Huddersfield Giants on brink of new era, says chairman Ken Davy

Last Updated: 12/09/13 9:06am

Huddersfield chairman Ken Davy believes the club are on the brink of a new era of dominance after capturing the League Leaders' Shield earlier this month.

The Giants hammered Wakefield 40-0 to claim their first league title in 81 years and will now face Wigan on Thursday night, live on Sky Sports, in their first play-off game as they bid for Grand Final success.

Davy, who has been at the Huddersfield helm since 1996, has endured some lean periods during his reign but is now optimistic of a bright future.

And he hopes the club can return to its standing at the top of the sport and repeat some of the feats achieved by the famously dominant Team of All Talents of the early 1900s.

"We're really, really enjoying our success at the moment," Davy told Boots 'n' All.

"But, having said that, we're also very focused, from [manager] Paul Anderson, right through to every member of the team, on what comes next.

"Many people have asked me in recent years what would we like to achieve and I said 'we want to win something'.

"We've had two Challenge Cup finals recently and we came second each time and coming second in a two-horse race simply isn't good enough.

"But now we've won the League Leaders' Shield, we're now going to get greedy and see what else we can achieve.

"I was so delighted for the fans the other night when we did indeed win the League Leaders' Shield but that's just the end of one stage and the beginning of what we hope will be a new Team of All Talents."


Davy did concede that at times during his tenure he considered walking away from the club, with the Giants' 2001 relegation from Super League a particularly low moment.

However, perseverance has paid off for the West Yorkshire outfit and Davy is hopeful the club can honour the 100th anniversary of its all-conquering 1914-15 side next summer in style.

"There are probably a number of occasions when that might have been the call [to leave]," he conceded. "Probably the worst was when we got relegated from Super League.

"We'd worked hard to get into Super League and then after a fairly miserable few years we were relegated.

"We had brought Tony Smith over at that time to lead us and unfortunately the year didn't work out as we hoped. We went down and that was probably my darkest moment and when I really questioned whether I was the right person to continue to take the club forward.

"My belief, however, is that success is a journey and you only fail if you give up. On any journey you might get the odd puncture or two but the thing is to keep going. If you do that, you will succeed.

"Given that 2014 is the 100th anniversary of the Team of All Talents, I think this really can be the start of a very exciting future for the Huddersfield Giants."