Henman - Murray can be best

British great tips Scot to become world's top player

Last updated: 9th September 2008  

Henman - Murray can be best

Murray: Defeated by Federer

I really think he can be number one in the world - he is only 21 - and from Wimbledon earlier in the year it is amazing how much he has improved.

Henman on Murray
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Tim Henman believes Andy Murray can overcome the disappointment of his defeat to Roger Federer in the final of the US Open to become world number one.

Murray was outclassed by Federer at Flushing Meadows in his first ever grand slam final but former British number one Henman believes the Scot will learn from his 6-2 7-5 6-2 loss.

"I really think he can be number one in the world - he is only 21 - and from Wimbledon earlier in the year it is amazing how much he has improved," Henman said.

"Andy has had many big breakthroughs and I think it is phenomenal how quickly his game is improving - he's up to four in the world now, so it's on to bigger and better things.

"There are so many areas he can improve on. His backhand is as good as there is in the game and he can be a bit more aggressive on his forehand.

"People were saying he got destroyed by Nadal at Wimbledon but he played the match of his career to beat him in the US Open semis and it won't be long before he's even higher.

"I wouldn't have thought he'd waste any time worrying what other people think. Fortunately Andy is more focused on his own game and where he needs to improve."


Henman believes if Murray can serve to the level which he achieved against Nadal in the semi-final on a more consistent basis he will end Britain's wait for a first grand slam title since Fred Perry in 1936.

"If Andy can serve like that more often it means he can hold serve a lot more comfortably and we have seen what effect it can have on his game as it did against Rafael Nadal in the semi-final," Henman said.

"It is a process he is desperate to go through and achieve and I really think he can go on to be number one and not just win a grand slam but win multiple grand slams - it is going to be fun to watch.

"There are a lot of positives to take out of the defeat even though he would have been desperate to win his first grand slam.

"But the experience he has had over the fortnight - beating Nadal and getting to his first final - and now having lost it will motivate him to work even harder and next time he plays a slam in Australia he will believe he can go all the way and win it.

"I think it is important when you look at the final you really just have to applaud how good Federer was because Andy has had an unbelievable tournament.

"If you look at some of the tennis Federer played in the final it is easy to see why some people think he is the greatest player to have ever played the game.

"His game is so complete, there are no holes in it, and with another slam under his belt I expect he will go some way past Pete Sampras' list of grand slam titles."

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James Rollie says...

sahina khatun, you are mental going on about hating someone. 1 tongue in cheek comment and you hate the guy, remember the reporter had a little dig at him before he made that comment so wake up. Andy murray will eclipse everything the great tim henman and greg rusedski ever achieved. as long as there are people who continually knock our sportsmen and women we will never be any good, we should get behind every single one of them. and having met andy murray and novak djokovic you could not meet two nicer guys.

Posted 14:10 11th September 2008

Rebecca Ogundipe says...

hi me again i just wanted to add that although murrray is improving so is nadal, this year he had his best result in the us and australian open which is an achievement so he is clearly improving on the hard courts and lets not forget he is an olympic champion on a hard court.

Posted 09:57 10th September 2008

Barry Hepper says...

What a daft and crazy system it is, in allowing one Finalist a 24hour break long than his oppenent! The system is both wrong and, as proved in Murray's case, totally unfair. In my opion, he was far more tired than Federer, A. Having had a tougher Semi, plus B. 24hours less to recover. The American Tennis Asso. MUST change this format! In a country that crys Fair-Play, wake-up America.

Posted 14:10 9th September 2008

Gary Brown says...

Murray is a sensation and a world class player in his own right. Sure he faces three top players in his quest for a Grand Slam but if he can reach the level of performance he showed against Nadal in the semi then he will be world No.1 soon. I can see him dominate tennis the same way Stephen Hendry used to dominate snooker. Go Andy.

Posted 12:41 9th September 2008

Rebecca Ogundipe says...

henman should know better than to say such things, the british media already put too much pressure on him. i like andy, think he is a great guy and a good tennis player but he is no nadal or even djorkovic.

Posted 12:14 9th September 2008

Bhavesh Patel says...

I think Murray has proved that he is a GOOD tennis player, not GREAT yet and definately not the best. I've heard everyone comment on how he is still young and he will be the best once he betters his game and matures. What people fail to realise is Nadal is only one year older than Murray and has won numerous Grand Slams. While Murray has proved he is playeing really well on Hard court, he still needs a major improvement on grass and clay, and while he maye improve in these areas, Nadal will concentrate on improving on hard court, where he has somewhat failed. Djokovic is also very young and has got a Grand Slam in his bag. Murray can improve and get better, but what people need to realise is, that Nadal and Djokovic are young too, and will also improve, so Murray's rise to the top of the rankings will be a hard fought battle, and you have to think whether he has the all round game to consistently beat Nadal and Djokovic on all surfaces, not to mention Federer.

Posted 11:59 9th September 2008

Mcebisi Mtshali says...

if nadal and djokovic decide to retire anytime soon, then yes he will.

Posted 10:24 9th September 2008

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