Find out how to stay involved in golf on Sky Sports News on Saturday

Last Updated: 23/05/13 2:31pm

This week on Sky Sports News we took a look at how you can stay involved in golf - especially if you're a young person or someone with disability.

So far in this Get Involved series we've shown you how to take up golf, how to play the game and looked at a local hero .

But, golf is making great strides to show it is a game available to all and opportunities for youngsters and people with disability to play the sport have never been better.

Juniors can get discounted membership at many golf clubs and Dougie Cleeton from Blairgowrie Golf Club in Scotland explained why it was so important for his club to support young people interested in getting involved.

Here's club offer a range of reduced prices for young players with the help of Club Golf, an initiative supported by the Scottish government.

"Juniors are the lifeblood of any golf club," he said. "We are encouraging these new kids - boys and girls - to take up the opportunity to become part of the golf club.

"The incentive from Club Golf is a fantastic opportunity, not just for the kids but also for the parents."

Meanwhile, pro Mark Taylor - who we met hosting a coaching clinic at Celtic Manor - told us he is working to boost the numbers of disabled people playing the sport and says it is a game for all.

"[Coaching disabled people] is a strong passion of mine and some of the most rewarding coaching I've done," he said.

"I really found there was a need for addressing disability and making people aware.

"You can have the whole family involved and it's very good for carers or people with disabled people that they can come out and have a go at golf and it's something the whole family can do."

For more information visit:

England Golf - the governing body for amateur golf in England

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