still have quality bowlers like J. Khan, M. Talha, L. Kumar and M. Rammez. All young and bursting with talent ready to be unleashed. You can never stop Pak and it''s talent!!!!

Posted 15:30 3rd September 2010

Bumbles Lawnmower says...

Players facing an investigation of this type need to be suspended for its duration. Once the verdict is in, it will be up to the ICC whether and when to re-instate the players in question. Given the three are pleading their innocence, if this is not the case and they are found guilty, I expect them to be banned for a very long time, if not for life. If found innocent, the players should be free to play all forms of cricket again.

Posted 15:28 3rd September 2010

Andrew Preston says...

At a time of great trgedy and suffering in their country,where people are looking for positives, they have let the natoin of pakistan down. I hope the ICC throw the book at them

Posted 14:48 3rd September 2010

Mike James says...

Whilst if found guilty they should be fined and banned I do feel that there is no need to suspend them officailly as they took themselves out of the game 1st to deal with the allegations. Whilst the evidence is damning and the ICC have decided there is a case to answer, they are innocent until proven guilty. Once the ICC decided to charge them then suspension is fair enough. I do feel that the ICC need to get the police to follow through with the other parties involved. My only concern is are people''s families at risk?? I''m not making excuses for anyone but it this a factor? Times are hard in Pakistan and criminals will always find a way to make money. The possibility has to be comsidered and if it is a factor should they have a reduction in their punishment? I think the ICC have acted fairly and correctly so far and I hope that they continue to act promptly to stop corruption in the game. As to whether they could of discovered it, who knows and do they really have the resources to actively deal with the matter? And as it is a criminal offence is it their remit?

Posted 13:37 3rd September 2010

Johnny Hunt says...

Somerset have beaten pakistan by 5 wickets at Taunton next Thursday!

Posted 12:41 3rd September 2010

Stuart parry Parry says...

Re. Eshan Ahmed: Are you serious? What more proof do you need? They have to be suspended whilst this is being investigated. If then they prove it, they must be banned. Can you imagine them playing still with all this going on! Get a grip and take your blinkers off.

Posted 12:20 3rd September 2010

Iain N says...

Formal suspension is a breach of employment rights unless an act of misconduct can be proved and that hasn''t happened yet. In no way do I condone the alleged fraud and the evidence seen thus far is fairly damning, but the ICC has been premature in its actions as criminal investigations are still ongoing. The accused Pakistan players have voluntarily withdrawn from playing due to their circumstances which is of course totally acceptable and diffuses a potential volatile situation and is a commendable decision. Let the police investigation progress and establish the material and evidence to either proove or disproove the events around the 3 disputed No Balls to order. To overstep the line by a fraction of an inch or so is forgiveable; but these guys are professionals who work tirelessly with specialist bowling coaches to get all things working perfectly as everyrun is precious and wickets are the greatest prize. A No Ball not only gives a run away but loses the chance to get a wicket - both aspects alien to any bowler playing at any grade and frustrating to a Captain. So to overstep by as much as a foot is even beyond the level of acceptance at schoolboy cricket let alone Test and certainly raises doubts on the integrity of their claims of innocence.

Posted 11:59 3rd September 2010

Paul Smith says...

Cricket is supposed to be the gentleman of gentlemans sports and I enjoy watching it for the passion for, the comitment to and the simplicity of the game. When things like this start happening it takes away the simplicity, underminds the comitment and ruins the passion that I and I''m sure many others have for the game. Please Please Please can we stub this out now before it is ruined for all of us.

Posted 11:55 3rd September 2010

Dave O''brien says...

Obviously the motive behind this is money and it always seems to revolve around the Pakistini team. Without doubt I deplore any type of corruption in a game I love so much but shouldn''t we be taking a close look at what the Pakistani cricket board offer their players for playing for their country. There seems to be a big disparity between the earnings of all the other top cricket teams and those of the Pakistani players. This should be addressed as a matter of urgency in order to get parity on the earnings front. My second point is that if found guilty, these players should be made an example of both financially and sporting wise. Ensure that the fines applied by the various authorities are to such an extent that it acts as a sheer deterent to others that would deem to follow the same footpath in addition to having a life time ban imposed upon them. Combine the two and make it quite clear that the ICC are monitoring every match regardless of the playing teams and just perhaps these shady figures that seem to hang out in the background of many sports these days might just find themselves out of business. One can at least hope anyway..

Posted 10:44 3rd September 2010

Les Dixon says...

Either this whole thing is completely fabricated and the videos were completely fabricated which does seem very unlikely, i''m failing to see where these Pakistani cricketers have a leg to stand on. I believe for a criminal conviction an unusual betting pattern has to be proved which looks unlikely, but it appears that at least 2 International Cricketers deliberately bowled pre-meditated no balls for whatever reason, and that in itself should condemn them and have them thrown out the game as they cheated the game and every single spectator watching around the world. I do agree the players should get a fair hearing and be investigated fully, but i still can not get my head around the fact it looks so blatant and obvious. Any bookmaker offering odds on no balls deserves all they get anyway as its easily corrupted and an impossible bet to guess, so every bet on a no ball should be suspicious anyway. It''ll be interesting to see what does happen and personally i believe the ICC have taken the correct action in at least suspending the players until things are investigated fully.

Posted 10:25 3rd September 2010

Salahuddin Aamir says...

crime should not left unpunished, this does end here seems like cricket board of Pakistan involved and also need to be looked. Integrity in cricket should not be compromised at any cost

Posted 09:27 3rd September 2010

Kaylan Geekie says...

ban them for life! they have brought cricket into disrepute.

Posted 09:24 3rd September 2010

Lee Weighman says...

I find it amazing that the only time we find out about match fixing is when an undercover reporter from a newspaper tells us about it !!..only then does action get taken !!. This is not the first sport to be subject to some type of scandal, yet it is never the governing bodies of that sport that find it out it is some tabloid...how many more dodgy sportsmen are out there getting away with it because the NOTW have not got round to them yet ?!!?..probably explains why I never win at the bookies !

Posted 08:36 3rd September 2010

Riz Shah says...

Wow, ICC introduced a new Law "You are guilty till prove innocent". but all cricket followers you should not worry, this law must be for only Pakistan player.

Posted 08:14 3rd September 2010

Stuart Parry says...

They MUST be banned for life and not just from playing cricket but from any media work too. As for them to suggest that they are innocent...oh pur-lease! They have been caught out and an example must now be set.

Posted 07:58 3rd September 2010

Geoff Vello says...

Ok boys time to be men and hold your hands up! Its getting stupid now you are begining to look worse and worse by the hour as is the pcb! give it up CHEATS!

Posted 07:26 3rd September 2010

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