Dance Off King

Last updated: 11th January 2008  

Dance Off King

Trev: Dance Off champion

I've been going to classes on 'How to handle making a complete fool of yourself' at the local polytechnic so that should hold me in good stead

Soccer AM's Trev on the Dance Off
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The dust has settled on arguably the best ever Soccer AM Dance Off and we decided to get a few words with our new champion, Trev.

Trev entered the competition as a rank outsider, with Sky Bet offering odds as high as 33/1, but his moves on the dance floor won over the nation as he triumphed by a landslide margin ahead of favourites Rocket and Baby Elvis.

A reluctant champion, he described how his new found fame has come at a cost with members of his family disowning him, while his friends have been less than supportive.

With reality TV dancing shows popping up faster than you can say 'Strictly Come Dancing' many pundits (the crew) had predicted a prosperous year for Trev.

But he insists the world is not ready for his shapes and exclusively revealed he will be hanging up his dancing shoes forever!

Were you surprised to win? Completely, I really didn't care about it and was resigned to another humiliation, which it was, but at least I got a trophy for it.

Did you do anything in preparation? I got home from work at about 1 am on Saturday morning grabbed myself a beer and put on the dance music channel, I watched it for about 30 seconds before realising it was pointless and switched over to Family Guy.

How did you feel when Alesha read your name out? Horny.

How is this going to change your life? To be honest it's not the sort of thing I'll be bragging about. Winning a dance competition is nothing to be proud of where I come from.

Did Alesha give you any advice for the future, from one champion to another? No, I think she was as horrified as me that I won.

How did you celebrate on Saturday night? I went to watch West Ham after the show, had a few jars in the east-end then went home to sleep.

Your friends and family must be so proud...what was their reaction? My dad and brothers ripped me about it, I haven't spoke to my mum since, think she's disowned me, which is fair enough. My mates have been very supportive as you can imagine.

You're obviously going to be earning the big bucks now, what's going to be your first purchase? Counselling

Have you got an agent yet, we understand Graham wants the job, what are his chances? I think I'd struggle to find an agent who'd take me on for 10% of my earnings to be honest. I wouldn't even let Graham decide what colour socks I wear let alone decide what I do with my career.

What's next for you, a reality TV dancing show?I don't think the world is ready to see that, there's enough turmoil going on without me adding to it.

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