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Dan 'dantb10' Brown is the Total Player

Last updated: 29th March 2010  

Dan 'dantb10' Brown is the Total Player

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Dan 'Dantb10' Brown has beaten off stiff competition to be officially crowned this year's 'Sky Poker Total Player.'

Dan pipped fellow finalists David 'Sparce' Capon and Ben 'Nutter5932' Nuttall to claim the award, which was voted for by his fellow players on skypoker.com. Upon reaching the final three Dan said: "I am going to carry on playing my normal game. My main aim is to win Total Player."

It helps to aim high as Dan was voted the 'Total Player' live on the Sky Poker TV channel on Saturday, with all eyes and cameras on the final three. Dan was mentored by Ed Giddins, who Dan said he was looking forward to learning the 'mathematical approach' to the game from. This proved a success as Dan will now be jetting off to Las Vegas to play in some of the biggest tournaments in the world.

Dan was a popular vote amongst Sky Poker players; not least one of his final rivals Ben Nuttall who said, "I have to honestly say I knew it was gong to be Dan all along because he comes across so well in person and when the cameras are pointing at him...unlike me!"

Always a gracious winner, Dan was quick to congratulate his opposition by saying: "Just a quick word to 'Sparce' and 'Nutter' - you are both winners and awesome poker players, but more importantly I consider you really good mates!" Congratulations to Dan, who Sky Poker will follow as he takes on the mantle of the 'Total Player'.

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