Netball Superleague Results

Last Updated: 20/02/15 11:14pm

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Results from the Netball Superleague

ROUND 1 - 26th-31st JAN

Celtic Dragons 39-54 Hertfordshire Mavericks

Manchester Thunder 55-52 Surrey Storm 

Yorkshire Jets 70-44 Loughborough Lightning

Team Northumbria 33-49 Team Bath

ROUND 2 - 2nd-7th FEB

Hertfordshire Mavericks 48-40 Loughborough Lightning

Manchester Thunder 51-32 Team Bath 

Celtic Dragons 34-48 Team Northumbria 

Surrey Storm 74-51 Yorkshire Jets

ROUND 3 - Monday 9th FEB

Manchester Thunder 49-42 Hertfordshire Mavericks

Loughborough Lightning 58-44 Celtic Dragons  

Team Bath 42-56 Surrey Storm 

Team Northumbria 45-59 Yorkshire Jets

ROUND 4 - 14th-16th FEB

Team Bath 34-51 Hertfordshire Mavericks

Team Northumbria 48-57 Loughborough Lightning 

Yorkshire Jets 51-54 Manchester Thunder

Surrey Storm 66-49 Celtic Dragons

ROUND 5 - 21st-23rd FEB

Hertfordshire Mavericks v Team Northumbria

Team Bath 51-54 Yorkshire Jets

Loughborough Lightning v Surrey Storm

Manchester Thunder v Celtic Dragons 

ROUND 6 - 28th FEB-2nd MAR

Yorkshire Jets v Hertfordshire Mavericks

Surrey Storm v Team Northumbria

Celtic Dragons v Team Bath

Manchester Thunder v Loughborough Lightning

ROUND 7 - 6th-8th MAR

Surrey Storm v Hertfordshire Mavericks 

Celtic Dragons v Yorkshire Jets

Team Northumbria v Manchester Thunder

Team Bath v Loughborough Lightning

ROUND 8 - 9th-14th MAR

Hertfordshire Mavericks v Celtic Dragons

Surrey Storm v Manchester Thunder

 Loughborough Lightning v Yorkshire Jets 

Team Bath Team Northumbria

ROUND 9 - Monday 16th MAR

Hertfordshire Mavericks v Manchester Thunder

Celtic Dragons v Loughborough Lightning 

Surrey Storm v Team Bath 

Yorkshire Jets v Team Northumbria

ROUND 10 - 21st-23rd MAR

Loughborough Lightning v Hertfordshire Mavericks

Team Bath v Manchester Thunder 

Team Northumbria v Celtic Dragons

Yorkshire Jets v Surrey Storm

ROUND 11 - 28-30th MAR

Hertfordshire Mavericks v Team Bath

Loughborough Lightning v Team Northumbria

Manchester Thunder v Yorkshire Jets

Celtic Dragons v Surrey Storm

ROUND 12 -  2nd-4th APR

Team Northumbria v Hertfordshire Mavericks 

Yorkshire Jets v Team Bath

Surrey Storm v Loughborough Lightning

Celtic Dragons v Manchester Thunder

ROUND 13 - Monday 6th APR

Hertfordshire Mavericks v Surrey Storm

Yorkshire Jets v Celtic Dragons 

Manchester Thunder v Team Northumbria

Loughborough Lightning v Team Bath

ROUND 14 - 11-13th APR

Hertfordshire Mavericks v Yorkshire Jets

Team Northumbria v Surrey Storm

Team Bath v Celtic Dragons 

Loughborough Lightning v Manchester Thunder

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