Schumi comeback confirmed

Legendary driver returns to F1 to step in for injured Massa

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Schumi comeback confirmed

Schumacher: F1 return

Sky Bet go 2/1 for F1 legend Michael Schumacher to win any Grand Prix this season after the dramatic news of his comeback to the sport. They are offering 16/1 for the German to win the next race in the calendar - the European Grand Prix on August 23rd and he is 3/1 to secure a podium finish in Valencia. To bet on this market click here.

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Ferrari have confirmed seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher will make a sensational return to Formula One to stand in for Felipe Massa.

German legend Schumacher still works for Ferrari as an advisor and, after Massa suffered serious injuries in a crash at the Hungarian grand prix, he will now get back behind the wheel once again.

Although the idea was originally rubbished, Ferrari have confirmed that Schumacher will come out of retirement to replace Massa - provided he passes a fitness test.

"Ferrari intends to entrust Michael Schumacher with Felipe Massa's car for as long as the Brazilian driver is not able to race," a Ferrari statement said.

"Michael Schumacher has shown his willingness and in the next few days he will undergo a specific programme of preparation at the end of which it will be possible to confirm his participation in the championship starting with the European Grand Prix on Aug. 23."


Although Schumacher has been retired for almost three years, he felt that he owed it to Ferrari to step in for Massa until the Brazilian is fit enough to return.

"This afternoon I met with (team principal) Stefano Domenicali and (president)

Luca di Montezemolo and together we decided that I will prepare myself to take the place of Felipe," Schumacher said on his official website.

"Though it is true the Formula One chapter has been closed for me for some time, it is also true that for loyalty reasons to the team I cannot ignore this unfortunate situation.

"But as the competitor I am, I also very much look forward to facing this challenge."

Schumacher must prove his fitness first, but he has some time to prepare as the F1 season takes a summer break ahead of the European Grand Prix in Valencia.

Schumacher, 40, sustained a neck injury in a motorcycle accident in February, and must prove he is fully recovered before embarking on his comeback.

During his career, Schumacher won 91 times in 250 grand grix starts until he called it a day and retired in October 2006.

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Nick Royce says...

It brings tears of joy to my eyes when reading how happy everyone is to see the King of F1 return, like all sporting legends, it gives u a natural high just knowing u might see them again doing what they do best. I cannot wait to see Schumi again, I have lost a lot of passion for the sport sinse he went, but now he's back I will be glued to the screen. I am sorry that such a bad thing happened for the master to come back, so I wish for 2 things, a speedy 100 percent recovery for Massa and the master to show just why he is the greatest. Woooooohoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 13:29 30th July 2009

Marc Holt says...

There has been no one to step up to the mantle since Schumcaher left and as a result the sport has went off the boil. I watched religiously for years but the season follwing Schumachers retirement I noticed I was watching more out of routine than enjoyment and have since stopped watching. I will now be watching again purely as Schumacher is racing.

Posted 13:20 30th July 2009

Si Hu says...

Get well soon Massa..and good luck Michael.. Dont expect too much though with the testing regulations he wont be having much time in the car before the racing starts !.

Posted 12:42 30th July 2009

Anup Padhiar says...

This is amazing! I never thought that I would see him behind the wheel of a Ferrari ever again. The guy is the greatest of all time and I can't wait for the next grand prix now!

Posted 11:26 30th July 2009

Nick Haring says...

Just as Lewis gets a good car, the master returns to show him how its done. Please Ferrari, prep Schumi a good competitive car so he can prove to the world once again exactly why he is the greatest F1 driver of all time!

Posted 10:05 30th July 2009

Heath Browning says...

Ahh Yessss ! I cant wait for MS to get back in an F1 car and race. Just the thing F1 needs to spice it up a bit. I think he is still capable of doing a fantastic job. He is blessed with raw racing talent..........and that never leaves you ! I bet the other drivers are thinking 'Oh no, not him again'

Posted 09:52 30th July 2009

Michael Heslop says...

Its very exiting, i dont think he will be at the front, purely due to the ferraris not being as quick as some of the other teams, i beleive the battle will be between him and barachelloas the brawns seem to have lost some pace. I think his age, time out and car will mean he wont be racing directly against hamilton, vetell and webber. I would love him to beat the misery guts that is raikonnen, i would roll around laughing

Posted 09:46 30th July 2009

Valerie mary Leather says...

Yes, Schumacher was a great driver, but he also used questionable tactics many times,(he was a bully). I hope we jusy have the good driving, without the bad tactics.

Posted 09:33 30th July 2009

Dan Mcmahon says...

Great news. Spicesup this so far mediocre season nicely. Can not wait to see Lewis and Schumacher on the same track at the same time in f1 cars. Never thought it would happen

Posted 01:13 30th July 2009

Nick Hajdasz says...

Lets face it, this is the best news Formula 1 has had for years and it will bring back at least some of the thousands of disillusioned F1 fans who have given up on it since he retired and with all the recent political shambles. I don't care wether he finishes 1st or 20th it will just be great to see Schuey back on the track, lets face it, its been pretty mediochre since he left [bar the last lap at Brazil last year]. I mean, have you seen anyone marching down the pitlane trying to clump Coulthard recently ???!!!. He will also give the Ferrari the technical kudos they need for the 2010 car when hopefully Felipe will be back. Go Schuey, your the King !!

Posted 21:41 29th July 2009

Mike Harrison says...

Fantastic News! Just what the sport needs after all of the upset over the last few months. Lets see schumi drive this bad car to the best it has been all season. Welcome back to the maestro, and get well soon Felipe.

Posted 21:38 29th July 2009

Jon Mowbray says...

I will most definatly tuning into the valencia grand prix! A true racing legend is back! I wonder what Kimi thinks about this move? Because as a world class driver, i think Schumy will come back and out pace his team mate. This is excellent news for the sport and I think a master stroke by ferrari. I bet Jenson Button isn't to pleased either as Schumy will be taking vital points away from him.

Posted 20:51 29th July 2009

Jamie Wallace says...

I think you can look at this in two ways. You could see this as being great as Schumacher is back. BUT, i'm sure it wouldn't hurt Ferrari to let Gene or Badoer have a drive or maybe Roman Grosjean, even though he is looking good for a Renault seat. As a Mclaren and Hamilton fan I would love to see Lewis show Schumacher how things have moved on and show him how it's done. It is going to be fantastic, I don't think I can wait till Valencia now! All our thoughts are with Massa and his family.

Posted 20:48 29th July 2009

Amir Mir says...

Get in there The F1 Legend is back. Ohh I can't wait for Hamilton and Schumi to lock horns and go side by side!

Posted 19:58 29th July 2009

Jay H says...

Schumacher vs hamilton should be a wicked end to the season!

Posted 19:58 29th July 2009

Rove Mcmanus says...

Why not get Nigel Mansell and Alain Prost as well. For that matter Jack Brabham's still alive. This is an insult to all young up and coming drivers.

Posted 19:31 29th July 2009

Steven Constanti says...

Great news. I was hoping Michael would step in! The master is back (albeit for a few races)

Posted 18:54 29th July 2009

Bal Singh says...

Absolutely Awsome! Michael Schumacher the legend and King of F1 is back! This should get everbody else on their toes! I cant wait till he gets on the track against Hamilton and shows him that he's still the boss! GET IN!!!!

Posted 18:45 29th July 2009

Tom Snowdon says...

Is it just me, or would they not be better giving some experience to a young novice driver from GP2 with a bright future in F1? It's not like Ferrari are a competitive team or anything this year

Posted 18:38 29th July 2009

Jason King says...

fantastic news,lets see what the master can do with the mediocre car ferrari have produced this season,should make for great racing,bring it on...

Posted 18:33 29th July 2009

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