London Broncos veteran Chad Randall hopes club live on in his absence

Last Updated: 03/12/13 12:49pm

Chad Randall told Boots 'n' All that he hopes London Broncos can overcome their troubles and remain a Super League outfit.

The capital club's lease on Twickenham Stoop runs out at the end of the season and having yet to secure a home for the 2014 campaign and with a host of players leaving the franchise, speculation has mounted that Tony Rea's team may fold.

Broncos veteran Chad Randall - who has made 197 appearances for his side, just five shy of Steele Retchelss' record of 202 - is one of London's outgoing players, having announced his retirement due to injury.

But the 32-year-old Australian says he would be upset if the club disbanded and hopes they can build a bright future with the aid of the Broncos' talented youth set-up.

"The under-19s are still working on their football, rugby and defence skills, but their athleticism is second to none."

Chad Randall

"I absolutely love London so I want us to get the right finance and people behind it and give it a right good go," said the New South Wales-born star.

"You can't just hang on, you need money behind it, but if we get that I don't think people will be disappointed by the results.

"The under-19s are still working on their football, rugby and defence skills, but their athleticism is second to none and for the RFL not to tuck into that market would be sad because there are some amazing kids coming through."


The Broncos' record try scorer Luke Dorn, who is also leaving at the campaign's end, added: "The club could die and we could go to Featherstone or Halifax and lots of people would be happy.

"But I think the game needs a strong London because it is one of the biggest cities in the world and you need to be able to do something here."

Boots pundit John Kear reckons London - who finished second in the 1997 Super League and runner-up in the 1999 Challenge Cup - could be culled this offseason, but does not feel that would be the worst outcome.

The Batley Bulldogs coach, who has also governed Wakefield and Hull, thinks success in the Championship would help the Broncos build their fan-base ahead of a potential return to the top flight at a later date.

"It may be the end of the road which is tragic when you consider the amount of time, effort and money put into the club," said Kear. "But the harsh reality is that they don't get enough people watching the product.

"They have had some great moments but they may need to take a step back to take a step forward; the Crusaders have benefitted from stepping down into the Championship and now have a bigger band of followers so maybe that's the way to go for London."