Murray - I didn't play badly

Briton hails Wimbledon conqueror Nadal

Last updated: 3rd July 2010  

I'm annoyed I lost this match. It's not like I played badly. He played great, and that was the difference.

Andy Murray
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British number one Andy Murray focused on the positives after his latest bid for a maiden grand slam title ended with a straight-sets defeat to Rafael Nadal in the semi-final of Wimbledon.

Murray, who went down 6-4 7-6 (8/6) 6-4, felt he had simply had the misfortune of running into an inspired world number one on Centre Court.

The Scot had a set point in the second set tie-break and was also an early break up in the third set but, on both occasions, Nadal turned things around.

"You're not going to be able to play every single point on your terms against the best player in the world," Murray said afterwards.

"I'm annoyed I lost this match. It's not like I played badly. He played great, and that was the difference.

"Until the end of the match, he didn't have a break point until the last couple of games. I was obviously doing something right."

The Scot was beaten at the same stage here last year - by Andy Roddick - and has also lost grand slam finals in the USA and Australia.

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Arthur Stevenson says...

i hope all the so called brittish tennis fans on here shut theyr mouths now that andy has beaten nadal and federer in the same tournament yes it wasnt a major but did your great tim ever put out the worlds top two players

Posted 00:44 16th August 2010

Dayo Asomuyide says...

...on paper, no matter how Andy Murray played... he was beaten in straight sets... The end justifies the means... If you do not win a match, you have not played better than your opponent - end of... Nadal could claim he played well in the finals he lost at Wimbledon to Federer...and those matches were even closer than that with Murray. Why do we need to look into considering whether or not Andy played well? That is not the way forward. Keep positive and move on from the position you are now... The whole attitude has to change and Andy will surely have a chance. For now, Nadal and Federer rules...

Posted 14:07 8th July 2010

Tracy Hodgkins says...

I think all the hate aimed at Andy Murray is pathetic, especially when you look at what he has acheived already. 14 ATP Tour titles already, more than Henman acheived (11, and yes, I did like him too) in his entire career. Two grand slam finals appearances, and every year he's played at Wimbledon he has done better than the year before. I include this year in that because although he got to the semi's last year, being beaten by Roddick, I personally think he played far better this year in losing to Nadal. Roddick is good, but Nadal he isn't. On the subject of that match, Murray lost by just seven points. All it means is that Nadal was able to take his chances in the match. Had Murray broken in the second set that match could easily have turned, but Nadal was on staggering form. I remember first seeing Andy at Queen's when he broke through, an awkward, gangly boy with a body not big enough for his height, who was rolling around the court in agony with cramp. However, the raw talent was patently obvious. What was lacking was fitness, which he changed quickly. He worked at it. Andy has now been banging on the door of a slam for two years and I don't doubt at all that he will do it. I think his best chance of his first slam will be the US Open, not Wimbledon, though I think he can win there too. The only one I can't see him winning is the French. What I think Andy needs now is to have someone in his team who either has won a slam or has coached someone who has. I think his problem now is belief more than anything, and he needs someone to instill that in him. What would also be helpful is the cynics getting off his back. Andy Murray is the best chance of winning slams that Britain has had for years and people should be supporting him, not criticising every little thing, half of which has nothing to do with the way he plays.

Posted 18:56 7th July 2010

Adrian Page says...

To the Scots saying that the English need to lay off Andy and that we're jealous, firstly Tim Henman got to 4 Wimbledon semis and lost to the winner every time and as I said before the Aussie slam quater final against Nadal Murray is in serious danger of being the next nearly man of tennis like Henman. Yes Andy did play well but this must have knocked his confidence so much as he has played will in the last 2 slams that he played against Nadal or Federer yet lost to both in straight sets, I would much rather have played badly and lost like this as he must be thinking how much better can I play? and if he plays the game of his life and loses in 5 is that any better? I do feel a little sorry for him because I genuinely believe that Nadal is the best ever closely followed by Federer and if Murray was 10 years older he would have won some slams playing the weaker players or 5 or 6 years younger and being the up and coming player as Federer's career tails off. He is lucky though that Djokovic has his breathing and allergy problems otherwise he would really struggle to win a slam as Djokovic is the better player but there issues are likely to seriously hamper him in the future and Nadal cannot win everything

Posted 14:31 7th July 2010

Jean Taylor says...

well don e Andy you played very well. Take no notice of any nasty comments. Keep practising and playing and wracking up the points. A keen old fan. Jean.

Posted 12:26 7th July 2010

Graeme Watson says...

So Andy reaches the semi-final of Wimbledon yet again and loses to the best player in the world, then hey presto the critics are straight in there with the boot. Sorry but you guys are a waste of space, No wonder English football is in tatters with supporters like you !!

Posted 11:39 5th July 2010

Adam Whiteley says...

Why does every one turn in to a nasty un-earthly monster every time someone from britain loses something? Grow up. Dont like it? pick up a racket and try beating Nadal yourselfs.

Posted 10:38 4th July 2010

Ian Williamson says...

It is rather a shame that players are interviewed immediately after the match. Andy Murray gave his all in the match and that clearly showed in his interview. As for the match, I agree with him that he played really well and, with some more luck/less brilliance from Rafa on the vital points, the match would have gone to four or five sets with the overall result uncertain. With more time for reflection, AM and his team will realise that there is little difference between the standard of their teninis and, unless new giants of the game emerge, it will not be long before AM overcomes his Grand Slam bogey. All AM needs to do is strive for further improvement (second serve) and remain free from injury. Incidentally, I don't see much sign of arrogance but rather a lot of commitment and determination to succeed - maybe the domestic sporting national teams could do with displaying similar attributes!

Posted 08:56 4th July 2010

William Wallace says...

Murray played very well. In fact, he challenged the Nadal serve far more than Nadal challenged the Murray serve. if he is guilty of anything, it is of failure to capitalise and ram home his superiority by breaking Nadal when he should have. As for all you Murray bashers, had he been born south of the border he would be up there with St George for you sassenachs.

Posted 05:37 4th July 2010

Lutalo Bbosa dan says...

Why is Andy Murray British when he is winning and Scotish after losing!!!

Posted 01:13 4th July 2010

Ivy Doran says...

have to disagree with your comment Teresa; Murray isn't arrogant on or off-screen. He has a certain level of confidence that is necessary when you're playing professional tennis, but he's humble in defeat and has never said anything of real 'arrogance' as far as I can see. He was very unlucky to lose yesterday, and he put up a very good fight. you'd never get anywhere in professional sports of any type if you left the match saying 'I'm crap at this sport'. If you don't believ in yourself, nobody will. And as for 'Team Murray' - it's no worse than any home crowd in any sport. The fact that Murray is on home turf for the biggest Tennis competition doesn't mean he can't indulge in some interaction with supporters.

Posted 21:44 3rd July 2010

Mairi C f says...

Rafa was in brilliant form but I've no doubt Andy will lift the trophy yet - he deserves to. As for being arrogant - he can't win with people; he's been accused of being too dour (which he's not); not confident enough and now too arrogant. Why can't we just applaud his efforts and obvious talent? Afterall, unlike our spoilt over paid footballers, Andy said he'd play Wimbledon for the honour alone - not the prize money. Refreshing isn't it. He did his country proud at least.

Posted 21:03 3rd July 2010

Gill Rodger says...

Andy Murrary will win a major tournament soon!! He is a fantastic player and getting better each year. The country should all be behind him; I felt the crowd at Wimbledon could have encouaged him more....more like the crowd outside on Henman Hill / Murray Mound!! I cannot BELIEVE some of the other comments on this page and felt compelled to write this comment. All of Britain should be behind him...not just Scotland. I hope he proves you ALL wrong soon. He won more points in the game, he just needs to win the points that count and that will happen soon!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 20:59 3rd July 2010

K H says...

Teresa Conroy Not sure what all the hating is about. Tennis is not X Factor love! You talk about the biased commentary i think you will find that you are biased towards Rafa. Perhaps if you listened to Rafa in the interview afterwards you would of heard him say what a great athlete and person Murray is. Being an elite athlete means that you have to have confidence in yourself this is often confused with arrogance as you have done! What Murray said is correct he didn't play badly. He just didn't have enough to beat the great Rafa Nadal on the day.

Posted 20:30 3rd July 2010

Raymond Peters says...

Yet again it shows how pathetic the ENGLISH public is.Andy Murray is world class and has shown it over time and again and will win a slam one day,and all they can talk about is Tim Henman. Give Murray credit,he is in a suppream class of tennis and gives as good as he gets. Just cos you are out of the world cup again,lol. Now that was good.

Posted 18:51 3rd July 2010

K T says...

its true, andy murray is arrogant that swhy i never support him. its the same with englanf football! so arrogant! what happened to being humble? nadal-all the way!

Posted 18:37 3rd July 2010

Janet Evans says...

Have seen Andy Murray play 'in the flesh' at Wimbledon a few years ago. HE IS VERY GOOD! and obviously very talanted. So is Rafa Nadal. Only seeing a live match can anyone judge how hard the ball is hit and how much effort is put into a match. Murray is more talanted then Henman. Give the lad a chance. He would have won a Grand Slam by now if the likes of Nadal, Federer, Djorkavic, etc. had not been around. He deserves praise for his efforts not criticism.

Posted 17:44 3rd July 2010

Sally Callaghan says...

The English press are awful. All credit to Murray, he played well, but Rafa was exceptional. I don't think anyone could have beaten him, Federer included. How about congratulating Andy on his achievements rather than knocking him. He did much better than the England football team!!

Posted 16:02 3rd July 2010

Jamie Forsythe says...

You can't really fault Andy, he played very well. They both did, it's the sort of tennis i want to watch. Why slate him? The "british" or should i say english like to big him up when he's doing well. That isn't the Scottish way of doing it, People don't seem to understand that the English crave victory and when Andy loses, he becomes Scottish again. Good game by both of them.

Posted 15:07 3rd July 2010

James Mcmullan says...

Andy Murray played some great tennis against Nadal and I do not understand some of the comments blogged here. Statistically, he had a better game than Nadal, but unfortunately that is not always enough - Andy needs to increase his self belief and he has plenty of time to come back and win Wimbledon. He needs to know when to be more forceful and when to contol the game; he left himself open to being stretched by Nadal when Nadal played his full length cross court shots. Andy should look at this and find ways to placing the ball so that opponents can't always do this. While his tennis was inspirational his mind-set often falters at crutial stages of his matches - he should not allow himself to feel disappointed with himself at any stage -if he can crack this, he can crack Nadal...or anyone. He has tremendous raw talent and he WILL BE BACK TO WIN.

Posted 14:31 3rd July 2010

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