Fulham Fulham v Arsenal Arsenal

Fulham v Arsenal

Last updated: 16th May 2011  

Samir Nasri Arsenal Premier League

Samir Nasri

Fulham v Tottenham Danny Murphy second celeb

Danny Murphy

Tatiana Golovin WAGS Stags

Tatiana Golovin

Joanna Taylor WAGs Stags

Joanna Taylor

Danny Murphy / Joanna Taylor (Fulham)

When glamorous West End couple Danny Murphy and Joanna Taylor got together it was a case of life imitating art for ex-Hollyoaks actress Taylor. Aficionados of the Chester-based soap will remember Taylor's character Geri Hudson was engaged to footballer Jason Cunliffe, who was played by Alex Reid no less, before in her final appearance on the show she dumped him for treating her like a trophy. Thankfully, Murphy has proved more of an appropriate match for the stunning blonde. The couple have two children, while Taylor once penned a column for The Times which documented her travails as a footballer's wife.

Samir Nasri / Tatiana Golovin (Arsenal)

Despite being Moscow-born Golovin is a French citizen after moving to Paris as a child. It was in the city of love that romance blossomed between two sporting starlets as tennis prodigy Golovin fell for midfield schemer Nasri. At the peak of her court career Golovin was ranked 12th in the world but serious injury has severely curtailed her tennis action in recent years as she's fallen to 251 in the rankings. Her appearance in a pictorial entitled Volley of the Dolls in Sports Illustrated catapulted her above those WAGs who settle for a living room spread in Hello!

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