Salford will benefit from evolution not revolution, says John Kear

Last Updated: 07/03/13 4:41pm

John Kear says reviving Salford's fortunes will be no quick fix.

New Reds owner Dr Marwan Koukash is looking for a new head coach after Phil Veivers was sacked on Sunday with the club bottom of Super League.

"It's a matter of evolution rather than revolution."

John Kear

Veivers was dismissed in the wake of Salford's 38-4 defeat to London Broncos - their fourth loss in five games - but Kear told Boots 'n' All that he thought the decision was premature.

"I thought Phil Veivers did a great job over the period of time there because he was plunged into very, very difficult circumstances," said former Hull and Wakefield boss Kear, now head coach at Batley.

"It's a really harsh decision but it's one that has been made now and there are all sorts of names being linked with Salford, players and coaches.

"I think you have to look at the Warrington template for how to succeed. Warrington were survivors initially and then under Simon Moran they've become competitors and now they are contenders for every trophy - and winners of some trophies.

"That's come about because they've got structures, they've got systems; they've got the organisation in place and then they've got key personnel there as well.

"So I don't think you can do quick fixes in Super League. In elite team sport it's too difficult. It's a matter of evolution rather than revolution."


Salford have already added to their squad by signing back-row forward Jon Molloy on a three-year deal and Hull FC director of rugby Shaun McRae told Boots that may be the first of several signings.

"The difficulty you have when there's a change in the power, then generally a broom is put through the place," he said. "We see that all the time in many sports.

"A change at the top often results in a change in coaching and staff; there can be threats that players under contract may not be there for much longer.

"Part of that is not just a publicity stunt because you are trying to get more people through the gate, you are trying to sell more tickets - part of it is reality. The new owner is entitled to do what they like.

"The biggest issue I've got is that Phil has presided over mediocrity for quite a while.

"If you've been made promises that there is money to spend, there is going to be new resources and new tools and we will give you an opportunity to coach under that regime and you don't get that right, maybe then you are entitled to go.

"But Phil didn't have a clue if they were going to be in the competition this year - at one point they looked like they weren't. A lot of key players left the organisation and went to other clubs and some retired, while some just got out of there for different reasons.

"Phil has sat there and had to work with a lot of players that didn't know if they were going to get paid at one point. Then there was a new regime that came in and everything's rosy - you think 'right, I've got an opportunity'."