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Aston Villa v Liverpool

Last updated: 16th May 2011  

Steven Gerrard

Steven Gerrard

Emile Heskey Alexander Hleb

Emile Heskey


Alex Curran

Chantelle Tagoe WAGs Stags

Chantelle Tagoe

Emile Heskey / Chantelle Tagoe (Aston Villa)

Heskey's fiancée Tagoe is a WAG on the rise and one we're tipping to become a big-name on the circuit. Her appearance on a Come Dine with Me WAG special captured her cooking a potato for the first time, while she came across pretty well on BBC Three's more sobering WAGs, Kids and World Cup Dreams. When the couple first got together she thought her hubby was a builder - insert your own joke here - as he didn't want her to know he was a footballer. Tagoe concedes a weakness for Manchester glamour spot Bijou but claims she is just as comfortable doing the school run for the couple's two kids. Heskey might not score too often but we reckon he might just have bagged himself a WAG that could fire them to European qualification.

Steven Gerrard / Alex Curran (Liverpool)

After Alberto Aquilani's untimely return to Italy it's a case of out with the new and in with old as Stevie G and his wife are back in the game. Referred to in The Times no less as being an 'uber-WAG', Curran has long-since been established as a major face on the wives and girlfriend circuit. The perma-tanned fashion columnist, model and wife of Gerrard is so hot she's even got her own fragrance. Singer Jamelia has had a pop in the past but was silenced with Curran's cutting retort: "She'll be glad to know I don't know her boyfriend's name but Steven thinks he's (Darren Byfield) lower than a non-league player." Saucer of milk for Miss Curran please... Gerrard lists Jennifer Ellison as a former flame, and while the former Brookside shoplifter would make a sensational WAG, if you want handbags bigger than most one bedroom flats and OK! shoots galore, Curran takes some beating.

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