Puma v1.10 colourway

Last updated: 15th March 2011  

Puma boot colourway

Puma v1.10 colourway

Puma colourway

Puma v1.10 colourway

Name: v1.10 colourway
Manufacturer: Puma
RRP: £125
Rating: 4/5

PUMA has come up with another winner with the latest in its v1.10 range but beware; as with many boots these days you've got to be pretty confident in your ability to model such an eye-catching design.

The v1.10 colourway comes with the bold boast it's a 'striking shoe for star players' and I'd argue you need to be pretty flash with the old 'tekkers' yourself to trot onto the turf in a pair.

Irrespective of the technicolour design, performance-wise I had no complaints. They feel light and are great for striking a ball; they also match up well alongside the other big-hitters in boot manufacture.

The v1.10 is probably most suited to quick and/or creative players with its super-soft microfibre structure and outer sole making the shoe extremely lightweight.

PUMA have also used stitching around the sides to attach the upper of the shoe to the sole - unusual for football footwear on the market currently. The outer sole and upper are double-stitched for an optimum fit allowing for greater passing and shooting accuracy.

There were few negatives about the design with the only criticism being the front lace cover. It actually has elastic on each side but when tightened, it seems to bunch the tongue up.

That said these boots still feel as comfortable as your favourite carpet slippers; just be wary of that brute of a defender trying to imprint in his size 12s on your bright, shiny footwear.

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