Hell in a Cell predictions

Skysports.com forecasts the outcome of Sunday's pay-per-view

By James Coyle   Last updated: 28th September 2009  

Hell in a Cell predictions

Cena and Orton set to go again

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Ahead of the pay-per-view extravaganza, skysports.com got the views of James Coyle on what he believes will happen.

WWE Championship Hell in a Cell Match

John Cena vs Randy Orton

At Breaking Point, I predicted that John Cena would come out on top against Randy Orton and that proved to be the case. On this occasion, I'm going for Cena to make his first title defence a successful one.

The Viper put Cena through sheer hell a few weeks back in their "I Quit" bout, but failed to capitalise on it. Cena doesn't have experience of Hell in a Cell matches, but I think he will see off Orton's best efforts at regaining the championship in this encounter.

World Heavyweight Championship Hell in a Cell Match

CM Punk vs The Undertaker

The Undertaker has been incensed since he was screwed out of the World Heavyweight Championship at Breaking Point by both CM Punk and general manager Teddy Long. The Deadman got his revenge on manager Long after he admitted it was a pre-planned plot to stop him from winning the championship. This time around I think CM Punk will also get his comeuppance and fall short of the mark against The Deadman.

Hell in a Cell Match

D-Generation X vs The Legacy

This is a feud I have enjoyed watching progress over the last month or so and am looking forward to watching this Sunday inside Hell in a Cell. D-Generation X must surely be the favourites here but they won't find it easy against The Legacy, who recently proved at Breaking Point that they are a force to be reckoned with after they defeated Team DX in a submissions count anywhere match.

Triple H and Michaels will be out to avenge that said defeat, and with their combined experience of Hell in a Cell matches, I think that will see them through in this contest.

Also on the Card

Unified Tag Team Champions Chris Jericho and The Big Show will face their toughest test yet in the form of The Animal Batista and 6-1-9 superstar Rey Mysterio. In this one I'm going for the experience of Jericho and The Big Show to shine through, which would lead to them successfully retaining their belts.

Kofi Kingston will put his United States Championship on the line against Jack Swagger and The Miz in a Triple Threat Match and with the young upcoming talent on show here, this could very well turn out to be the match of the night. I am a huge fan of Kingston's and would tend to give him a vote of confidence but on this occasion I believe he will lose the championship to Jack Swagger.

The Intercontinental Champion John Morrison will defend his title against Dolph Zigger in what should be another exciting contest. I have spent some time debating over who will come out on top in this one and in the end I've opted for Morrison to retain. Ziggler has been unlucky on previous occasions against former champion Rey Mysterio, and even though I believe he has the goods to defeat Morrison, I doubt it will happen this Sunday.

Do you agree with James's predictions? Maybe you disagree? Why not have your say as to who you believe will come out on top this Sunday by filling in the form below!

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Comments (6)

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Steveio Mysteryo says...

Cena to destroy Orton once & for all, Taker to tombstone Punk, DX are sure to win their match & take massive plaudits for it, otherwise the DX invasion tour in UK will be a pointless tour. Batista & Rey are a sure bet to take Jerishows title away from them, the momentum is with Batista at the moment & I think he is a legend, & with the 619's speed/power its in the bag. Would like to see Kofi win, but my heart says its gonna be Swagger. Morrison, with the best/classiest finishing move I've ever seen (starship pain) will also regain his belt. Bring it on!!!!!!

Posted 16:52 3rd October 2009

Nick Woods says...

Winners in capitals: JOHN CENA v Randy Orton (Orton sucks!) CM Punk v THE UNDERTAKER (Would love to see 'Taker throw CM Punk off the top of the cell!) DEGENERATION X v The Legacy (Suck it!) Jericho and Big Show v BATISTA and REY MYSTERIO (I've had enough of Jericho and the Big Show's repeated cheap shots!) KOFI KINGSTON v The Miz v Jack Swagger (Kofi is ace, deserves to beat these two no-hopers!) JOHN MORRISON v Dolph Ziggler (after Ziggler's antics at Breaking Point, I hope Morrison inflicts the Starship Pain on him!)

Posted 13:45 2nd October 2009

Simon Walker says...

Seeing as the next PPV after Hell in a Cell is called "Bragging Rights" and will feature Smackdown talent vs Raw talent, I think it's easy to predict the outcomes of Sunday and the new feuds to come. Cena will retain against Orton. Undertaker will beat CM Punk. This will lead to Cena vs Undertaker at Bragging Rights. DX will beat Legacy and Legacy will start to split. DiBiase is in "Marine 2" which is due for release shortly so WWE need him to turn face. Jerishow will beat Batista & Rey.... This will lead to DX vs Jerishow at Bragging Rights. I would then expect to see Orton vs Batista also at Bragging Rights, particularly with their "history". Swagger will take the US Title, Morrison to keep his belt.

Posted 13:17 30th September 2009

Darryl Cullip says...

i agree with james coyle but i cant see kofi losing i hope he does thou jack swagger is my favourite

Posted 01:41 30th September 2009

Amit P says...

I do agree with you on some of this but others i expect a dfferent outcome - i can see undertaker winning the belt and i can see randy orton winning the belt - this will set up Undertaker/Orton for bragging right perfectly DX i can see losing this one which might end up with HBK and HHH turning on each other and start a new war which i hope not cause i pretty much enjoy this DX vs Legacy bout very interesting, This is the 3rd straight pay-per-view we are seeing Orton vs Cena so i think this is the one that will end there feud for now, should be a great event tho. I cannot watching this in the Netherlands so i have to reply on the internet for results or mostly i purchase a online stream from wwe.com which means i tend to come in late on monday morning, which my boss aint to happy about!!

Posted 13:24 29th September 2009

James Cull says...

I have to agree with most of that other than the Punk/Taker prediction, unfortunatley WWE has a bad habit of bringing Undertaker so close to the title then pushing him away far too often. With him not getting any younger (admittidly he is in stunning shape) I can only see Punk retaining. I was a fan of Punk before his turn but since I don't think his character is the perfect "heel" to lead a brand like Smackdown. Sadly as much as I like Kofi I think his luck will run out at "Hell in a Cell" he has had every possible obstacle put in front of him but a Triple Threat match is notorius for breeding title changes without the champion being pinned. I cannot see "The Miz" being given it but I can see a young, charismatic up and coming Jack Swagger being given the Push he so sorely needs.

Posted 16:07 28th September 2009

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