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Credit must be given to Bradford players, says Jon

Last Updated: 12/07/12 9:21am

Bradford's players deserve the utmost respect for battling on despite not knowing whether the club's latest stay of execution will safeguard their future, according to Jon Wells.

"The fact that they have been able to put together and carry on what they are doing and not just compete but to win games - and win emphatically as well - is admirable."

Jon Wells

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The Bulls swept to a crushing 44-12 victory over London on Saturday - their third successive win - even though the club's immediate future remained shrouded in doubt.

Bradford went into administration two weeks ago and the joint-administrator has been trying to find a buyer to help save the club from the threat of liquidation.

The deadline to find a buyer has been extended until July 27 but although discussions with a potential new owner appear to be progressing well, the administrator has warned that any deal is dependent on the RFL and the 13 other Super League clubs allowing the Bulls to remain in the top division and permitting the new owners to buy back the Odsal ground.


Wells told Boots 'n' All that given the circumstances, the players have done a remarkable job to keep the club in play-off contention.

"I think the point that has perhaps got a little bit lost is that there are players there [in potential difficulty]," said Wells.

"We are not Premier League footballers. These guys are not earning the kind of money on which they can retire. They won't have massive amounts of savings; they've got mortgages and nursery fees and car insurance to pay just like the rest of us.

"If there was the threat that you weren't going to get paid it would cause an awful lot of stress in your family and affect your ability to concentrate on your job.

"So I think the fact that they have been able to put together and carry on what they are doing and not just compete but to win games - and win emphatically as well - is admirable.

"The win against Wigan last week was probably a case in point. They deserve a massive amount of credit, whatever happens out of this. Those players will remember this for a long time to come."


Not for the first time Bulls fans have dug deep to support the club in its plight, with many season ticket-holders shelling out the admission fee for Saturday's match.

A Hardship Fund has also been set up in a bid to help those players in particular need and ensure that key parts of the club can continue to function normally.

Terry O'Connor reflected: "It shows the value of the sport in the local community because whoever invests in Bradford are not going to come out of it and make money.

"There was over 10,000 people who turned up on Saturday and they were still paying to go in even if they had season tickets because they believe in what that club gives the local community, the values that it has - the hard work, the respect, the discipline.

"You want to be part of a community like that, you really, really do. The players don't know if they are going to be getting paid. Just 24 hours before the game against Wigan, the players didn't know if they were going to be taking the pitch and whether they were going to be insured or they weren't and the RFL had to step in.

"But they've gone out there and they've performed absolutely brilliantly. I admire everyone who is a part of that Bradford club because they've got a very special bond together."