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We bookmark the finest sporting banter possible in 140 characters over the past seven days

Last Updated: 22/09/11 2:43pm

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Social network sites landing footballers in trouble is not new news but Twitter as a mode of communication that breaks down traditional barriers between punter, pundits/journalists and players has never been more so omnipresent. Here's the best of the past seven days in 140 characters.


Going officially on record, as saying Lee Dixon is crap, on Motd. Hansen is brilliant. Dixo and Colin Murray are really bad! P45's please


"Wolves snubbed me" I read in this morning papers hahahahahaha....don't know what Mick's been smoking......#hesoffhisbarnet #porkypies


I bet u Kelvin Henry feels like an idiot again today. He should just keep his trap firmly shut. #sundayleagueplayer


Had someone go thru @Joey7Barton's bags in changing rooms. He might quote Nitsche & Orwell but all they found was "The Hungry Caterpillar"

If there's anyone who can manufacture more beautiful sounds from a lute than Papa Bouba Diop, I'd like to meet them. Just sensational.

Zara Phillips hubby Mike Tindall seems to have got married & had his stag do in the wrong order.


In other news got de-kegged (pants pulled down) by @ChrisAshton1today.He's a funny lad which is a good job cos he's no looker


100kg (literally) of confectionary sent from a 'source' in England has been confiscated as contraband by the England fitness team!


#Dwarfgate; A local NZer's quip over breakfast - 'You Poms should be asking 'If Tindall can toss a dwarf why can't he pass a ******* ball!'


Bored of the tired old stuff about @themichaelowen only being at MUFC because of the money. Suspect he could get lot more money elsewhere


@OllieHoltMirror Must admit, you get some odd things said on twitter but that has baffled me ever since I joined the twitter club. How can


@OllieHoltMirror greed ever be labelled at me? Greed for success maybe but if I wanted money the last place I would of signed for is United.


Our fans in stadium 45 mins after game singing their hearts out. When I emerged from dressing room they sang 'you scouse b*****d'! #magic


Rough poll of tweets: 60-40 against @themichaelowen going to Euros as #eng wild-card. Closer than expected; still enduring respect for Owen


Great win against a good team in Chelsea today. Just seen my pen back and only now we have won I can laugh. But seriously happy with win

(aka Shaun Derry)

Victoria station-30p to use the loo!!


Got my moneys worth though!!!


Got to give my man Owen Hargreaves a shout out, great to see him ballin again even tho in the wrong colours!Deserves some luck with injuries


You know what bore off phil Neville#unfollowed


I will never get in the ring again. No way, I'm so glad its over. I was a wild man.


I bit Evander because I was undisciplined at that moment. I had nothing to lose then. I had no wife, I didn't have my kids.


Gus Poyet: "I go back to Uruguay and youngsters don't believe I played for Chelsea. This Chelsea are worldwide. They say - nah, you didn't."


Am not going to be drawn on PHW's comments, he obviously needs to open a dialogue channel with Wenger, Pat Rice and Steve Rowley......


....I feel I made the right move for me, am very happy at QPR and wish Arsenal, the best of luck. Everything happens for a reason, I believe

on Soccer AM's Tubes

Ha! Funny how stuff gets exaggerated on Twitter. No one threw anything at me. Just a prat w/a face full of mashed potatoes. Iii|; )'

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