Record Breakers

Can someone chuck it further than ever before?

Last Updated: 30/08/11 11:28am

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The world record for throwing a cricket ball stands at 128.6metres - that's an incredible 140 yards and two feet.

And this season on Cricket AM, we're going to try and find somebody to break that record.

We'll be challenging professional sportsmen from a variety of sports try to throw a cricket ball further than it has ever been thrown before, but will any of them be able to make the distance?

Find out how they got on in the table below and catch up with any episodes you may have missed.

Join us as we search for a cricket record breaker...


NameSportBest distanceLink
Michael TraskBaseball106.7mVIDEO
Liam PlunkettCricket83.1mVIDEO
James Tindall Hockey82.8mVIDEO
David JerzykowskiJavelin77.4mVIDEO
Ciaran WilliamsHandball75.6mVIDEO
Pete ClarkeHammer63.9mVIDEO
Nate Wilson American Football59.4mVIDEO
Scott QuinnellRugby Union58.9mVIDEO
Barry CowanTennis49.1mVIDEO
Tayo OgedengbeBasketball46.7mVIDEO

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