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Last Updated: 20/04/12 8:04am

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You've seen them on the Rugby Club, now it is your chance to grill Stuart Barnes and Dewi Morris on Rugby Club Extra, only on

Barnes and Morris know all about playing rugby at the highest level and their in depth analysis on all things rugby union have become crucial viewing for rugby fans across the globe.

Every week Rugby Club Extra answers the questions you want answered. It might be on one of the live games we show on Sky Sports; it might be about a particular player or coach; you might have a point to make about referees or rules or a wider issue in the game.

Whatever your query, Stuart and Dewi - or a special guest - will do their best to get to the bottom of the latest rugby issues.

How to send your question in

Send your question to, with 'Rugby Club Extra' in the subject field.

Fill in your questions in the feedback form below...

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