Gary Newbon meets athlete Sir Roger Bannister on Sporting Heroes

Last Updated: 08/07/13 4:10pm

Sir Roger Bannister: groundbreaking athlete

On this week's episode of Sporting Heroes, we meet an athlete who truly broke down the barriers.

Sir Roger Bannister must be considered one of the most legendary runners in British sporting history after becoming the first man to run a mile in less than four minutes, a feat once thought to be beyond human achievement.


10pm, Wed, Sky Sports 1 HD

Gary Newbon will speak to the Englishman to discuss the motivation and drive that led to him achieving the time in Oxford in 1954.

As well as focusing on that infamous day, Bannister will talk about his broader athletics career which included winning gold medals at both the Commonwealth Games and European Championships in 1954.

He'll also talk about his Olympic frustration after finishing in fourth place at the 1952 Games in Helsinki, missing out on a medal despite setting a British record.

He'll also discuss his unlikely approach to training, his later career and the honour of being knighted in 1975 for his service to the Sports Council.

So tune in to see Gary Newbon interview Sir Roger Bannister on Sporting Heroes at 10pm, Wednesday, Sky Sports 1 HD or catch one of the repeats later in the week.