Gareth Ellis cannot wait to make his debut for Hull FC and prove his worth

Last Updated: 25/04/13 11:12am

Watching Gareth Ellis limp off before he had even played a minute for Hull FC was not part of the plan.

It should have been a moment of celebration as Hull FC prepared to kick off their season with high hopes.

Ellis, their biggest signing in years, was preparing to do battle with his former team Leeds, but the former Wests Tigers Player of the Year suffered a foot injury in the warm-up and has been in rehab ever since.

Losing Ellis sent Hull FC into a downward spiral but recently they have bounced back winning four on the trot and could have Ellis back in action very soon - something that Ellis thought would never happen.

"When it first happened I could not believe it," said Ellis on Boots 'n' All. "I knew something had happened but I ran around a bit hoping it would go away but I had to limp off.

"It went from being one of the highest moments of my career to the lowest. I was questioning my future in the game as I missed the end of the last season with a very similar injury.


"So my reaction in the dressing room straight afterwards was if this is going to keep on carrying on then maybe this is the end - no more rugby league for me.

"My reaction in the dressing room straight afterwards was if this is going to keep on carrying on then maybe this is the end - no more rugby league for me."

Gareth Ellis

"But you get over that period, the first few weeks of moping about but then I thought there is nothing I can do about it lets just get on with things."

Ellis cannot wait to get back into action and should make his debut for Hull FC on May 3 when they host the London Broncos.

"There is a part of me that wants to see him out there [against Wigan, this weekend] but we need to be realistic and smart about it," explained Hull FC coach Peter Gentle.

"He is pretty much there but I want him to do a full week's training before he comes in - he has got his head around playing against London. He will come into the team training session this afternoon and the boys will give him a round of applause.

"He's looking forward to getting back out there in training, we all are looking forward to it - and we just have to make sure he does not kill anyone out there in training!"


There is no doubt Ellis is raring to go and says he has a lot to prove - to himself especially.

"I have not played for the club yet so I still feel I have a lot to prove and get the respect of my team mates," he added.

"You don't really get to appreciate someone until you have played beside them and I have always prided myself as someone who players want to play with.

"I will really have to reign myself in, I am so excited about playing and representing the club. Hopefully we can push on and do some good things this year.

"It would be nice to get that first 80 minutes under the belt; that is my initial goal. I want to get my confidence back and help the team, be a leader again.

"Obviously I came here with a lot of expectation - not only from people outside but from myself. I am really keen to do well at this club.

"I don't think I would be doing my job if I was not making a difference."