What's the Story: Make or break for England manager Roy Hodgson

Last Updated: 21/11/13 1:36pm

England face the unenviable challenge of two vital World Cup qualifiers this week with the expectations of the country resting on Roy Hodgson getting results against Poland and Montenegro.

Sarah-Jane Mee was joined by a panel sports experts on Wednesday night to discuss the pressure Hodgson is under, whether his job is under threat and how he will deal with the intense media scrutiny.

ANDY ROBINSON - Former England & Scotland Rugby Union Coach

I don't think he's under pressure. He'll be thriving and looking forward to the game that's taking place this Friday. You go in to the job knowing that the pressure is there, so I think he'll be really exciting about seeing how his team will play.

PAUL KELSO - Sports Journalist for Sky News

I think the media have been saying he's under pressure with every reason. I think his job is on the line and it ought to be if England don't qualify. England need to win both of these games to qualify and if they don't qualify there will be calls for him to go and if you don't qualify for a World Cup particularly from a group without a stellar team, it's probably a minimum requirement.

The games this week absolutely matter; during this entire qualification campaign the crucial moment has always been deferred. Every time they've gone away from home to Poland or Ukraine they've drawn, which was was fine as long as we win the games at Wembley - we're now there at that moment. Only two wins guarantee we go through and the prize is the World Cup in Brazil.

ANNA MAYES - England Netball Head Coach

He'll be trying to portray a calmness and clarity in what he's trying to achieve and get that collective belief in where you're aligning your mission with what the team is trying to implement. For me personally I love the pressure and I think, at the end of the day high-performance sport is under a lot of pressure, you do feel uncomfortable, but it's great, it's a challenge to strive and deliver and show what you're about. This is fantastic opportunity for the England team to make the country and themselves proud.

HELEN GLOVER - Olympic Rowing gold medallist

Media pressure is an inevitable part of sport and I think if you can be better at dealing with it than your rivals then that's a big part of being an elite sportsperson. Pressure can never be an excuse for not performing because it is sport and it's as important as your fitness and your training; as important as the mileage you put in, is how you deal with the pressure.

Watch the panel discuss the topic in full above, or download the show as a podcast here, as a host of other subjects are covered including Jack Wilshere's comments on what makes an England player English.