It Happened Today - September 20

The following events happened over the years on September 19

Last updated: 18th September 2013  

It Happened Today - September 20

Lennon: In his time with Celtic

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1992: Ray Floyd became the first player to win on both the regular and senior US tours in the same season. Which major did he win in 1986?

2004: Former Nottingham Forest and Derby County boss Brian Clough died in hospital, aged 69. Which was the last club Clough managed before moving to the City Ground?

2005: Celtic skipper Neil Lennon was handed a three-match ban after barging into referee Stuart Dougal following a 3-1 defeat to arch-rivals Rangers. Which club did Lennon join in 2007?

2006: Xabi Alonso scores a fortuitous 60-yard strike, as Liverpool beat Newcastle United 2-0. What was the name of the goalkeeper that tripped over trying to stop the ball?

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