Mark Clattenburg still says Fernando Torres red card was right, but Dermot Gallagher disagrees

Former Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher gave Sky Sports News his view on some of the weekend's most talked-about refereeing decisions...

Last Updated: 29/10/12 3:50pm

On the decision to send off Fernando Torres

I gave Mark Clattenburg a ring last night to run through what he saw and he said that, in his opinion, when he saw Torres go through he felt it was an unnatural fall. He said he felt he'd over-run the ball and was trying to get Jonny Evans into trouble and was willing to go to ground easily. In Law 12 he's covered in so much as an exaggerated fall is a cautionable offence. "Dive" is probably the wrong word, he felt it was an over-exaggerated fall, it wasn't natural and he was trying to deceive him into giving a free-kick. Therefore, he's within his rights in Law 12 to caution with a yellow card. Unfortunately, I thought it was a foul, to be honest and I did tell Mark that on the phone. Like everything in football it's subjective; he has his opinion. I've seen it many, many times on replay and I've had the facility for it to be blown up.

He thinks he's right. He thinks he's exaggerated his fall and if that's correct in the referee's opinion then it's a yellow card offence. The misnomer that people don't realise is that it's permissible to yellow card a player for over-exaggerating a fall to deceive the referee and gain an advantage. I spoke to Mark for a long time last night and he was convinced in his mind that Torres went to ground far too easily. I thought he was wrong and I told him that, but this isn't as clear-cut as everyone makes out. I'm not trying to defend him, but I was listening to radio calls with lots of people saying he's right and lots of people saying he's wrong. That's what football's about; it's not an exact science and this decision will split people.

On the booking of Torres for fouling Tom Cleverley

I think a yellow was just about right. Cleverley did the referee a good turn because he got up straight away and didn't make a big issue of it. He got a yellow card and in games like this we don't want to see red cards unnecessarily. I think the referee managed that occasion pretty well.

On the red card for Branislav Ivanovic

I think this was a carbon copy of James Milner's red card last Saturday for Man City at West Brom, even in so much as it's the same referee. Last week we had Joleon Lescott alongside, this week we had David Luiz alongside. I don't think either would catch and it was clearly denying a goalscoring opportunity.

On Javier Hernandez's winner for Manchester United

It was definitely offside, there's no doubt whatsoever, but this is one of the most difficult ones you'll see for all kinds of reasons. The original shot was 12 yards out and when the second shot was made, Hernandez was clearly covered by three players from the assistant's view. By the time the shot has come in, Hernandez has moved back. It is offside, but it's a very, very difficult decision to make.

On Mikel Arteta not being flagged offside when he scored for Arsenal against QPR

This is the same thing as the Hernandez incident. The assistant referee has just not picked up the fact that he's come from an offside position into an onside position. It's very difficult for an assistant, but they've got to get them right. He'll be trained and taught to be more aware. When a player goes to the goal line you've got to be aware of where he is and does he impact on the next phase of play? Obviously he did because he scored!

On Luis Suarez being ruled offside in the last minute against Everton

It should be as goal, there's no doubt about that. It's one I can't defend because when the free-kick comes in the first line of sight is blue shirts and when it's headed down by Coates you see blue shirts in front from the linesman's view. You can't defend that - and I wouldn't even try. It should have been a goal and it's just an error of judgment. I can't say why he's made that error, but it is an error.

On Luis Suarez's 'diving' goal celebration

This adds to the theatre of football. Not only did it come in a match like this for him to make his point, but I thought David Moyes came out afterwards with a sensational interview and laughed it off. It's part of the fun and that will diffuse a lot of the things we're talking about with referees. Let's talk about the fun in the game; he didn't hurt anybody, it didn't last long and he got up and got on with the game. I really liked it.