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Birmingham v Wolves

Last updated: 27th April 2011  

Jelle van Damme Wolves

Jelle van damme

Roger Johnson

Roger Johnson

Elke Clijsters WAGS Stags

Elke Clijsters

Melissa Johnson WAGs Stags

Melissa Johnson

Roger Johnson / Melissa Johnson (Birmingham City)

New buck Melissa has certainly put in the spadework in her bid to be crowned queen WAG having released a WAGs Workout DVD with fellow footballer belles Nicola T and Lisa Munday. The office swears by it. Melissa's website informs that through her modelling she has 'appeared on TV shows such as This Morning, Poor Little Rich Girls, Footballers Wives, Midsummer Murders, Dream Team and Test the Nation'. We'd rather be stuck in a lift with Vernon Kay without access to a gun than sit through that lot but Roger seems happy enough. The pair, who wed in 2007, are childhood sweethearts and with Melissa quite the looker and Roger widely regarded as being an all round good egg, the Blues duo might just cause the odd upset this season.

Jelle van damme / Elke Clijsters (Wolves)

Van Damme and Clijsters may have spent their lives living in the shadows, but they are outside bets to fare well in this season's Wag and Stag race. Jelle is unlikely to achieve the global superstardom enjoyed by his namesake Jean-Claude, and Elke has already given up trying to emulate her grand slam-winning sister Kim, but the simple life appears to suit this understated couple. Van Damme will be keen to make an impression with new employers Wolves on the field, while trying to steer clear of the glossy rags off it. Clijsters, meanwhile, will have plenty of time on her hands to cement her WAG standing as, at the grand old age of 25, the former world no. 389 has already called time on a career as a professional tennis player. For the record, the pair married in May 2008 and have a young son called Cruz Leo.

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