Brian Carney wants more to be done to help Super League progress

Last Updated: 11/07/13 5:53pm

The Super League shake-up hasn't gone far enough to make real progress, says Brian Carney.

From 2015 Super League will cut their number from 14 to 12 clubs and ditch the current licensing system in favour of promotion and relegation.

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However, former Great Britain star Brian Carney, who plied his trade with Wigan Warriors, Newcastle Knights and Warrington Wolves, believes the competition is back where it started and needs more radical changes to progress.

"We are going to revert to where we were in 2008 when we were told we needed licencing to improve the Super League competition structure," said Carney on Sky Sports News.

"Unless they go back to 10 teams and concentrate on the playing and financial resources we will not make any progress."

Brian Carney

"The licensing system itself should work but the administration of licencing has not worked.

"Reducing the Super League from 14 to 12 puts us back in the very same position we were in in 2008. In my opinion we only have the playing resources and financial resources for 10 teams.

"About four Super League teams agreed and the rest disagreed. Unless they go back to 10 teams and concentrate on the playing and financial resources we will not make any progress."

Promoting youth

Wigan head coach Shaun Wane believes that this is a positive move overall for Super League, but does have some concerns regarding the development and trading of players.

"I understand that the game is struggling in certain quarters at the moment," said Wane on Sky Sports News.

"We are a well-structured club here at Wigan and we always look after the business side of it but that obviously does not run through Super League.

"I fully understand that things need to be done and if this is what the CEO's and owners have gone for then we all need to support it and we support it from Wigan.

"From a personal point of view, our stance will not change. We will want players to come through our system, we want local players to come through and make the first team.

"We are from a club that promotes our youngsters. If they are going to go with relegation and promotion then I don't want people signing all the players and hope to win games for the sake of staying up in the competition.

"I want us - as a club and as a game - to promote our youngsters from within and for our youth to stay with our club for many, many years."